Sunday, September 16, 2012

Superhero Parenting

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Many women talk about feeling an overwhelming pressure to be all things to everyone and complain about suffering from the burden of having to live up to incredibly high expectations. Men are also suffering in our increasingly fast-moving world where having a good job and being a fantastic parent and spouse are becoming part of an all-inclusive package.

Childcare responsibilities are now being shared by both partners, leaving men and women feeling the pressure of generation superhero, dashing from the office to the playroom and feeling excessive amounts of guilt for not spending enough time in either. So why are we all feeling such intense pressure to perform?

If you doubt the existence of the ‘superhero parent’ phenomenon, take a look at the various parenting forums and blogs online.  The internet is awash with men and women comparing time-saving tips and tricks for juggling career, family and friendships. This race of apparent super-parents are micro-managing their way to martyrdom.

But holding down a great job, active social life and happy family is no easy task, no matter how many appliances and household gadgets you buy. Work environments are becoming more demanding, with the average number of working hours increasing year on year. Factoring in commuting times, out of hours social events and buzzing blackberries, it’s not uncommon for more than half of our waking hours per week to be absorbed by work. 

The number of hours in the day hasn’t undergone a revision recently, and yet men and women are now feeling the pressure to work more hours than ever before, run and maintain a household, keep up numerous friendships and still look gorgeous and well-groomed on a day to day basis.

Working parents are crumbling under the constant pressure of keeping all the plates spinning. It’s not easy to juggle the corporate world with the demands of looking after children. Thankfully, dress codes in many offices are starting to relax. A smart pair of chinos, a tailored mens jacket and a pair of stylish shoes make the perfect parent to employee outfit.

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