Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cute Etsy Find

aw, finger puppets! Etsy listing

i needed something to cheer me up today. its been confirmed that i am probably going to get fired at the end of the year (4 weeks). the number i THOUGHT i had to be at, apparently it is much more then i thought, which i was very close to ... but now since its higher, i am much further away.

totally sucks.

in better news, i am going to the Knicks game tonight! So that is exciting! I have never been to one before. So that is all for exciting for me....

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I cannot believe tomorrow is December.... this year went by SO fast.


Monday, November 29, 2010

Leap to Christmas Giveaway!

My best friend has an Etsy shop and we are trying to get her home for Christmas time because she lives in Cali and we're here in CT. SO this cross country flight is mad expensive... I decided to host a giveaway for her on my blog AND give all my readers 10% off her shop!

The winner will receive.....



A bracelet like this and customized to whatever color you like AND a mistle toe AND a pair of cute dice :) 

PLUS for being a reader of mine, you can get 10% off all the items on her page for any holiday shopping you have, the coupon code is: SPANKYLUVSME

TO Enter.....
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Giveaway closes Friday, December 3rd.

Help me bring my friend home for the holidays!!!!!!!!!


a lovely but sickly holiday weekend

love this picture :)

ahh..back to work.

i hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving weekend. mine was very low key, considering i have been deathly sick since Tuesday and have yet to get better.

I actually haven't drank or went out to a bar since last weekend and I honestly can't believe I didn't go out once this weekend. I think if i had been feeling better, i would have attempted it, but i didnt.

I did however accomplish a bunch of other things this weekend like catching up on watching movies! Elf, Along Came Polly, Click, Meet the Fockers, Sex & the City 2, Grownups, uhm.... many others. But it was great. I did a project for my class, hung out with M, and the best part, created an Etsy store!!!!

I am actually very excited about my Etsy store. I have many pictures that I can add to it, but I dont know if anyone would actually buy it.. but I am very happy! Please check it out and use the 15% discount code NOVELISTA at my Etsy Shop.

This is basically my attempt at being creative, so we shall see how it goes.
This is my favorite one so far....


Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Novelista Barista Etsy Shop!!!

I have been trying something out. I really don't know if anyone would actually like my pictures, but everywhere I have been I have taken a lot of landscape pictures of the different places I have traveled. And I personally thought they were nice lol... So I wanted to see what the deal with Etsy was and if anyone was actually potentially interested in them.

Sooo... take a look at them and let me know what you think. I am open to criticisms or feedback.


AND if you are my reader, and want to buy a picture, you get 15% off when you put in the code: NOVELISTA.


A giveaway will be in order VERY SOON :)


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

I thought today was a good day to talk about what I am thankful and grateful for. But I decided against it, since I am grateful for many things, the list is pretty similar to what you could imagine it would be.

I really wanted to take a moment to think of the people who cannot enjoy Thanksgiving with their families, don't have enough money to eat the food that we can eat, and who are just plain not able to enjoy this day as a holiday.

So I wish everyone the best day today.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Etsy Christmas Decorations

I love decorating for Christmas...
Here are a few cute decorations I found on Etsy:

$25 for all 3 from Bstudio

$23 from ThePinkChick

$6 from FromNancysHeart

$7 SimplyCuteByKarin

$60 by LetterMeThis

$12 by WoodcraftsandCandles


Black Friday & Holiday Travel

On the radio this morning while driving to work, they were talking about the different horror stories of Black Friday and some things you should keep in mind when you are traveling for the holidays today.

I love this show by the way. I was never a fan at first but have recently grown to love it. Elvis Duran & the morning show.... has anyone heard it before?

I have actually worked in retail in Aeropastle before many years ago. I had to be in the store at 4am to get ready and by the end of the day, the store was a complete MESS and it was insane chaotic. Thank god I never had to do it again.

Anyway, I am not traveling anywhere besides driving to my parents house and then to M's house. Other then that, I'm not going anywhere. And I am DEFINITELY not shopping on Friday. NO WAY would you catch me in a store on Friday. Worst day ever to be anywhere near a mall or a store.

They were also talking about holiday travel and how some people are just not fit to travel. You have to understand that when you are traveling, there WILL be delays, there WILL be lines, they MIGHT lose your bags, and there WILL be children crying and people yelling. But that is what comes with travel. And some people just lose it and can't handle it. Which is all completely true. I cannot imagine having to be in an airport today on the busiest traveling day of the year, because I have been in an aiport at 3AM and there have still been lines and all that stuff going on and there wasn't that many people there. So I wish everyone good luck in their travels!

Will you be traveling or shopping this holiday?


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

I want these

If I ever get married I want these...

Found via Bright Bold and Beautiful

Oh Monday..

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Here are some I learned...

1. Alcohol and being upset with someone don't go well because it all comes out when you're drunk.
2. Jets game was awesome!
3. Giants suck right now.
4. I experienced being a taxi driver for my drunk friends yesterday lol
5. Being hungover ALL day on Saturday sucks.
6. It is very cold at the stadium (giants)
7. Obsessed with Buffalo Chicken wraps
8. Cheesecake Factory has succcch good food.
9. Love Hoboken, NJ
10. This weekend made me starting giving a shit more about my relationship.. I was backing off and I realized this weekend I dont want to back off.. and thats good.

As for the Monday Giveaway...the winner is Crave to $ave!!!!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! Best day of the week. I hope everyone has a good weekend.

So, I ran to Forever 21 today because I didn't like  my shirt and I bought a new one. Has anyone ever done that?!

Happy Weekend!

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sexiest Man Alive -- Ryan Reynolds!



School Spirit Day at my Job...

Awkward right? Lol... But I didnt have any school stuff to rock for work today! Nothing from high school and nothing from college! So I decided to rock my brothers Virginia Tech shirt. Go me.... although I did graduate from Pace University...

What about you? What's your school you'd rock?

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

National Unfriend Day

Apparently today was National Unfriend Day on Facebook. ...... I didnt know such things existed until I heard it on the radio this morning! I guess Jimmy Kimmel decided it, lol. Which is completely hilarious to me. So I want to know....   did you unfriend anyone today?!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Don't Know What It Is....

Why am I stuck in this slump? I feel like everything is just so blah and I can't get out of it. I am not excited for anything because everything could be up in the air in December and I just don't know. And things with M are fine... but I constantly think he is doing something wrong behind my back and I don't know how to kick that feeling.
Maybe it's just the rain. Maybe it's with everything being so shitty lately.

I spent much needed time with my girl V this weekend helping her unpack all day and all that. It was good. I needed it. Then I spent time with my girls from work Sat night, so that was a lot of fun.

I've talked to M many times about his ex, and for some reason she just will no go away and I am afraid that I will keep pushing myself away so I don't get hurt.

I dont know. I am stuck. I need to get pulled out.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Giveaway!

Happy Monday!

I am excited to announce a $75 gift certificate for CSN Stores that I am giving away today! Since it IS holiday time and everyone obviously needs decorations, this is a great time for this giveaway! They have everything on their site from furniture, clothing, decorations, kid backpacks, rugs, pictures...you name it! Maybe some holiday cups...!

 Leave a comment!
US and Canadian readers only sorry :(

To get more chances, tweet, blog, tell everyone and then leave more comments :)
Winner will be chosen Friday, November 19th!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bad Luck

I am having a serious streak of bad luck.
I can't say I dont know why Im having bad luck, but i want to know when it will be over.
In the past couple of weeks, I have..

-Locked my keys in my car
-Had my blackberry stolen
- Ran out of gas on the highway
-Will lose my job by the end of the year

And today we put our family dog to sleep :(

dear bad luck and horribleness,
please go away now.


Travel Wish - Venezuela

my best friends family lives there and we went in i think 2004 and it was so awesome. this is one of the pictures from there.

god i want to go back!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ahh Travel - Binn, Switzerland

I want to. I need to. I wish. I miss it :(

I was reading today on Budget Travel about a place in Switzerland called Binn. It looks so adorable! I have never heard of it before either and its in the Swiss Alps, a place I would love to go.

Check out the article and the other pictures here.

Ahhhhh i want to leave the country againnnnnnnn.....

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