Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

i wanted to wish everyone a happy & healthy new year!

i hope everyone has a lovely time bringing in the new year... let's hope 2010 is a million times better than 2009!

this year we are bringing in the new year in New York City at an Irish pub with the snow & rain and awaiting patiently for my broken zipper on my dress to be fixed so i can go out and party.

I am actually really excited for the new year... i have never been to the city to celebrate, and this year just plain sucked, so i am hoping for 2010 to be a little better... although I really dont want to be writing the date like 1/1/10 it seems so odd. lol..

So here's to a brand new year and a fresh start. Out with all of the crap that happened this year and bring it on 2010!!!

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2010 Resolutions - By Jenni

I've been reading your blog for weeks now looking at all the funny and unique goals that people have been setting just trying to figure out what I'd like my goals for this new and exciting year. It's much harder than I expected! After much thought, here is what I've come up with. I'm very hopeful that by the end of twenty ten I'm going to have each and everyone one crossed off.

Jenni's 2010 Goals
1. Create lots of stories to tell.
2. Give more time, money and love to people who need it more than I do.
3. Purchase more handmade and in-state products. Yes, this is me making the handmade pledge.
4. Travel someplace new.
5. Broaden my knowledge base. This means read more books, watch more news, see more movies and listen to more music.
Here's to the best that 2010 has to offer and many good things in our future :)


2010 Resolutions - Spanky Luvs It*

By Sara at Spanky Luvs It*

1. allow myself time to expand on my skills & creativity
2. live a cleaner life & purge all the clutter
3. maintain my weight
4. be presentable (stop looking like a slob)
5. take my blog to another level


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pretty Face?


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2010 Resolutions - Xanabioticx

top five goals for 2010.
well, i obviously have more than that but the five things i know i must do/achieve in 2010 (in no particular order) are as follows:
  1. make amends.
  2. overcome my phobia of man-made pools (which also includes learning how to swim, it's a two-in-one resolution).
  3. go raw vegan (failed miserably this year).
  4. learn kickboxing.
  5. and open up an online store.
wish me luck! and i hope everyone gets to achieve their goals next year too. take care and have fun.

Bringing in the New Year With Friends in NYC

I literally cannot wait to spend New Year's Eve in New York City with my best girlfriends --minus Cherrie :( -- It would have been AWESOME if she was there. Literally. But I have to deal, and it'll be Me, Spanky, Micher, Lori & i think that is it for now. My brother might show up but I'm not sure.

I have never once been in New York City for New Year's Eve and I am SO excited to do it! I always knew I would one day but no one ever wanted to go with me. My dad gave me the opportunity because he got a hotel room for my brother and I in case we wanted to go. That is AWESOME. I want to be that cool for my kids!

We are going to an Irish pub and have open bar from 9pm-1am for $55, which is a really good deal considering my brother found an open bar for $100. Plus staying in a hotel room in the city is AWESOME in itself because you can see out over the city and its just simply UH-MAZING!!!!!!!!!

I am excited to spend New Year's with them because last year I was so upset that T had left me (randomly might I add since he told me a week before he was going to Africa for ONE MONTH) for that night where he didn't think it was a big deal and I thought it was a huge deal. So I went to HIS friends house with HIS friends, and granted, I was friends with them too....but it wasn't the same.

This year, I will be with MY friends, where I want to be, in a place that I want to be at! I am excited to start off the New Year in an exciting place, with friends I love. Considering that was the complete opposite of last year, do you think that means 2010 will be better than 2009?! Because I really HOPE SO!

Sooo... we shall see!


The Sartorialist

The Beauty File sent out a message for her birthday giveaway (which you should most definitely check out) and I just checked out the book The Sartorialist and it is UH-MAZING!!!
I am absolutely in love with it and even if I don't win, I will buy this asap!!!
Check out their blog as well. The Sartorialist

Here is a quote by Scott Schuman:
"I thought I could shoot people on the street the way designers looked at people, and get and give inspiration to lots of people in the process. My only strategy when I began The Sartorialist was to try and shoot style in a way that I knew most designers hunted for inspiration."

Love love love it.

He goes around New York City with a digital camera and then all around the world. Awesome.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Out With The Old.. In With The New

This year has been crazy.

We had a love/hate relationship.

There were many things about this year that were cool, and then a majority of things that were absolutely horrible.

I know that it could absolutely be worse, and I am glad that it was most definitely not. I am hoping for 2010 to bring me something good.

I wanted to recap my year because I usually have forgotten most of things by now so I wanted to attempt to write some down before the year ends so I can start fresh.

2009 was the year of...

t and i breaking up

t and i moving out

traveling to costa rica, peru & california

losing 25 pounds

moving into an apartment with cherry

being single

most depressing summer of my life

losing some friends with the break up

making new friends as a result of being single

reapplying for my same job

watching many of my friends leave, quit and get laid off

starting my blog and successfully sticking with it

beginning to learn who i really am again

paying off a credit card

taking two graduate classes

spending new years of 08-09 without T since he just left and went to Africa

spending a whole month alone because T wanted to go away by himself

seeing that people actually do like me... and want to be with me

finding that there are other things in life besides unhappiness due to men!

meeting a lot of cool new people

After writing that, it doesn't look so bad. I guess because I was crazy depressed for a good amount of the year, that made it feel worse than it was. Everything seems to be more decent now. I know I went on all of those trips and I am so excited that I got to do that and I don't regret anything, I just wish that I didn't have to go through all of that shit with T. So my goal of 2010 is to make sure I am happy and keep going from there.

I definitely did not foresee this year playing out like it did! I should have based off of how 2009 started.

High hopes here I come!


Cold Spring - A Dog Day

It was around 50 degrees on Sunday and I wanted to go somewhere outside so the roomie & Simba came with me to Cold Spring. I love Cold Spring. That is my "away from it all but not that far away" spot. It's close enough that I can drive there for the afternoon and far enough away that no one will be there.

I love to go there and just hang out, walk around, go hiking, eat some lunch.

I used to go there with T all the time, so I have been wanting to make new memories there so when I go there, it doesn't just remind me of T. I invited someone else but they ended up being busy, and I got upset about it for many different reasons, all being mostly that I can't hold them to anything because we are only hanging out... soooooo... needless to say the roomie saw my anger increasing because it was nice out and I was stuck, so she came with me.

And we had a great time. So did Simba.

Although Cold Spring is definitely no Portsmouth, and the Hudson River is definitely not the Atlantic Ocean, it was still nice enough for the short period of time that it was warm and sunny!


Finally a Tree Sighting

I finally went!

Since I am such a New York lame-o and never been to see the Rockefeller Tree, I asked TB to accompany me to see the tree yesterday. I am excited! It was awesome. Although I SWEAR it looks much bigger on TV. And there were milllllllions of people there, holy crap!

I had a really good time! I am glad that I got to go and I am glad that I got to go with TB. We always have a good time when we go places.. which is nice...

Anyway, we went to the tree, very cold, I am being a complete tourist, I have more pictures to put up but didn't upload them yet.

It was nice to stand and admire the tree, the lights, the decorations and all of the people admiring New York.

Too bad it was so cold! But it felt right to be there then.

Plus we walked from Grand Central and it was cold out! I felt accomplished haha because I would NOT be walking anywhere that far if we were up by our houses, but in the city, I had to walk!

Loved it. Too bad it wasn't snowing..!

Have you been to see the tree before?


2010 Resolutions - Kattrina

I've been thinking and thinking of great goals to send to you for your post. I don't think I've come up with something profoundly novel, but they are still my goals and I just have to live with them.

1. To write more letters and less emails.

My friends deserve a handwritten note and not something I typed up with my five free seconds at work.
2. To gossip less, or only gossip about good things.
Gossiping is a sign of insecurity and it's about time I felt secure.
3. To care a little more about how I look.
I should wear a little make-up, add a fashion accessory, buy a cool pair of boots, etc. so I don't turn into a frump.
4. To be patient with my hubby-to-be and not lose myself when I get married.
It will be a tough first year of marriage with his adjustment to the US and my adjustment to being part of a pair and not alone, but we shall prevail.
5. To completely embrace turning 30 this year!
Actually, this isn't hard. I'm super excited about turning 30. I am not happy about the 5 gray hairs I found, but I am happy with my life and do not fear the next decade. Plus, I don't feel old.
6. To start paying cash for everything that I can.
It is imperative that I stop overdrawing my bank account due to really bad record-keeping skills - cash will prevent the over-debiting problem I seem to have.

Ok, that's all I've got!
Great post idea!!


Coffee Cup Awards!

The coffee cup award goes to...

Reasons for my blogger crush...

  • A little bias because she is my best friend but so deserves the award!!
  • Has a great idea where she writes about men and calls them ducks... its mad cute and the fact that she actually gets ducks and gives them to people is awesome!
  • Is mucho creative and always has something interesting to read!
  • Inspires me to be more creative by looking at all of her stuff she makes.
  • She is the best and needs to be recognized for it!!

If you have no checked out her blog, you must!!

Ps... The Winner of the For the Easily Distracted giveaway is.... Teasily Diverse!!! Congrats lady :) Email me your information!


Monday, December 28, 2009

Off to See The Tree!

Hi All!

Welcome back to the post-Christmas life!

I have lots of posts and blogs that I need to catch up on but it will have to wait until tomorrow. Christmas was lovely, thanks for all of your lovely comments & cards :) They were awesome!

I will announce the winner of the giveaway TOMORROW so make SURE that you have commented in order to win one of For the Easily Distracted's pictures!!! Click Here

I hope you all had wonderful holidays as well.

I am off to see the tree with TB in Rockefeller Center in the city. I CANNOT wait! I have never actually been to see the tree.... how sad is that?! That i live in New York, like 35 minutes from the city and have never been.... LAME!

So, on that note, I am taking my New York life to another level and joining the many tourists and becoming one of them today.

More tomorrow.



Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad!

Merry Christmas to all of my lovely blogger friends & your wonderful families :)

I wish you all a very merry holiday and feliz navidad!!!!
i hope santa is good to everyone!

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2010 Resolutions - Sophia

  1. Get a literary agent
  2. Get my dancer's ability back (and the athletic body that went with it)
  3. Get my insulin/glucose issues checked out and managed
  4. Get a book deal
  5. Make a lot more money than I have in the last 3 years (which means I need to stop applying to graduate programs and focus on working!)


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

10 Things That Make it Really Christmas

10 Things That Make it Really Christmas

1. Everyone hoping that it will snow on Christmas --even if you live in a tropical place.

2. The holiday decorations outside of all the houses, inside of the house, in the office, and on the trees in the town/city

3. Christmas trees on the top of the cars

4. Crazy traffic and ridiculousness in the retail stores

5. Holiday parties

6. Drinking your sorrows away with your family

7. Spending all of your money on OTHER people

8. Christmas cookies and holiday baking oh and holiday weight gain

9. Ridiculous amounts of holiday music


10. Holiday scrooges who take out their unhappiness on the people in the cars in front of them, in the stores, at the office, on the internet, walking on the street, in the subway, on the train, in the parking lot! The list goes on, you know what I mean.

What did I miss?

Happy Holidays!

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December's Coffeehouse - That Coffee Guy

1. Name of your coffee shop and location, address phone # and website:

That Coffee Guy located in Alamosa Colorado
106 blanca Ave. Alamosa Co, 81101 SLV regional Medical Center
1st and edgemont Alamosa Co 81101 ASC's Nielsen library

2. How long have you been open?

Open since July 2007 @the SLVRMC

Open since August 2009 @ ASC

3. What is your signature drink?

My signature drink is Make Me Something.

Sometimes people are overwhelmed by all of the flavors and variations of coffee and tell me, "make me something." I used to make them something unique on the spot, but when they would come back and tell me to make them whatever I had made them before, I couldn't remember. So I came up with a recipe. Make Me Something has been a great success. So now when someone says Make Me Something, they get something they'll enjoy every time.

4. Why did you pick the name and location?

The name was given to me: In the hospital people would meet at the cart and would say, "I'll meet you downstairs in the front near that coffee guy." ASC remodeled one floor of their library to become a study lounge and wanted to include a full service coffee shop, so they came to the best and now That Coffee Guy serves two locations.

5. What makes your shop different from another independent coffee shop?

That Coffee Guy makes coffee a culinary art by making each cup of coffee a rich and delicious treat as well as taking care of those who want a tasty cup of pick-me-up. That Coffee Guy takes care of those who want a simple cup of coffee to those who have a recipe for their perfect cup of coffee. That Coffee Guy knows the customers and what they want down to how hot and what flavors. When you go That Coffee Guy, you are guaranteed a friendly barista who is looking forward to serving you time and time again. That Coffee Guy is ready to make your perfect cup of coffee. At That Coffee Guy, your coffee and smile are waiting for you.

6. What is your favorite coffee drink that readers should try?

A 16oz triple shot in the dark Au Lait with Carmel…not for the weak of heart.: 7 oz soy(cold), 3 shots of espresso, 5 oz coffee(hot), shot of Carmel….most readers probably want to start off with a single and more coffee. It's not too hot so it can go down fast and strong enough to get you moving right away.

Thank you That Coffee Guy for participating!


New Feature! Independent Coffee Houses

Each month I will be featuring a independent coffeehouse from around the world. One day I would eventually like to write about featuring independent coffee houses in as many places as possible. Do not steal my idea! I'll beat you up! lol, but seriously.

I am all for supporting independent coffeehouses. They are up against a lot of pressure with Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts these days and they really need as much support as possible. Plus funky, unique coffee shops are AWESOME and that is what makes me love the coffee house search that I go on in every city, town, or country that I go to. You always find the best places and the most amazing people.

So I came up with a bunch of different questions to fill out since unfortunately I cannot make it to most of the shops I want to write for me, so hopefully it will work how I planned and turn out well.

Please let me know if there are any coffee shops that you think would be a good fit for this, give me their website and I will contact them. If you are a coffee house or shop, please email me if you are interested in being featured at jennifera328 (at) gmail (dot) com.

I look forward to hearing from you and posting the features of the independent coffee houses.

Viva Independent Coffee Houses!


2010 Resolutions - Shannon

I am very excited for 2010! I don't know why perhaps it's because I'm hoping things will change in dramatically positive ways for me and I look forward to the all the possibilities and opportunities of this potential change. So here it is, my top 5 goals....

1. Go to grad school in the fall (crossing my fingers that I get accepted!)
2. Revise, then publish my novel
3. Always look for the positive in every situation even when the outlook seems grim
4. Travel somewhere I have not been before
5. Find more volunteering opportunities at the library

Just thinking about these goals and beyond that to having achieved them makes me can't wait for the new year!


Giveaway ! Giveaway!

So exciting :) I have had so many giveaways this month! Mucho awesomeness!

My friend Rhianne from For the Easily Distracted on Etsy has offered to giveaway any of the photos on her site!! Please got to her site and check it out, they are lovely!

So the winner can pick whichever print they want. Awesome!

My personal favorite is...
It reminds me of beaches and vacations, two of my favorite things! It makes me want to go into one of those little houses and see what is on the inside!

To Enter:

1. Leave a comment below.
2. Visit For the Easily Distracted Etsy Shop and tell me which one is your favorite.
3. Tweet and/or blog for another entry.
4. Tell me what you love about the holidays for another entry.

Winner will be chosen on Monday, December 28th!

And have a merry christmas :)
oh and PS. Tell your friends!

OH! And PPS......
CONGRATS to Nicole @ My Teacups in Peony for getting ENGAGED in NYC this past week :) :) Congrats!!!! Soooo excited for you!!!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Present Wrapping: Done!

ribbons, bows, tissue paper, gift bags and fiona apple is how i spent my night tonight :)

ps.... did everyone get their secret santa gifts?! mine is on backorder because it is coming from Bangkok soooooo that kinda sucks but its coming shortly!!! I hope you enjoyed it :)


Only a Couple More Days

Absolutely nothing is going on here at work this week. Many people are quitting and giving their two weeks.

Especially my two best friends at work. I am extremely happy for them, and then at the same time, extremely sad for me. It is getting harder and harder to be happy for them since I am still stuck here. I have been applying for jobs like crazy and I have gotten a couple phone interviews but I don't understand why they aren't going any further. Granted it is a holiday week and that is the last thing people are thinking about but come on WTF.

I know, I know. "Be happy you have a job" And really, I am. But I'm not. I want to get to the next step in my life already. I have been here almost 4 years and I am wasting my hard work on a bad place. I want to be somewhere where there is a future and potential. Thank god my boss is cool because otherwise I would have went crazy already.

I hope to god I am out of here in January. It is going to be so bad.... my boss will be away, 2 open territories, my sales associate will be off for a week. HORRIBLE. I just don't understand why I can't get one :(

UGH and to top it all off, T sent my parents a Christmas card in the mail. It is most likely because I sent his parents one, but still. UGH... Every time anything happens with him I feel like I am going to puke. It's crazy... I felt like that ALL summer.. No wonder I lost so much weight.

I should never have broken the contact... ugh.. why did I do that?! I was trying to be nice.. and I'm sure he was too but still. But I guess I didn't really.. it was just to his family...and now here I am still thinking of him, and how that was really nice...... why does this happen to me :( cant it just all go away!? it is ALWAYS SOMETHING. I just want it to stop.

ugh.... trying to be nice...

F niceness.


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