Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hola From Peru!


So we made it here.. we are now in Cusco, Peru which is very close to Macchu Picchu.
Lima was OK. Pretty cold, foggy, damp and coldy.... but it was nice to see another South American city --def not a fan though!

We purchased our PLANE tickets from a GROCERY STORE btw... that is amazing. You can pay all your bills and purchase plane tickets at a grocery store LOL--- pay my cable, get some shampoo and some bread.

So we flew to Cusco, I left my bag in the taxi from the airport, FREAKED out, took another taxi back to the airport and FOUND my bag in the taxi!!! SERIOUS luck if you could call it that!!! I almost died I think...all of my makeup and cell phone and sunglasses and all this shit. NO BUENO AMIGOS!!!

The BF got sick from some fish, had to go to the clinic and they gave him altitude medicine and headache stuff.... hmm.. well it worked for the most part!

Been eating ceviche every day --good stuff! They play insanely loud music outside our hostal until all hours of the morning every night.. lol and its all really horrible American music! wtf! haha

My hair dryer (bc this is VERY important!) didnt work since we forgot the converter thing.. so we went on a search to find one that works. Had no such luck,,, so we went and actually bought another hair dryer. For all the ladies out there, that is NOT a "being spoiled" issue right?! No.. Its cold and I dont want to get sick damnit! Needless to say, I got a damn hair dryer.

Friday is Macchu Picchu... that should be cool. Then we fly back to Lima on Monday and attempt to go to the Nazca lines, stay down there for a couple days, come back to Lima, meet up with my friend from college, and go home!

Very interesting trip ive got going on here... i will fill in more details when i get back with many pictures I am sure. I love third world countries but just flying back into JFK is the reason i love New York.



Friday, May 22, 2009

And I'm Gone.

So here I am.
Today is my last day here for two weeks, so don't miss me too much! j/k ;)
I'll try to post something while in Peru.... but I don't know how accessible I will be to the internet.

I just wanted to comment on my interactive thursday i had yesterday... How IRONIC that when the bf, his friend, and I are driving to the restaurant for birthday and we get pulled over for speeding (40 in a 35 ... big deal) So the cop notices the bf has an expired inspection sticker, so he goes to run his license and he was taking a REALLY long time,,,, so we knew something was wrong. There was probably about 12 people waiting for us at the restaurant too.

Then the cop comes back, asks him to step out of the car, brings him to the back of the car, cuffs him --the cop coped an attitude as well, slamming the door and slamming the BF's phone/keys/money etc against the car --makes me believe that if there WERE'NT myself and another person in the car, I'm SURE he would have been hassled more.
The second cop comes over to my side of the car and asks if we can drive. I was so furious at this point I told him "Thank you very much for ruining my night" -- he was like it's not my fault your BF has a suspended license.

So i follow him to the police station and we wait there for about an hour for them to let him go, no bail, just a ticket because his license was actually NOT suspended. I mean, really?! And now he has to do all this bullshit to find out WHY the computer is saying SOMETIMES its suspended?! Until you get to the actual police station? Wow.

So... I just thought it was ironic that yesterday I decided to write about crooked cops and POWER ABUSIVE cops and there we go, we met one! Ugh --then we went drinking. hah

Soooo that's all for now... Peace out everyone :)
Enojy the Memorial Day weekend!

Peace Pictures, Images and Photos


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Interative Thursday

I can't believe it's Thursday!
I am going to Peru in two days.... well less than two days kind of.. I am nervous/excited/mixed feelings... should be interesting.

Topic of the Week:

I was having this conversation the other day, thought it would be a good topic for here.

Are power-abusing cops also crooked cops? Is there a difference? Which is worse?

My Opinion:

I believe that they are different in some ways. Power-abusing cops are not always crooked ones. For instance, a cop who is an asshole and was picked on in school and only became a cop so that the could have a gun and punish people with giving them tickets for NO reason --just because they could.
A crooked cop I think is different because yeah they might give out tickets but they would steal, lie and cheat to get to the top. They will plant evidence, pretend to be your friend and back stab.
Although power-abusing cops are not the best people in the world and they are out to get you, many of them aren't corrupt.
I feel like that in order to get ahead in the cop system, you have be to corrupt. If you aren't you won't be promoted, you won't get treated like you want to be treated. Have you ever seen the moving Training Day with Ethan Hawke (btw who is SO hot) and Denzel Washington (even hotter) or the movie with Samul L Jackson... where they frame him for the murder of his partner, can't think of the name. But those are great movies that show examples of crooked cops who ALSO abuse their power.
There isn't an extreme difference between the two, but I can say that I believe there are power abusive cops who are not corrupt... yet.

Opinions? Comments? Thoughts?!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Crazy 8's

I lost 8 pounds! 

Go me!!! 


I really wish I didn't have to write this paper right now..


This is Hot.

love post it Pictures, Images and Photos

love Pictures, Images and Photos! Pictures, Images and Photos
a Pictures, Images and Photoscool Pictures, Images and Photos

Okay I'm done. Oh photobucket.... where do you get these pictures from?! This stuff is so not realistic.......... or is it?!


Giving Back

Happy Monday!

Today actually doesn't suck that much..... I think because I don't care and I am not really trying that hard anymore.... All the better day to give out blog awards!

(just thought this picture was hilarious!)

I wanted to give out some awards. I don't know the process to this but I am going to try it out!
I really want to make up my own, but until I get photoshop, that will be impossible!
SO here it goes:

The Funky Blog...

Goes to...

1. Children of the Ninities: for always providing me with great funky flashbacks!
2. Apartment 10: for always putting up funky awesome pictures and quotes!
3. Musings: for providing funky random updates!
4. Class & Coffee: for having a funky background and coffee!
5. My Teacups in Peony: for providing me with funky information to read!
6. Intelligence is a Curse: for having a funky background and many funky blog posts
7. Someday I'll get There: for being so funkily (not a word i know) awesome!

I could give out a million awards all day long since I follow SO many of them! But thanks for making my life more entertaining :) and sticking with my NB fabulous-ness!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

dirty smelly secrets.

I saw a post that was a cute idea, In So Many Words wrote about and I have some of my own, that are admit-table ....

i only smoke on Saturdays.... except during vacation and some drinking nights...

i am a dork. ... under it all, i am a big freakin loser!

i blog at work.

i fall into holes and can't get myself out without causing chaos.

i like someone i'm not supposed to (...esp. the sham wow guy, i KNOW he sucks haha...).

i am holding out on somethings I want to write about because I haven't delt with them yet.

i change my facebook profile picture WAY too many times.

i facebook way too much

i could live on chips & salsa every day.

i love my blackberry --i thought i was so cool when i got it :)

i have serious road rage.

i double dip and don't give a crap that i am!

i get teary when watching Animals Cops sometimes.

i am a sucker for crazy romantic scenes in random lots.

i love too much.

I hate. hate. hate. winter and being grown up

I secretly wish sometimes that I was in college again.

i am a push over for scruffy, hotness.

I wore men's boxers to work one time and pretended they were shorts. i got yelled at.

i will get married on a beach with white sandals

i have definitely driven to NYC at 4AM to find a hot dog stand.

I have made friends with a cop while being lost in Pennsylvania and we took pictures in his car and with handcuffs on!

i am silly. i like to laugh and make jokes and smile and flirt. Don't hate ;)

i LOVE to abbreviate words that make absolutely no sense.. as well as breaking out in Spanish randomly and thinking I know what I'm saying.

im sure there are more.... that I can't think of!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

2 Words

Love is.

Naturally Nina posted a cute little post about what love is. She asked what two words we all associated with what love is. 

I choose

Friendship            &                Smiles

Because without those, you have nothing. 

You start with friendship, you move on to love .. continue the path to marriage, make your way through that and then children and your long infamous life together. I know smiles seems like an odd word to use, BUT if you do not have that consistent happiness/laughter/fun/anything to do with that in any of the steps above, you have not lived to fulfillment.

You can't be in love with someone you don't like and doesn't make you happy. Well... actually I take that back. YOU CAN. But you will be miserable. IF you 'love' them, but you aren't friends, care nothing for one another, and never laugh, you really aren't in 'love' you are almost in 'hate' with each other... and too stubborn/comfortable to quit.

That is my definition. Maybe sometimes it doesn't happen, but that's when you know it's time

Time to dye my hair much darker and go to the Wine & Food Festival!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Holy Emotional Mess

Happy Friday everyone

First of all, I want to talk about what a hysterical emotional mess I was yesterday after watching Grey's Anatomy. I know Fidgeting Gidget will know what I'm talking about because I read her post from last week! I HATE THE WRITERS OF GREYS! They are evil and suspenseful and I hate them/love them!

SO this is my day yesterday. I went to a funeral for a friend from high school who committed suicide. We weren't too close, but I have hung out with him before in my home town. I went with my best friend because he was more her friend than mine and she needed me there. It was a horrible mess. It was so depressing, I went during work, and by the time I got back to work, I was numb and felt like I was going to puke.
It is so horrible when young people take their own lives. I don't know what his reasons were, I do know that in my home town, please are cruel, and I have no doubt in my mind that that definitely has something to do with it.
The list of deaths/suicides from my hometown continues to grow. Rainy, depressing horrible day :(

I am just so glad yesterday is over. After work I went BACK to the ridge to hang out with my lady and I watched LAST week's Grey Anatomy first because I knew this was the finale and didn't want to be in lost. So I watch that, I am HYSTERICAL, we go to her friend's house and watch the season finale, and OH MY GOD.

By the second half the show I thought I was going to be okay, until the ending, when I was SHOCKED and so upset and wow! I don't even have words! I was SPEECHLESS! Seriously, I am not into TV shows that much, this is the only show that I actually follow besides Private Practice, but like, I love this show! I hate the freakin writers for having to keep me in suspense YET AGAIN until September! I just can't believe George!! Ahhhhhhhhhh I was balling. Seriously. haha my friends friend must have thought I had some serious issues.

Anyone else watch that last night?! I need to gossip!!!!!!!!!!!

Video of the Day: PLEASE watch this, this is such a great news story. Dog on the Deegan. This dog got hit by a car on the Major Deegan in the Bronx and its son was with her and he diverted traffic all by himself to save her from getting hit again. GREAT video and they have it all from News Chopper above. Watch it. They were both safe! Amazing.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Interactive Thursday

I thought the first Interactive Thursday I did went really well and thanks to everyone who participated! I figured I would keep going... so Here it is..

Topic of the Week:

List products/things/anything that are brand names that we have accepted as their name.

Kleenex = facial tissue
Scotch Tape = tape

Band aid = adhesive strip
Frisbee = flying disk

Xerox = photo copy machine

Post It Notes= sticky paper

Googling = searching something on the web

Why do we as a society accept things like this?

List some others I haven't mentioned.

Opinions! Comments! Answers! Good topic? Bad?

Write away!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lovely Blog Award!

This is so exciting!! I get in from a GREAT day at work (sarcasm) and saw that I received TWO awards today!!!! WOW --that is awesome :)  THANKS to Next to Heaven AND Ramblings of a Fab Brunette!! Check out their blogs asap!

They awarded me The Lovely Blog Award! 

My new favorite thing to do is blog and I love it and everyone has been so great. So thanks for your encouragement!! It is much appreciated. 

The Rules:
1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.}

some great new to me blogs i think are fantabulous...

+ Apartment 10  

Please check them all out :) 

Ps. Read Working Girl's blog on Work Spouse... it is a great one! 


Yay for Being Awe-summmm :)

THANKS MOONJAVA!!!!!! You're the best and just as awe-summ :)

Awards for my awe-summ-ness!

The rules: List seven things that make me awe-summm and then pass the award on to seven other people who I think are fabulously awe-summm.

1: I can make a kick ass latte with a ROSETTA on the top. WHAT!

2: I volunteer at the animal shelter every Sunday and walk the homeless doggies.

3: I can make you laugh when you are in a shitty mood ;)

4: My comebacks are so good, they leave you with a losS of words haha

5: I have blue eyes

6: I graduated high school in 3 years

7: I have a byte me key on my keyboard.

My Awe-summmm bloggers!

1. Practically Perfect
2. Insomniac Lolita
3. Next to Heaven (u totally beat me to it !!!! but here is yours!!!)
4. My Teacups in Peony

And thanks to my other awards i received :) You will be honorably mentioned later on tonight!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Loser, Loser

I lost 6 pounds! Holy crap!

That is more than I have lost in the 2 or 3 years! So this is awesome. I am not really sure what I have been doing differently. I don't really eat that much though, so that could help. I usually have a banana for breakfast, sandwich for lunch (tuna or ham/cheese) and guacamole for dinner.... or sometimes we'll go out to eat or the bf will make dinner, but that's about it.

I have been working out at least twice a week plus dog walking, walking, running, etc. as much as possible! But apparently it is paying off! So excited, because I have to wear a bathing suit again and I will NOT look crappy!!! :)

Thanks for everyone's positive comments, I really appreciate it --especially when I just feel like crappola for the most part! Quarter life crisis here I come!

More tomorrow ciao


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Where You Are.

What do you do when everything in your life seems to not be as perfect as you once thought it was? 

That you feel like your time is wasting away every day and that you are pushing yourself farther and farther away from your dreams and where you should be at this point in your life?
That people aren't as they seem and maybe your mind isn't as made up as you thought it was?
That there is a reason why you meet certain people that throw you off your so-called "perfect path" in which your dull life was taking its toll? 
Like you are stuck in a deep hole and not sure how to get out? Start digging or scream?

You think you are set and then life and turns you inside out. 
Is this a quarter life crisis? If that is even real. A change of heart? Fore seeing into a not-so-bright future? 
Or is this just a phase, will it pass? 

If it were only that easy.

I like to believe that I am a mature person, that I know what I want, that I can make decisions for myself and what is best for my life. I can, I do, and I continue to. But sometimes, when the choice is really hard and confrontational, I cramp up.  Comfortability in life fucks with me and I get scared of change. Although I am not actually scared of change. So what am I so afraid of?

Someone once told me "never let go of who you used to be"
 -- goes great with my life contemplations right now because I have given up a lot. 

I have changed myself; maybe for better, maybe for worse. Who really knows the answer to that. I have been with people who didn't like ME for ME. You either like it OR you don't there is no  .. "wellll i think you're pretty but I hate that you sleep late" NO -- you get both! 

I believe I have changed for the better, I have become a better person than I once was.  But here I am, in a predicament. 
What happened to that independent person that I once was? She was beaten down to the ground by selfish greedy people who knew how to play the system. 

Why am I so scared to change? I have done it more than once. Dropped everything and bounced. But for different reasons. Maybe I don't have all the right answers  -- Maybe I never will. But I can't wait for it to come to me -- it might be too late.

...And I can't help but to dream... of where life could be and how sweet...  


Happy Mom's Day!

To all the wonderful ladies out there that make life so much better for their families.
I hope you have a wonderful day, and enjoy the beautiful weather :) 

I bought a really fab bag yesterday, I thought I should update you since I wrote a blog about how I couldn't ever find a good bag. This one is great -- Its Kate Spade, I got it at the outlet store, it was under $100 (which is awesome since that is rare) and its little but not TOO little and its white and summery! And I swear to god if the girl from my job copies my bag again I will get violent! (j/k kind of)  I can't find it online but it looks somewhat similar to this one.
I very much wanted it to be THIS color, but they of course, did not have it in green! White will have to do.

I have to make a correction sorry i totally wrote this wrong : (  i WISH i was the one adopting this dog!!!!
PS - I helped get a dog adopted today at the shelter! Very exciting! Freckles , cutest and sweetest dog ever.  She was very afraid, would barely walk with me but after an hour of being with her she got used to hanging out and was a mush.  Then  a lady came and adopted her.  Made my day :) 



Friday, May 8, 2009

You Fill My Buckets

I found a great post today. Take a look at My Teacups in Peony's post and loved that she shouted out the Starbucks guy, so I wanted to write a post dedicating my happiness to the random people that make life go forward.
And it made me smile, so here are some people that fill my imaginary bucket with happiness.

Mother's Day is coming up and it is so hard to show how much you actually appreciate your mother. There is actually no way to sum up my love and thankfulness for what she has done for me in any sort of card, gift, flowers etc. I have yet to figure out what the best way to do that is, but thank god she is my mom, I wouldn't ask for anyone else. Even when I make the worst decisions, she still supports me.

the bff C and S for being so great and understand and always being there for me no matter what. the memories have been awesome. lets keep that shit up.

my PIC, M for putting up with my crap all the time and pretending like you like me :) because i love ya and you know it.

TJN lovers, for always being there to make me laugh when shit hits the fan and being able to deal with it with me, no matter how many swears fly out of my mouth, and yours, and the drunken happy hour stories and the daily emails i look forward to.

Vishnu in India for making my life so much easier and so I dont have to heard "we cannot resize PDFs" anymore!

Boss for saving my ass every time I fuck up. Thanks for helping me out -- and being there.

staff and the dogs at the shelter, for being awesome and making me smile. I wish I could help you out more, but I guess 2 hours is better than nothing at all.

thanks blogger friends who makes this blogging thing awesome and make my days less boring and give me great stuff to read.

to the guys at the gas station, for being so friendly and nice and giving me good Arabic music to listen to.

thanks for getting me hooked on blogging, 20 something blogger network!

my father, for inspiring me to get a career and pushing me to be a better person.

And last but never least
the couple that owns my dry cleaners, for always being SO nice and never ruining my clothes.

have a great weekend.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Interactive Thursdays

Wake up peoples!

I am so tired.
And my coffee sucks ass because we ran out of milk when it was my turn to get the coffee. THIS IS MY LIFE.

I have decided that I want to do some sort of weekly thing with you guys since sometimes I feel like I ramble about my somewhat boring life a lot and I want a weekly trend piece. So I wanted to try it out and see if it works and if my blogger buddies like the idea. Otherwise I will think of something else.
I am going to start a discussion, ask a question, name a topic, and then talk about what I think about it, and then you talk about what you think about it. :) It's my interactive Thursday thing!

Topic this week:

Going Green -- is this a legitimate help to the Earth? Or is this just a bs marketing campaign?

My opinion:
Don't get me wrong, I am a true believer in make the Earth a cleaner, healthier place to live for everyone. I don't litter, I try not to waste as much as possible. I try to do as much that I can... recycle, etc. But I am not going crazy.

I don't use as many plastic bags as i used to. I believe that polluting and littering is not good. But i think the whole "go green" movement is really to scare the public into buying these products that are "safer" and "healthier" and "environmentally OK".

I am not against the whole idea, I just think that the media really doesnt NEED to use scare tactics to get the point across.
We should WANT to have a cleaner earth, cleaner air, save the trees, save the animals, don't litter blah blah.
I also think there are more important things that people should be focusing on and I wish that media could use scare tactics to get people to invest in the people that live on the Earth --like starving children, or homeless veterans, abused women in foreign countries, and people devastated by natural disasters. I believe that is more important to invest in people. But that is only my opinion.
I don't do as much as I could, one day I am hoping to go teach English in another country and bring whatever I can to them, clothes, food etc. I am always donating bags and bags of clothes to good will.
Think go green was an idea that the media blew out of proportion. Like they always do. And it worked. Fine. I understand that; but I think that there are other things that need to be focused on a little bit more.

Opinions! Comments! Answers! Good topic? Bad?


Define "Holler"

I really wanted to share this, I thought it was hilarious --it must be late!


1. v. To shout loudly, especially when in pain.

2. v. To yell at ill-behaved children who normally reside in the southern United States.

3. v. To address a friend, colleage, or object of romantic pursuit; the caucasian form of "holla."

4. v. An expression meant to express agreement with another person's declarative statement; the caucasian form of "holla."
1. "When he dropped the hammer on my foot, I hollered so loud that the whole neighborhood could hear!"

2. "I could see Cletus tryin' to kiss his sister from across the yard, so I hollered at him to stop before I got my favorite switch."

3. "Holler at your boy," or "Holler at me tomorrow, girl."

4. Person 1: "Yo you have no business pimpin' like that with those new sneaks, son."
Person 2: "Holler at a baller. I got 'em yesterday."


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Rainy Photo Night

I just came back from the gym and am downloading some new music so I thought I would share with you some random pictures of mine that are funny, interesting, and funky (so i think)

Mt Washington, New Hampshire At the top!

Best breakfast place ever, Portsmouth, New Hampshire


My girls :) 

Gibraltar, Spain

Costa Del Sol, Malaga, Spain

The original work happy hour crew :)

What we do at girls night!

Young Me  - age 1 -Jets fan for life!

Boyfriend Love.

The coolest moment of my life. LOL Tampa Bay Florida, 4am

Bff & I on my birthday


Paris - Arch de Triumph 

Okay i guess that's enough pictures :)
I hope you enjoyed!

Take a listen to my friends band
Listen to it! Its really good :) 



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