Saturday, June 26, 2010

World Cup!!!

Has anyone been watching the World Cup?!! If so, who are you rooting for? I know USA just lost today, so they are out and that sucks, but I am mainly rooting for Spain and Portugal!!!!  Italy is already out : (

I have never ever been this interested in soccer, but this year, i love it and i am so excited to see who wins overall!!! Unfortunately the games are all at stupid times and I can't watch them all in as much detail as I'd like.... except from having univision open on my google chrome while im at work and i switch back and forth during work. i love the horns too... i think that makes it so intense!!!!

Spain is my #1 though, I love Spain ....and they are pretty good :)

Who are you rooting for?


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Life So Far..

I have been very MIA... i know... the time that I have to blog and/or do anything is so limited it sucks. But I wanted to give some updates on what has been going on in my life. My life has been a chaotic messssss.

Let me start with saying that overall with everything going on I am pretty happy and I almost can't complain. My summer has started off MUCH better then it was last year, by a million times. Last year at this time I was in Peru..and although that is sad and frustrating at the same time, I am okay with it.

Right now in the past couple months of my life I have...

-started to like someone, a lot
-lost someone from my life because we couldn't be together
-one of my best friends moved to California
-hating my job more and more each day
-started playing softball
-met a lot of awesome friends from my job
-been hanging out with my lady V for a couple months now and its awesome since we werent friends for so long.. finally got to reconnect with her family and it was awesome
-my brother graduated from college and is back
-been down the shore, to jamaica, soon to portsmouth, and more places to come
-drinking way too much

that is basically what my life has consisted of and all except the few negative things in my life everything else has been pretty much awesome.

unfortunately my love life stories i cannot post on here but soon i worries ;)

i hope you forgive me for not being around! i will try to update as best i can.


{photo credits}



2. What are your inspirations for starting your site?   
Originally I had a photography website, but didn't update it much. I knew I wanted to share my thoughts, ideas, photographs and stories with others, but wasn't really sure how. That's when I came across blogger. It's perfect for sharing. Even a quick post from blogpress on the iPhone is enough. 

3. Tell us something about you & include ur favorite picture.
I love reading, Blogging, Photography, Writing short stories and I love Manchester United, The Clarets and The Padres, Hawthorne Hawks and Liverpool (but Shhhh). I love Loveclough, Salou and Melbourne. I'm engaged to the love of my life, Kevin and I wouldn't change him for the world. I love him to bits and he knows it! 

4. A photo with you and a coffee cup/mug/paper cup.. something along those lines!  * i had to add this :) 

Thank you Sara :) 


Monday, June 7, 2010

Beach Days

So we had a great time down the shore.... i wish i was back there... :)
the jersey shore cast :)

me and my lady

intersting....... :)

some of my favorite bitches!!!!

i am missing all the pictures from the actual beach but we had a greatttttttttttttt time i wouldnt have done anything else!!!

i hope everyone else had a great memorial day weekend :)



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