Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Love Life.

my love life is out of control.

things are going on and i dont know where to take them. i am bad at the whole single thing, but i love it. it keeps things interesting.

i am enjoying it. the fact that i dont have to report back to anyone for anything is awesome. not that T ever really cared where I was anyway, but it's nice knowing that i dont have someone waiting for me to come home and grill me on what i was doing. i am free to do whatever and its nice that i am not a disappointment or failure to anyone.

going from my last summer to this year's summer, life is completely different and i plan on making the very best of it.

i am hoping this summer will be smooth sailing and no problems with anyone... especially men related.


The Blind Side

Has anyone seen this movie? I absolutely LOVED this movie. The fact that it was a true story made it even better. It really made me want to do something to help kids in that situation. There are so many of them that need help and I want to be like Sandra's role in the movie. Those are good people!!!

What did you think of this movie? Love it? Hate it? 


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Loves.

love my ladies :) and i am missing a few in here!!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Has anyone used this yet?

Basically what it is, you have a camera on your computer and u are basically chatting with people all over the world by video chat and you have the ability to flip through different people. It is quite crazy. Roomie and I checked it out and we found some really strange things going on there!!!

Watch this video.. it made me smile.

I like it!
But be careful there are some strange things u will see on there! lol... thats all ill say


Saturday, April 24, 2010


i found this picture the other day and i loved it so much. im sorry i cant remember where I found it from.
but it reminds me of spring and summer and it made me smile when i saw it so i wanted to share it with you so you can smile too :) 

have a good saturday night everyone!



1. Natasha Kutrovacz

2.  I was inspired to start my own blog after discovering and falling in love with the world of blogs.  Ones such as yours.  They always leave me so inspired as a designer.  I feel like they open my eyes and renew my senses to all of the beauty around us.  Its easy to loose touch and appreciation for details in life, what with work, errands, and all that jazz.   Thats what brought me to start my own blog and jewelry line.  I want to inspire and motivate those around me, and fill them with that energy.  There are times when I just have all these ideas bouncing around in my head, and this my outlet.

3. I am originally from the very sub-urbs of Chicago, but moved out to California a week after my eighteenth birthday with that dream of success that I hope everyone has.  My philosophy on life and success is that you have to find something you want, a goal, or challenge.  Then everyday, every single day, you have to chip away a little something that will put you a least one step closer.  It doesn't even have to be something you would associate with as work. Sometimes it can be as simple as sitting in a bookstore, in a cloud of fashion magazines filling your soul with inspiration and ideas.  I think that one of my biggest challenges in life is balance, and time management.  I'm always trying to cram as much as I can into every minute of my day, which often leads me to be late everywhere I go. 

Thanks Natasha! :)


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I am playing on the co-ed team for my company!!!! I am hurting SO bad right now.. I practiced 3 days in a row and that was just horrible since I OBVIOUSLY don't use my arms at all! lol

I am a good hitter but I cannot throw for the life of me!

But with all of the pain, I am still really excited for the games to start next week! It is a great way to meet people from work as well.

Does anyone play softball?


Sunday, April 18, 2010


Name: Christy

Blog Site:

 I don't have one yet =(

Inspirations: Well, I graduated from college last May and decided to take a year off before going back to get my Masters. That year spun me in a lot of directions, from spending a month in Africa to finding out (upon landing back in the US) that I got offered a job in Boston (where I had never been before) and needed to move all over the course of the next week. So, I did just that and when I started, my job was quite literally a dream first job and about 4 months into it, it started going downhill...and further downhill...and even further downhill. I'm still here because I'm determined to stick it out for a year. Well, I was getting so down about everything at work that it was just absorbing my life and affecting my relationships with my family, friends, boyfriend, etc. so I decided I needed to do something that would give me something to look forward to rather than just waiting for my year to be up and waiting to hear back from grad schools, so I came up with a list of 25 things I wanted to do before I turn 25. An avid blog reader at this point, I decided to start my own so that I could get the sense of community and support that I sensed other bloggers were getting. It was also a way for me to keep up with something and keep track of how I'm doing. This list has completely changed my outlook on everything since I started blogging about it 2 months ago and every day is exciting because I'm doing something on my list which just gives me something to look forward to a little more each day! (Sorry if this was long!)

Something about me: I have an unreasonable lust for all things pumpkin! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin cake, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin cookies...and I had never even HAD pumpkin until about 8 months ago!

My Picture: This was taken on Valentine's Day last year inside an Urban Outfitters. I went to the mall with my (now) boyfriend (he wasn't then) and two of my housemates. Well, us girls saw this little table and thought it was the cutest thing and decided to have a little picnic inside Urban! I didn't even know the bf was taking pictures but I love this picture because I wasn't posing and I was just laughing and having fun and being myself, so it's definitely one of my favorite pictures! (And it has coffee!)


Friday, April 16, 2010

Virginia Tech Shooting

My brother and entire family were there the day of the shootings. My brother goes to college there he was a freshman. My parents and sister were down there visiting him at the time as well. My boyfriend (T at the time) saw something on tv about a shooting at Virginia Tech and called me to ask if that was where my brother was. I called my mom to see if she heard anything. She hadn't because they were staying at a hotel. She continued to call my brother who didn't answer. He had a class in the building where the shooting took place that day. He never went to class.

Craziest day ever.

My brother slept through the shootings and they were in lockdown in their dorms. They were very close to where the shootings were going on on campus. He had to stay in his room for most of the day. My parents joined him finally at the ceremony the next day or so. I wish I had been there to go with them.

and here we are. many years later.


Thursday, April 15, 2010


Im going to the Yankee Game today and I am freakin EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The beginning of baseball season is the best time of the year because it is the beginning of spring and that means summer is coming and I LOVE baseball season!

SO! I just wanted to share with you  :)

Ps... I signed up to play softball on for my work team.... lol.... i havent played softball ever in my life... i am going to suck hard core!!!! haha 2 weeks to learn how to play!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Price of Beauty

The Price of Beauty on VH1. I really don't like Jessica Simpson all that much. BUT I really like her idea for her new show! I think that is a very unique idea, and although it probably wasn't her idea, i still admire it.

Her and two others travel to different countries to explore how different cultures define the meaning of beauty and the crazy lengths women go to in order to achieve it. I definitely think that is a great idea for a show. Although it would be even better for a book. I almost wish I thought of that idea!

Almost every culture is completely different from ours and the things that women have to go through are so mind altering that some of it you wouldn't even believe. Especially since its 2010 and you would think that things like that don't exist anymore but then it turns out it is still out there and you would never know living here in the US.

So I suggest you watch it. Although yes its Jessica Simpson and yes its VH1 and yeah, it could definitely be better if it was a different actress, BUT it is what it is and that's the show!

Has anyone seen it yet?


Rattled by Christine Coppa

Rattled!: A Memoir
By Christine Coppa

I am reading this book right now. It is pretty good. Although the whole meaning behind it sucks. I felt bad for her. Even though she wants the baby, and I know it wasn't that horrible in the end (i'm assuming, i haven't finished it yet) but it sucks. The feelings she felt about being a single mom, and how real it all was i could completely relate to how she felt through her writing.

I give her a lot of credit. That is really hard to go through and know that you are about to be a single mom and then to be okay with that and be strong enough to be able to handle that. Takes a lot.

I haven't finished the book yet but i would recommend it!

Christine is also a blogger on with a blog called Storked!

Has anyone read this?


Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh Conflicts

i am having conflicts. how annoying! i can't completely talk about it either, but in general it has to do with men lol. 
ugh! and it wasn't just me,,, it was my roommate as well. she had a crazy weekend with men as well.

was there a full moon this weekend? did something strange happen? did anyone else feel the strangeness?!?!? 

stressful. I drove to work today and I was slightly depressed. I don't know why.. i dont know if it was the weekend conflicts or if it was the idea of going back to work on such a nice day. who knows....


ING DIRECT Cafe Savers' Lounge Event!

What: ING DIRECT Café Savers’ Lounge

When:  April 21st, 2010 form 6:00PM to 8:00PM

Where: ING DIRECT Café
                 968 Third Avenue
                 New York, NY 10022

Price: Free with RSVP at

Additional Information:

Several drawings for prizes, including:
·       Tickets to Jazz at Lincoln Center to see Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra featuring the music of Herbie Hancock and Bobby Hutcherson with a special appearance by Bobby Hutcherson.

·       WNBA tickets plus a chance to shoot hoops from the court in Madison Square Garden

·       Tickets to see Cirque de Soleil’s show ‘Ovo’

Check it out!


New Feature!

I know, I know... I have been very inconsistent with my features, and it's mostly because I don't have time to follow through with them. But I am thinking this could potentially work. 

Here is my idea.

I want to feature a blog/etsy shop every month. Or every couple weeks, depending on how many people respond. So here is my challenge for you. In order to be featured on Novelista, you can send me the answers to these questions:

1. Your Name, Blog website and/or etsy website and logo.

2. What are your inspirations for starting your site?   

3. Tell us something about you & include ur favorite picture.

4. A photo with you and a coffee cup/mug/paper cup.. something along those lines!  * i had to add this :) *

So I would be MORE than happy to feature anyone!! Send it over or let me know if you're interested and I can email to the questions! Send to:

I hope to get someone up soon!


Monday Love.

happy monday all...

ready for another long week? i am! haha.... back to the gym, working hard, going to the Yankee game! Some exciting stuff coming my way.

although.. all i wish i could be doing right about now was sitting outside in the sun listening to some great music...



Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jack Johnson on Tour!

In Between Dreams

Jack Johnson.

He is ON TOUR!!!! Holy crap. He hasn't been on tour in like.... more than 5 years! And now he's coming to the east coast!!

For those of you that love him, here is the link on Ticketmaster

I don't know which one to go to...

Friday 7/9 in Hartford, CT


Wednesday 7/14 at Madison Square Garden in NYC

Tough call! They're $45 in NYC. Not bad... it IS too bad that he is not playing at Central Park.
I am ALSO excited because I am going to see Dave Matthews Band in May! Holler for live concerts!

What live bands are you going to see this year?


Spring Clothing Time

Hey Loves!

Sorry I have been so MIA. With the nice weather, everything is getting harder to keep up with. Life is getting crazy, meeting lots of new people all the time, hanging out with everyone a lot. Hard to keep up with!
Ps.. let me just mention I love the new changes that blogger made! Go blogger! One step in the right direction.

This weekend was good.. lots of outside activities and hanging out with good people.

I need to go shopping. All of a sudden now its spring and I don't like any of my clothing/they don't fit me because I weighed more last spring. And I need more color in my clothes. I have a variety of everything in BLACK!

And that's fine, don't get me wrong.. i love the color black... but for spring I need some blues, yellows, greens, pinks, purples....something! Anyone been able to find any cute spring clothing out there that isn't too expensive?

They just opened a Marshall's shoe store by my house and I bought some cute shoes :)

Not the best picture, but you get it! (jamaican ankle bracelet whattt!!)

I hope everyone had a nice weekend :)


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

BH Files - In Need of a Mind Eraser

Do you ever wish that you could just erase something from your mind.... and pretend that it never happend? Or just press a rewind button and make it so that it never did?

It has been almost two months since you dumped me. Only, you wouldn't want me to use the word dump because it's too harsh for your pretty world. Yesterday (March 25th) should have been our anniversary, I didn't want to remember it, but it just popped out in my mind.

You know, if you're planning to dump me for somebody else, then make it plan in that fact: You don't like me anymore. If you could have just been honest, I might have been a little less hurt. The lies that you tell are like salt in the wound. I'll pretend that you don't exist at all if it weren't for one thing: your pity.

Other than that, I really have nothing to say to you. You are, as far as I'm concerned, not worth it. I cried. It was a waste of tears.

I think the worst part of this all is that your "sympathy" is all just words to make yourself look better. I can't believe you. It's downright pity and I'm too proud to accept it. I don't deserve something that cheap when something real might come my way. I don't need you, either.

We hardly speak anymore, even though you tell me you want to get back together with me. Whatever. It hurts me to say that I think we are done for a while. You can’t back up your statements, and you hardly even try to get me back. That’s okay with me. you go your way, and I’ll go mine.

I was really fucked up. At first I feel as though it's my fault. Feeling like nothing, and so close to falling apart. But in time, I come to realize that I did nothing wrong; that it's his loss, that I am so much better without that one boy who didn't ever care. I live and I learn, that's how it is. I'm over him.
I’ve got a life waiting for me.

It's been almost two months on my own, and I don't think that anything anybody could say could make that fact go away.


It's Really Spring!

I have so many things to be extremely happy hour right about now. I am slightly nervous that something will go wrong because I am living on clouds.

~Let's start with how amazingly wonderful the weather has been! Capri's, skirts, sandals, tank tops, tanning.... this is MY kind of weather! I love it more than anything! If the beach was semi closer, I would have went there this weekend.

~Baseball has started again and that means more of my Yankees to watch and cheer for :) And Yankee games to go to... which are SO much fun!

~Being friends again with V. We have been talking about the past and all the crazy things that have happened to us and how our lives have always coincided with each others, it is incredible to realize how much I actually missed that.

~I can listen to reggae music again and not be completely sad because of T! There are some songs that I choose not to listen to, BUT I must say, they played T's song, Bodyguard by Steel Pulse, at my birthday party in the bar in Jamaica and I was like oh shit.... but I was okay! The only time i got emo was the first night we were there and I think it's because I was over tired. I had such a great crew of girls with me on my vacation that I couldn't be emo anymore after that. They made me trip amazing. And I wish I was still there.

~Hanging out with all of my friends from work and going to happy hours like every other day. It is just awesome. I work with such awesome people and it makes me happy to hang out with them as much as possible!

~Sleeping with the windows open ;)

~Seeing the green spurts on the greens and the flowers coming up

~Going to outside bars!


What are you happy about today?



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