Wednesday, September 29, 2010


i am really excited to be a teacher. at first i was iffy and all the work i didnt want to do it... but now i am excited. i have been applying for jobs in schools now and obviously not getting very far, but hopefully something will budge. i would very much like to get into a school soon so i can get to know the things behind the scenes, behind the classes that i am taking.

i dont know if anyone has any good websites that i should check out or look into, i am sure there are millions but i dont know if there are better ones that work for you. if so, please let me know, ill take all the advice i can get!

especially any teachers in New York since everyone has different qualifications... let me know.

If anyone has any really exciting teaching stories, please share on here.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Loveeeee This

i want u baggggggg :( :(    
too bad its $1700!



Who doesn't love boot season!!!
I need some new ones though, I wore my black ones so much that they broke, so here are some that I really want...and if anyone has any suggestions or places I should look, PLEASE let me know!

Aldo $150

DSW $129                                DSW Coupon Code ! Amazing deal! Click here!!

Bakers $99

Bakers $199

Any suggestions for boots?! I need some asap!


Sunday, September 26, 2010


Absolutely loveeeee the bag on the left.

Yves Saint Laurent 

A new obsession with purple bags is the phase I am going thru.

Anyone have a good website to buy bags from???


Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Additions to the Apt

Before I went out and decided that our wall needed some new pictures, we had a huge Jamaican flag hanging behind our TV since the wall was so big...we had nothing else that would fit.

So I went our to CSN Stores and bought me some nice pictures for the wall! I have officially retired the Jamaican flag. lol.


Love them!!! Such nice quality of photos. Go and check out their wall photos when you have  a chance.

And they go so nicely above my new flat screen!

Although the pictures are a tiny bit small.... that wall was such a pain in the ass to find something big enough for it so.. that is how it will stay!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ah Italian Feasts and Football.....

M and I went to the Italian Feast in NYC this weekend. It was a lot of fun. He won me a stuffed piggy! haha
This week things have been pretty good... He is making the effort to hang out and be with me and all sorts of stuff.
I really dont know what happened last week or why he changed or where all that came from. A couple other different people I know are in relationships and almost something along the same lines of what happened with me and M happened to them too..... So I am wondering.. is it the beginning of football that makes men crazy?

Who the hell knows.... I am taking this day by day.

FYI.... I started taking graduate classes for education again. I even took out a loan. I am getting this done. I will become a teacher ASAP!

We went out and watched football this weekend in Hoboken, so that was different, we had a good time. Giants game? Not so wonderful though.

How was everyone's weekend?


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ohhhh Drama

this weekend has been horrible.

i wish that i could just run away and go drive somewhere for the weekend. i think i will have to soon.

m now is confused to if he wants a relationship or not because ours is getting serious. i can't believe it. he asked me to give him till this weekend to figure out what he wants.  that is the VERY SHORT version of it.... there is so so much more that was said, but in short, thats the main thing.

we ended up going to the eminem concert on monday....which BTW was SO awesome.... and it was awkward between us... we talked later on, still accomplished nothing, i decided to stop talking to him about it until this weekend and see what happens. he came over my house last night and told me how he missed me..... such confusing signals. I am really at loss for what to do.

my theory is.... we dont get that much time to hang out because his schedule is crazy, two weeks in a row i gave him shit for going out late to the bar and not hanging out with me since i hadnt seen him. now, he is a very stubborn, selfish, italian man, and he usually gets what he wants and his ex let him do whatever and even though she would say no, he would do it anyway because she was still there waiting for him.

now.. i am not at all the same. and she never hung out wtih his friends, never did anything he basically had a separate life without her allowing him to do whatever he wanted to. with me,,,, i hang out with his friends, we all go out together, we all are friends. so he has no separate life.

So he is starting to feel the pressure of a serious relationship and he cant just do shit to me like he could to her. So he needed to question our relationship since that was the only logical answer to him, that he needed to be single so he can go and do what he wants. Although he doesnt want to lose me at the same time. So there's a moral dilemma there.

Now I am waiting to figure out what he's going to do. He is so used to being treated like shit and doing whatever he wants and not feeling bad for it, that is completely different. I dont know... maybe he does need to be single. I really dont know.

It hurts. It hurts so bad because I allowed myself to open up to someone and feel those feelings I never wanted to feel again, and then I get hurt.

And here I am.

Any advice?  I know that was the real short version with waaaay less details.



Friday, September 10, 2010

I hate fights.


 i hate fighting with M.  i feel like its too early to be fighting. it's for stupid shit like he doesnt make enough time for me and i get upset... not that we spend a lot of time together anyway.. its just because of his crazy schedule that i wish he'd find me more of a prioirty in his life that he would WANT to spend more time with me.... :/ there is more to it but i am upset because now he is not responding to my IMs and obviously i won't see him later because he'll be working.

ughhh the joys of dating a cop.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How Music Goes With Life

Are you a person that associates songs with life experiences or people? I was thinking about this last night as  was driving in my car that I could turn on the radio and find a song that reminds me of someone or something or some sort of life event or time period.

Isn't it crazy how a song can tell time and explain how you feel or how you look at things in life. I can imagine that artists don't really take that into consideration when they are writing songs, they are just writing to make money and sell hits.

When I was thinking of writing this I instantly thought of so many songs but now I am drawing a blank.. let me see if I can think of some....

-Stereo Love reminds me of M
-Bruno Mars song reminds me of M thinking of me
-Dynamite and Ushers new song reminds me of this summer
-Body Guard by Steel Pulse reminds me of T
-Anything Jack Johnson reminds me of J
-Ben Harper reminds me of TB
-Pictures by Kid Rock reminds me of my girls on spring break
-Turn this Car around by Tom Petty reminds me of his concert at Jones Beach
-All Along the Watchtower by Dave Matthews... last song I heard of his at the Meadows yearssss ago
-Anything Mos Def, PanterA, Down, Rage Against the Machines.... reminds me of high school
-Fire Burning by Sean Kingston reminds me of Steve
-All Bob Marley songs remind me of college and our parking lot days


I could go on and on.... but I can barely remember the name of the songs or artists.

Do you have any songs that remind you of people, places or things?


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Great Picture!

my friend had this on facebook...  gotta love it!

ps.. just bought pumpkin spice candles and i am sooooo excited about this!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Coffee Labs, Tarrytown, NY


Coffee Labs is my favorite, favorite coffee shop in Tarrytown, NY. I worked there about 4 years ago and I learned the most about coffee out of all coffee shops that I worked at. They roast their own coffee there and their focus is on a eco-friendly and dog-friendly coffee shop.

Coffee Labs also has live music and they hang local art for sale in their shop, a new artist every month. Even the staff is happy when you walk in and there are lots of regulars. Since they are right on Main Street, they get such a great crowd coming in all the time and they are open later hours then most places there.

I never liked regular, unflavored coffee before I worked there. I could only drink it with a lot of sugar and milk. They taught me to love coffee without that because the coffee they roast and brew has its own taste that is not bitter like other non-independent coffee stores.

If you are ever in Tarrytown, New York, go visit their shop. It is worth the drive!

Coffee Labs
7 North Main Street
Tarrytown, NY


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1 Year Sort of Anniversary?

Today is one year since I have seen or talked to T.  Not sure exactly how I feel about this.  I heard he is in Trinidad right now for a month, which makes me really upset to begin with because I would like to be traveling for a month at a time in different countries.

But other then that, I am OK. I am okay with the fact that we are not together and that I don't want to be with him. I am slightly sad about our apartment that we had and the fact that he is in Trinidad and I am sitting in a miserable job,,, that definitely irks me. But then again I have M and he has no one. So.

I just can't believe I have made it a complete year. I didn't stay single the whole year, but I made it a good almost 10 months, which is a long time for me, being single and now it's worth every penny because being with M was so worth the wait.

And cheers to life being completely different.



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