Monday, September 12, 2011

Proactiv: Does it work!?


obviously like everyone else in the world, I want perfect skin.

And obviously like half of the world, it is just not happening for me.

I have tried so many different things and I wouldnt say that my skin is HORRIBLE... but like, i want it to look like the picture above!

Now, i just ordered proactiv because i believe the commercials lol and i want to believe it will make my skin look like the above.

So, I want to know.... have you tried it?! Does it work? Tell me tell me!!


antzchik said...

Hey Jen,
Sorry for creeping on your blog, but... me & my brother used Proactiv when it first came out, when we were in high school. It worked ok, I guess, esp while we were using it, but we still had breakouts. It got too expensive (like $30/mo), so we stopped getting it & I don't think it matters what kind of face-washing regiment you use (right now I'm using Clearasil & all it really manages to do is dry my face out if I use it morning & night, but all day my face is super oily anyway). It all depends on your body's chemistry & your diet. No one is perfect, and as close as people look to perfect... they are still Photoshopped.

Simply Mily said...

I used to use proactiv but my skin is sensitive so it dried out my skin a lot but it did do the job. My skin was clear still had the occasional break-out but i don't think any product is a miracle! My favorite product that i still use is the mask!!! I don't know about the newer version since i used proactiv when it first came out. Best of luck with them hope it works for you!!! =)


Madeleine said...

i love it! it's amazing - but the two previous comments are correct - it can be drying. you just need to find a solution for your skin type and how frequently to use it! i think the product is great!

LC said...

Proactiv was horrible for me :( I used it a few years ago and only had mild acne.... my face EXPLODED. When I called them to ask for my money back, they said that for many people there is an initial breakout period before it starts working. I'd been using it for a little over a month. I've found that the very best product like has been the Clinique acne line (I have super super oily skin). My skin isn't perfect... but it's a lot less oily and very easy to cover up any minor blemishes I get w/o caking on makeup.

I hope you have better luck w/ proactiv than I did!!

Kattrina said...

I have found that Mary Kay and birth control pills worked the best for me. I love the Mary Kay line and keeps my outbreaks at bay (I don't remember the last time I had a pimple) but birth control pills greatly reduced the oil in my skin and I think that has been the best thing.

WillowWolf69 said...

About two years ago I had a really ugly red rash on my face. A friend thought it might be acne related, even though it looked nothing like acne, so she bought me the starter pack of Proactive. Well it turns out I have Lupus and it was a Malar rash. I was given Corticosteriod creme to heal it up.

But I use the Proactive MAYBE once a week just cause I usually only use antibacterial soap because of the Lupus and I have a pretty clear complexion anyways. So for me the Proactive is unneeded. I just use it cause it's there.

However, I love the smell and feel of their Green Tea Moisturizer. It is heaven. The refining mask is kinda fun to use once in a while cause it makes my skin feel softer than usual. I don't even really understand what the heck toner is used for....but when I use the Proactive cleanser I'll put in on my face anyways.

I notice no difference but like I said, I usually have no problems anyways. I hope the Proactive works for you. But don't stress just because you have a few breakouts. Perfect skin isn't something most people have.

We all have some sort of issue with our complexion. My issue is the little black/brown dots that have started to show up because basically Lupus makes you highly sensitive to the sun. So I've developed more freckles/moles/? than I used to have. That is something I can't change.

Other people I know my age have little wrinkles near their mouth or eyes. These are just signs of age and smiling. My opinion is they should be worn with pride. People dwell to much on their appearance.

You're beautiful just the way you are.

Anonymous said...

I've tried everything including proactiv. Even accutane (prescription) didn't really help. But I am in love with St. Ives Apricot scrub. I just leave the bottle in the shower and use it every morning on my face. My face feels smooth, and of course I still get a few breaks out, but it's no where near what it used to be!


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