Friday, July 30, 2010

I Reached 500!!


I have reached 500 followers!!! That is amazing and awesome all at the same time. I can't believe after 1 year, I got this far... although it isn't far enough to be published, but it's awesome! This was one of my 2010 goals and I am happy to say I made it :)

By taking a look at my goals for the year.. i realize i havent accomplished many of them..
We'll go down the list.

I have...
-done more things to make me happy
-gotten 500 followers!!
-gone on vacation with great people!  Jamaica, Jersey Shore, New Hampshire... more to come!
-Learned to say no!!!!!!!!!!!!
-more flowers in/around the house
-spend more time in nyc... but i went to Jamaica for my 25th  :)
-stayed the same weight from last year and havent gained that much.

I haven't...
-gotten more healthy... except i used to drink 5-6 times a week, now i've cut back to 2-3 times!
-i havent quit smoking
-volunteered at the dog shelter at all
-acquired more fashionable pieces.. except a coach bag and michael korrs bag
-paid off class & credit card... ALMOST! it will be done by December if all goes well!
-no random road trips :/  maybe soon
-read more boooks... hopefully soon as well.. trying.
-talked to my Ex in almost a year!!!!!!! holy crap.

Not on the list but happened...
-Became friends again with V
- Got a boyfriend!!!!!

have you obtained any of your 2010 goals?


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wall Photos

i absolutely love these wall photos. i found them on My Little Photographs blog and this is what her studio apartment looks like. sooo awesome! i really want to do this idea. she has strings, clothes pins, and photos and all other sorts of stuff. i need to do this!!!!!!!!!!!

although... i dont actually have photos anymore, since everything is digital and on facebook... maybe ill have to print some out!

do you have any hard copy photos anymore?


College - the decisions i didn't make


Have you ever looked back on your college years and think, what the hell was I thinking when I decided to major in that?

I have been feeling that feeling since 2006 when I walked out of that gym where our graduation was. Why did I choose a Communications degree -- the broadest degree at my college? Why didn't anyone tell me I should pick something else; something more specific or defined.

I wish I could go back in time and have gotten another degree. Dont get me wrong...there is nothing WRONG with a communications degree.. its just that there is nothing that I specialize in and there is nothing that makes me stand out more then any other candidate looking to find a job.

I have no special talents, I can't take any tests to increase my specialties...there isn't much to do...hence why I got into sales. Not that sales is bad,  but it's just not for me.

And now it's almost too late. I have an apartment, bills, and many other things to pay. I don't have time to go back to school full time. I don't have the money to go back to school full time. And I can't, because then I would have to leave my job..and then I would have no money. It's a vicious cycle.

Granted I don't completely regret anything about my college years, I just wish that I knew a little bit more of what I wanted to do, so that those 4 years of my life that I spent there, it could have helped me in the end when I got out to make more money and not have to go back to school to get anywhere.

I am almost thinking that if I didn't graduate a year early and actually went to college a year after and took a year off..I might know more of what I wanted to do.  But on the flip side... i would have never met any of the people I have met along the way of my life and journeys so far so it all equals out.

Does anyone ever feel like that?
I have a feeling I am not alone.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

vacation... i wish, i need

you know one thing that really bugs me about my job is that i cant take vacation.
well.. let me rephrase... i CAN. but more so like a day or two at a time.
i am in sales and i am not making my numbers and our goals are really for me to take days off, it is only hurting myself and putting me back.
WHICH really really sucks... especially knowing me... i am the queen of going places and going on vacations and going to different countries for a week at a time. and the fact that i am most denied this opportunity is absolutely horrible. And completely not worth it.


so the fact that i can't go on vacation is KILLING me, since i am trying to plan going to Italy and Ireland next year or Spain or Costa Rica... something, somewhere...and I can't! WTF is that. My job definitely has to change....


New Header!!!!

It was time for a change and Carissa came to my rescue and read my mind. I MUST give some serious props to Carissa at Of Bedlam and Bud who created my new header for me.
It is AWESOME and you must must must go check out her blog and leave her some serious kudos for the awesome work she did :)

Carissa has some amazing pictures and designs on her blog and completely worth checking it out, esp the way she puts pictures in those frames on her blog --very cool!

So if you get a chance, go leave my girl some love for all her hard work she put into this.

Thanks Carissa!

oh and i got  her to do a coffee cup mug shot :)


Monday, July 26, 2010

new header design needed!


i am looking for someone to design my header.... really simple and elegant.  and in trade for a write up, a blog link, anything in relevance.  does anyone know anyone? does anyone design anything that would want to barter?

if you do, please leave me a comment with your email address so i can contact you or you can email me. i think i need a change and my design skills on the computer are lacking!



condoms: like or dislike?

give me your thoughts.

i personally don't like them. they suck. not until recently i have realized the fun you can have with them lol..... no more details needed there....

so...  like ? dislike?


Saturday, July 24, 2010

song of the weekend

has anyone noticed that pitbull is in like every new song? dont get me wrong.. i love him cuz he adds to the song, but damn!

have a good weekend :)

And the winner iss.....

is the winner of $100 gift certificate  !!!!!!!!
send me ur info :)


Thursday, July 22, 2010


Funky t-shirts.

Their philosophy is this: they love the environment and all their shirts are made of 100% organic cotton, so why not push buttons on both sides of the environmental spectrum. They want to make fun of hypocrisy and get some hype.

check out their site:


are you on facebook?

CNN just came out with an article today on Who in the World Isn't on Facebook?

Interesting article... it really is a good question... because right now, my grandparents, cousins, aunts, sisters, brothers, friends, co workers, businesses, long lost high school friends... EVERYONE is on facebook.

Basically, facebook , like Google, has taken over the social world. If only I had utilized facebook when i was in college!!! It was too new at that point that people were still using AIM.

But yes, I agree with this article.

Lets take a vote, are YOU on facebook? Or are you revolting against the social media revolution.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cafe Grumpy

one of my favorite coffee shops in new york!!
when i was working at a coffee shop in tarrytown, they took us to visit this place, and it was awesome. its in brooklyn and they let us use the espresso machine to make drinks and all that stuff. it was a very chill and relaxed place. if u live in brooklyn or visit there, go !!!!

Cafe Grumpy
383 7th Avenue
(between 11th and 12th St)
Brooklyn NY 11215
tel: 718.499.4404


CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

I am looking into this school.  Cuny Grad Journalism 

-classes are during the day
-not sure if i will be any good
-dont know if i will even make it or make any money
-a lot of time and effort

-love to write
-not expensive
-3 semesters for 12k, and youre done with ur masters
-would do urban, which is writing about new york government, people, cities, etc. etc.  which would be awesome
-if i were to succeed, i could write for some awesome places.

Like anything else in the world, there are many risks to this. I would have to quit my job in order to do this full time and the guarantee of a job afterward, is not very good. So would it be worth it? Probably not.

This, along with a masters in teaching, nursing, MBA..... are the choices i have been faced with for the past couple of years and it is getting worse now that i feel like the pressure is on to find what i want to do because i am going no where in sales.

anyone have any advice? i am in need.


Monday, July 19, 2010

And Unlimited Photography

i remembered a while back on Naturally Nina's page about her engagement pictures and i absolutely love love love this photographers photos. you need to check out her site because they are absolutely lovely!!!

And Unlimited

one day when i get married, i am going to this site!!
please check out this site :)


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010

summer books

i love jennifer weiner. she writes such amazing books. i have read all of her books she has written. if you havent read them yet, you need to!!! especially Good in Bed: A Novel   Great book!

this one just came out the other day. i cant wait to read it! has anyone gotten it yet??

check it out here: Fly Away Home: A Novel


Friday, July 16, 2010

pura vida.

my next tattoo will say this.
pura vida means pure life or full of life or purified life in spanish. it is costa rica's thing. it is the law of the land there. all over costa rica it says pura vida everywhere

i am trying to think of how to put it in a tattoo without it just being words. i'm gonna get it on my right side going sideways from like under where my bra would end onto my stomach.

any ideas?


Thursday, July 15, 2010


A friend of mine went to this art studio and i fell in love with the pictures and wanted to share them with you. If you have a chance, check out their blog and site, its really awesome.   KAWSONE



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