Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pregnant Problems: Baby Girl Stop Pressing on my Back Nerves!

So much for no problems during pregnancy!

I got away with no morning sickness and no real serious issues.... buttttttttt sciatica is KILLING me!!!

Sciatica pain is so bad. I can't imagine how you can continue life without a heating pad.

My doctor is awful and the ONLY reason I use him is because he has Saturday hours and the hospital I want to use is 5 minutes from my house. He told me the only thing I could do about it was nothing and get a heating pad.

He's such a man seriously.

I went on vacation and as not able to walk most of the time without extreme acute pain in my right butt and down my right leg.

The top helpful things I found in this case were:
-Heating Pad
-Pre Natal Massage

Nothing else helped at all.

This past week my pain has slowly changed from acute to periodic which is AMAZING in my eyes. I have been to the chiropractor 2 times this week so far and I really think it is helping, and hopefully I can get back to yoga this weekend.

I am also considering getting this:

Especially because I am going to get bigger and my back is already in pain as it is. 

It is from Motherhood Maternity for $39. I have read reviews on it and it was 50/50 depending on the person wearing it. 

Please share any experiences you have had!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Baby Bump: 25 Weeks !

I am officially 25 weeks today.

This is my first baby bump picture, it's also like 6am in this picture before going to work, so I am not too happy ahah.

Well... Happy Sunday!!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snowy Saturday = Baby Clothes Shopping

When you're pregnant and you go bathing suit shopping for the first time being a bigger version of yourself... it doesn't go so well!

My poor husband sending me bigger and bigger sizes for my massive newly free boobs, and finding out that we're in double digits in TJ Maxx; quite depressing.

Why isn't there a "Massive Boobed Pregnant People Bathing Suit Section"?

Clearly, bathing suit shopping was NOT my favorite thing today... sooooo I bought a 4th of July outfit for this baby girl to make me feel better about why my boobs are so massive and I can't find cute bathing suits to wear.... so she can look cute when she comes out.

Yes..... that's what I need to keep telling myself!

Ahhh preggo problems.

Enjoy the ridiculous amounts of snow this week!

Now all I need to do is buy this....


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Marriage + Valentine's Day = Present?

This will be mine and my husband's first Valentine's Day ever, and first being married... lots of firsts going on here. So my question is, what am I going to get him? We are leaving on vacation this weekend so I wasn't sure if we should be getting presents for each other or not.

There are so many different ideas and Valentine's being such a Hallmark holiday, it seems so petty to go above and beyond especially right after Christmas.

What is an acceptable to get a man for Valentine's Day?

I am thinking Groupon might be a good way for me to go. We have recently been doing a lot of couples massages and things like that. He is very into working out so I was thinking, spinal decompression on groupon.  at White Plains Spinal Decompression.

Is that too.... un-romantic?!

I think he will absolutely love it, so that might be the way I am going to go. I suggest Groupon and massages as a great gift for Friday.

Any other suggestions? I am so not the romantic gift giver. That is definitely not the role I have taken in life!

Happy Valentine's Day Husbands Gift Shopping!

What are you getting for your husband ?!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Pregnant Problems: Clothes Shopping

Being pregnant has caused all of my clothes not to fit me anymore, going from a size 2 to I don't even know what size because I REFUSE to figure it out. 

I went shopping the other night because I had a few maternity things from cousins and my husband had bought me some... but other then that I was banking on shirts that were sizes too big because that was the style.... but they weren't looking the style since my stomach was getting bigger.

So I went over to Express since I had a gift card, and definitely wanted to cry. Being that I have no clue what size I am, I had to pick like 15 different sizes and being once a 2 at Express and now getting up to like a 10 because I want it to be flow-ish and not tight, was very upsetting. Needless to say I left with two dresses and that was it.

I had to find something to make me feel better and there aren't any maternity stores around here, so I went to H&M in hopes that they had some flow-y shirts that would hide my bump or just minimize it and get some dresses I can wear on vacation, since none of my summer clothes will fit me!

I was in luck!! Thank god for the style of clothes these days and big long shirts are in style and is exactly what I needed. So I found a shirt I liked and (of course) bought it in a bunch of different colors.

All I have to say is thank god... because I was beginning to lose hope on this clothing situation! I have embraced only wearing leggings and boots and dresses and stockings, but once my shirts stop fitting, I really don't know what I am going to wear anymore!

Aghhhhhh....pregnancy problemsssssssss. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Think Pink Bowtique

I am cursed and happy that I am having a girl. Cursed because the amount of money I am going to spend on clothes and decorations and all that will just be out of control. But happy because that is exactly what I wanted.

But I just came about this place Think Pink Bowtique...... and my initial reaction was OH MY GOD.

All i know is that my upcoming pay checks will be spent on hair bows for my daughter!

Here is their website

It is a MUST.
Only $9.95 !!!! Buy it here.

ONLY $8.95 on sale!!! Buy it here

Leg Warmers only $3.95!!!!! Buy it here 

I am in love! I hope it makes your snowy day better :)

Pregnancy Problems: What does YOUR insurance company cover?

Finally on a day off during the week, I got to call my insurance company and see what it is that they actually do cover for me when i give birth. I almost just assumed they would cover everything, but I got to thinking, what exactly DO they cover? Since I am new to this insurance and have never had a baby before, these were very important questions that I needed answered before the whole birthing process. 

Some questions that I asked (and I am no expert...I just didnt want to end up with a $10,000 bill after baby girl is born). 

My insurance is CIGNA, and these are the answers that I got. 

Do you cover the whole birthing process?
Yes -100% of it, except the $500 deductible I have to pay once I am admitted to the hospital.

How many days does it cover me being in the hospital?
48 hours from regular birthing process
96 hours from c-section

What happens if I have a two day labor experience prior the baby being born?
It is judged based on medical necessity, so it will most likely be included into the birthing/labor process of 100% paid for but it is on case to case basis.

What happens if the baby is born early and needs to be in an incubator? 
Also determined on a case to case basis. 

Do you pay for a breast pump and which one?
Yes - 100% but ONLY if you got through the company: . So I called them and the process is: your doctor faxes them the prescrption for either an electric, manual, or hospital made pump and your demographic information and then the company will mail it to you. 

I hope that maybe this can help you in what you should consider asking your insurance company before the baby is born!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

NYC Public Schools... Survival of the Fittest in the Snow!

I work for NYC public schools and they literally do not close their schools, EVER. If you live in New York or the Northeast, you know how much snow we have had in the past couple of months and this week has been almost ridiculous.

Every single school district around us was closed... expect New York City.  Major De Blasio thought it was a good idea that we still have school. He's so wonderful!! See this article.

The thing with this is, fine, we have to go to school and fine we have to drive in, but seriously, these kids take public transportation to school, is it really worth their lives to get to school to only have a few people there and then to do nothing at school?!


Tomorrow we shall see what happens tomorrow but my real question is.....

Is it more important to go to school? Or to be safe in extreme blizzard conditions?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pregnancy Problems: Hey Pregnant Lady, No Drinking for 9 Months!

Not that I was really a huge drinker or anything but I enjoy beer a lot. I love all the fall flavors and I like to go out and have a beer, or social drinking style, etc. But now that all I can drink is red wine, it sucks.

And being 28, and none of my friends being pregnant or my husband not being pregnant (which is REALLY not fair!), it sucks to go out with everyone and be the non-drinker. I am always designated driver and even if I have a red wine, it sucks! I hate red wine!!! What an evil punishment.

I don't mind that much not being able to drink, but I do mind when my husband goes out and drinks and comes home wasted. I am not a fan. I honestly wouldn't be a fan pregnant or not. But I almost feel like its inconsiderate and like I am being left out.

I know I shouldn't take it that way as if being left out, but my crazy emotions which make me cry over stupid shit, take over and make me upset and take everything very personal.

I really am not sure how to make these emotions stop or how to feel like I am not being left out and I am sure I am being ridiculous most of the time, but it still just sucks and I am warning you fellow pregnant people, these things happen. I would honestly never feel left out or lonely in this situation, but now that I have super emo crazy things going on in my body, that changes the whole ball park, making me incredibly depressed.


They never mentioned things into details on how you will really feel when you hear about pregnancy!

If you have similar stories, please feel free to share!


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