Friday, October 30, 2009

Holiday Blogger Secret Santa!

It is holiday/giving time of the year and I was thinking after seeing all the holiday cards and scarf swaps that we needed a Secret Santa for blogger swap as well!!!

I really hope that works, I think it'll be mucho coolness!

So I have an account with for Blogger Secret Santa.

Here is how you enter.

1. Leave a comment if you want to be involved with your first name and email address (or you can email me if w/your email address

2. The gift maximum is $15. (cuz of shipping & stuff)

3. I will put everyone's name and email addresses into and it will email you with your Secret Santas name and address and what is listed on their wishlist if they listed it (which you might want to!)

4. Share this with everyone!!!

5. The deadline to sign up for this is NOVEMBER 13TH, your secret santa will be picked shortly after that.

6. Everyone who participates will receive a small gift from me as well :)

And that's it.

*Great gift ideas would be from etsy shops, that would probably be your best bet! If you have an etsy shop and would like me to promote it for gift ideas please let me know and I will list them all in a blog post before the gift deadline.*

I am SUPER excited about this and I really hope it takes off... tweet, blog, chat about this please and try to get everyone involved!

Holiday time is the best and I can't wait to give back to you all for making my days so much brighter!!
Thanks for being awesome!


Awesome Giveaways to Check out!

Here are some giveaways to check out!

Ambar's Thoughts is having her first giveaway! Happy 100th followers ladyface!


Spankyluvsit* is having her first giveaway as well!!!! Congrats chicasssaaa!!!! Its a tshirt with the word of your choice on it!!

Please go check out my ladies giveaways and sign up :) Very easy, AND you could win something very cool :)



Week In Review

I know, I know... my life is not CNN or anything but whatever, someone out there cares about what happened in my life this week!

-Got back from California (pictures, really really soon!)

-Yankees went to the World Series

-I went to Game 2 (last night) of the World Series and saw the Yankees beat the Phillies AND saw Jay Z & Alicia Keys perform EMPIRE STATE!!!! as well as John Legend sing the national anthem!!!!!! AMAZING!!!

-I am moving tomorrow!!!

-Halloween is tomorrow and we are going to be partying :)

-I got wine & dined with candles bitches! haha

-I am in love with Mark Teixeira from the Yankees and my new goal in life is to meet him!

-I got dominated in Fantasy Football...damnit!

And that is pretty much it for this week.....
How was your week!?

I hope everyone has a GREAT and

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

BH Files - Friends, Lovers, Friends?

The Broken Heart Files- Friends, Lovers, Friends?

By Classroom Confessions (October 2009)

I met Manny* in the spring of 2008. Fresh out of a 4 year long college relationship, I was a single gal on the loose for the first time since I was 17. Single life was not something I knew much about, but I did know that at 22, I was all about hanging out with the friends.

Manny was a recent acquaintance of a guy I’d known for ages. The night I met him, I barely noticed since I was 1) intoxicated and 2) focused on a guy I’d invited for the night.

A few days later, I received a friend request from Manny on facebook. It took me a moment to remember who this guy even was!

Shortly thereafter, Manny began seriously hanging out with our group of friends. All. The. Time. He was cute! We quickly learned we had a lot in common, despite our almost 10 year age difference. Plus, the man didn’t look a day over 26. He had just retired from the Air Force due to medical reasons and was back in Miami after 6 ½ years in the service.

Soon, we were inseparable. With a shared love of photography, salsa dancing, and World or Warcraft; we spent almost every hour of the day together that I wasn’t at work.

The summer of 2008 brought us even closer together. Without the daily time constraint of teaching, Manny and I did everything together, including taking my first trip to Washington, D.C.

In Washington, Manny and I quickly became more than friends. On our 3rd night there we got mildly tipsy at an Irish Pub and ended up making out later on in the night. Throughout the trip, we were very couply, but nothing was official yet.

When we got back, I immediately left to St. Thomas, USVI with my two best girlfriends for a week. The entire time I was gone, Manny called and texted me several times a day every day. Still, I wasn’t sure exactly where I stood with him. I knew we were best friends and that we’d made out a few times, but we still hadn’t had that relationship talk.

Well have it we did when I got home a week later. My best friend had officially become my boyfriend and I couldn’t be happier.

Our love continued in an almost dreamlike fashion for just shy of a year. He was so honest and loving… it seemed too good to be true. I was so apprehensive in the beginning that I asked him constantly why he was with me and if he was sure. He spun stories of our future lives together and I believed him. I believed him because he was so much older; I figured he must be ready for all the things he talked about.

We even took our mutual love of photography further by starting a photography business together.

Shortly after our one year anniversary, things started to fall apart. We stopped having sex completely. I chalked it up to a bunch of things that were going on in both our lives, but I should have known. There was a week and half long period where he showed no affection toward me. No hugs, no hand holds, he wasn’t even nice.

In September 2009, we took a trip to Tampa for the long weekend. I knew that something needed to happen on this trip or we were doomed for sure.

The trip wasn’t horrible, I think we both had fun, but it was obvious that for him, the spark was no longer there.

Still, two more weeks went by before we randomly decided to talk about it. I stopped by his house on my way home on the premise of only staying a half hour since it was late. Suddenly I was talking without being able to stop. Asking him why he seemed so distant and why he had no desire to have sex with me, etc. He finally admitted that although he loved me dearly, he was not in love with me anymore.

I wish I could say it was shocking but it wasn’t. It just hurt like hell. He said he wanted to go back to the way things were before, when we were just friends. It’s been three weeks and I still haven’t figured out how to just erase a year of everything we shared.

He keeps texting me, wanting to hang out. We are in constant communication. Adding to everything is the fact that he is suffering from depression right now, and a huge part of me holds on to the idea that if he can get out of it, he might come back to me.

It’s stupid I know, but these are the BH files and my heart is still very, very broken.

**if you would like to contribute your broken heart story, photo, lyrics, anything... please email me at**


Interactive Thursday

What is your signature perfume?
Oh my god it smells amazing.
I just bought it again last night because it is expensive and I ran out so long ago. I always spray my pillows or in my closet with it because I love it so much. Ha ha I know, such a loser. It's okay.

Tell me yours!

Comments?! Thoughts?!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

rainy day blues.

what a crummy rainy day... so depressing.

even more depressing that i have to go and start my midterm that is due TONIGHT after work. ugh.
all i want to do is blog and i have no time because i am supposed to be working because my boss told us all we sucked yesterday and we're going to get fired.

i keep thinking about T and it is really depressing me. I don't know if its the rain or if its the fact that i'm moving on Saturday or what the hell it is.
I really miss him and it is pissing me off because I am actually happy right now regardless of how much i miss him. i am beginning to wonder if i am missing the IDEA of him and what we used to have in the beginning since i am probably blocking out all the bad stuff that has happened? i dont know.
all i know is it needs to stop raining.

i have a lot of feelings about moving that i am going to write about. there are a lot of things i need to write about as well... california, t and i broken heart file, my ex friend story..ahh

i have no time!!!!!!!!!!!!

what do you think about when it rains?
am I the only one that gets depressed and thinks about the good old times... when they may or may not have really been good at all?


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Naturally Nina has welcomed me to a WHOLE new world of clothing and I am now in love.

Now, what in the world would i wear with these?! Because I love them and would very much like to buy these.

Worth it?

Today sucks by the way.. I would very much like today to be over!

Monday, October 26, 2009

West Coast

I am back!
I finally made it there! San Francisco was very awesome and so was Santa Cruz. I wish I spent more time in San Francisco but I'll take what I could get.

I'll write more about it tomorrow and put all my pictures up tomorrow as well, but here are a few :)



We're goin baby!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

California Trippin

Im here! Having a good time.. consuming wayy to much alcohol and going to San Francisco today!

Everyone is so hippie and chilll....! So wasnt prepared for that from New York everyone is drives so slow! lol

Many pictures and updates to come...

hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Interactive Thursday!


What is your favorite book? (I need a new book to read)


Prozac Nation By Elizabeth Wurtzel

I read this book a long long long time ago and it was really well written and such a great book. It is too bad that she doesn't write anymore books because I would continue to read them. Her other books that she wrote, More, Now and Again, and Bitch, were really good books too. For some reason I like to read about sex, drugs, new york, boston and writing. haha, what a weird combo, but I usually go for stories with some of those things involved in it.

Some other great authors & books I love are Twilight, Jennifer Weiner books, Harry Potter, Candance Bushnell, White Oleander, and lots and lots of Chic Lit or true stories about criminals or drugs. Such a random choice in books!

Thoughts ?! Comments?!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I need your help, please vote for me for this blogging job.... I only have a week and have no votes, so help me of if you can please! MUCHO appreciation!!!

Vote for me!

Thank you!


Leaving for California Today

I am leaving today at 6pm, I cannot wait!!!! This is really exciting, I cannot believe I am actually going.

I have been wanting to go to California since I was in high school and just never went. I have also not flown within the United States in more than four years, I have been going international every year AND I have not been on a vacation without T or by myself in more than 3 years. EEK. Breaking new records here.

It will be good to get away, especially after this crazy ass summer and drama I have been through because the last vacation I went on was to Peru, and DON'T get me wrong, I loved Peru and had a great time with T but that was a crazy up-in-the air time with our relationship so it was almost stressful as opposed to vacation-like.

I am excited for what this trip has in store for me.. I know that I want to:

  • Drive across the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Go to a winery
  • Go to some awesome funky coffee shops
  • Cable Cars!
  • Alcatraz
  • MAYBE Yosemite National Park if I can get there!
  • DRIVE on Route 1!!!!!
  • Pier 39 (thanks Laura Marie for the idea!)
  • Hate Street and Cha Cha Chas Restaurant (Thanks Seriouslyright? for the ideas!)
Anywhere else I should stop by while in San Francisco?! ps... my friend helped me out with the domain name.... SO now when you type in it goes straight to my blog and is MINE :) I feel so official haha

Interactive Thursday is still on for tomorrow so don't forget!

Everyone have a good day :)


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Single Life?

(if u cant read this click on it i dont know how to make it clearer!)

What a crazy, different world it is to be involved in. Relationships are complicated, but being single is almost just as complicated because it involves multiple relationships/friendships/whatevers.

So I have not been single in a very long time,,, I would say over 5 years, since I would usually go from one person to the other with very few time in between. It's been two months and I am all over the place, emotions wise. I like to hang out with guys and I am making up for not being able to do that for the past 5 years. I do spend more time with one than others.

All I have known myself as is Jen & _______ (insert boyfriend name). It has never been just Jen. I don't even remember what it is like to be just me. I am trying to get that back. I am side tracked a little bit since I do hang out with people more right now, but I am in the process of finding me again.

I had a conversation with my girl S about me and being single and why it doesn't work because people just end up getting hurt. We were talking about how my life is becoming a complicated mess somewhat and I wanted to share my thoughts on it. (Keep in mind i was getting angry as I wrote this)

I also wrote this after her friend that I went on 2 dates with asked me out on a 3rd and said we would have a goodnite kiss after the 3rd, thats usually what happens on 3rd dates, something like that. I told him I was in no position to be kissing another guy right now, and he said no prob, came to my party and saw me kiss another guy, or so he "assumed" that I did. Bad on my part, but whatever. What was I supposed to say? Well the only reason we hung out alone in the first place is because I was too nice to tell you I meant hang out with other people in group and not alone?! Yeah... too nice.

She was saying that I lead people on by how I act sometimes, i wanted to talk about it on here too... and so here it is:

....What am i supposed to tell a guy I go on a date with or hang out with that i haven't already told them? "i just want to flirt with you and have fun and be single and do whatever the fuck i want so back the fuck up and don't cramp my style"

I DO!!! they KNOW this... but choose to ignore it.

There isn't really anything i can do. Every guy wants to get laid, they all wanna be in relationships (although they wont admit it) everyone wants to make things complicated. If i were to do ANYTHING, it should be sit at my house alone because i just cause problems with people! There is no way for me to just be friends with a guy obviously. Unless i fuck them over in some way shape or form and then they get over it. Because people take things too seriously and no matter what u tell them they are going to believe that their case may be different and will try to change that.

I am trying very hard not to be an asshole, but i reallyyyyy don't know what to tell ya, that is my personality, to be nice and flirty and hang out and talk and do whatever. I don't like go sit on their laps and kiss them or shit like that.. so i mean, either way i lose. Just because i am flirty and text u doesn't mean i am falling deeply in love with you or am about to date you after 2 dates.

And some people, will never see that. So its like......i can be a stone cold bitch and maybe they'll back up? Or i can be me and they can take it however they like and then blame it on me? whatever. NO WINNING.

I am trying not to complicate it with people. I do not want another relationship and ive made it very clear. With me being an emotional mess, I wouldn't want someone to have to deal with that and I don't want to deal with it either after being so hurt and depressed for so long.

I just want to have fun and be with people who like to have fun with me. I only want to keep good company right now and I think I have been doing pretty good at it. I continue to hang with the people that I like to hang with and everyone else gets weeded out.

This is MY time. This is MY selfish stage and i am FINALLY at the point where i really am going to act on it... prob not though cuz i am not selfish.

The past couple of weeks i was just being whatever, having fun, whatever... dealing with not dealing with the whole T situation and how bad i missed him and everything like that. Accepting the reality/ not accepting reality. All that shit. It sucks and it will take a very long time for me to get over T. To be able to listen to reggae again and not get sad because I miss T. Or to drive even past the Pleasantville sign and get really upset. Or seeing the same car that he has and freaking out. UGH. I just want it to end!

so here i am... i know what S is saying, but i mean... i can only handle what i do..... if im just being me and being flirty and people get the wrong idea,,, then thats their own fault for assuming.

I know this sounds somewhat horrible to say and all but at the time when I wrote this I was really mad that someone was ASSUMING stuff about me saying I led them on and whatever, and maybe it was the case? But really? What ISN'T leading someone on???? Should I have been rude?! Like what the hell.. no matter what I said or did, it wouldn't have ended nicely anyway, apparently it was too far past that. And I feel bad, i really do.. but then again I don't in a weird selfish way..

This is why me and single do not do well!


BH Files - Engaged?

By Amy

I hate it that I can hear a song, so many songs, actually, and be stopped in my tracks because it reminds me of you. I hate that you still have my spare yoga mat from our Wednesday night Birkram-and-Old-Spaghetti-Factory dates. I hate that I pick up my phone to send you a text or call you just to shoot the shit, and I can’t, because I know you will never, ever answer my calls again. I hate that the only updates I get on your life come via Facebook, because we are “friends” and perhaps you like to torture me via short updates and photos of your new life.

I don’t know why I’m surprised. In the three years of our friendship, we walked the line between best friends, acquaintances, fuck buddies and almost-enemies. You have shamed me with your silence more than once. I never knew where we stood really, something that drives me nuts. But for you? I took it. I let you kiss me when you felt like it, fuck me even if I didn’t. And I liked it, truth be told. I liked being in your spotlight, in your good graces.

When we were first introduced, I wasn’t so intrigued. It wasn’t until we first had drinks that things seemed to take off. Except, they didn’t. Until the wedding of the same friend who introduced us, where we drank, slow danced and laughed. Something changed as we watched drunk people fall to the floor during “Rock Lobster” and when you nearly dropped me during that final dance.

Sometimes, I’d think you weren’t a romantic, but you’d surprise me. With a nice dinner out on my worst days, with late night phone calls, with your arms around me as you taught me to send golf balls flying into the sky, dotted with gnats that swam around us in the summer air. It was when we were waiting in line for showers in the unforgiving heat at Coachella and you got in first, and then brought me an iced coffee, and made all the other girls in line say, “Awwww!” It was the way you showed me Las Vegas for the first time, with dinners and clubbing and a room overlooking the strip, as our bodies pressed against the window, hard, over and over again. I rubbed the bruise that was left on my collarbone from that encounter, my little secret.

Still, it never quite worked. We’d try and snuggle and it felt forced. There was always a wall, talk of a serious relationship buffered by jokes and past hurts and worries that one of us would say the wrong thing, that we’d cross the line from best friends to the great unknown. Things never seemed to quite match up, but there we were, talking every day, texting non-stop, spending every last moment together. And I had hope. I really did. I thought that one day, we wouldn’t need words or boundaries or a status—that we knew.

I cared more than you did about finding you a new apartment. I spent hours listening to people describe bathrooms and bedrooms and lease specials. And then, I laid on satin sheets with you in Bed, Bath and Beyond when you asked me, “Girls will do me on these sheets, right?”

By girls, I thought you meant me. But instead, you meant girl. Another girl, a girl who was not me. But now? She IS me. She’s everything we had, except with a title and an engagement ring.

The last time I saw you, we went to our favorite bar. We took our shots and drank our drinks and danced, pressed up against the wall as usual, but this time, we were much more careful with our hands and our words. You admitted that she didn’t know where you were or who you were with, and I thought I had a chance. Until you started taking days to return my texts, and then one day, you stopped returning them at all.

You used to give me so much shit for my Facebook page. But there you were, a suggested friend in the right hand corner of my screen. I clicked. I couldn’t help it. Seeing your status as engaged took my breath away. You, the person who couldn’t bother to call me your girlfriend, who was so desperately afraid to commit, has made the ultimate promise. To someone else.

And even though my own status reads “In A Relationship” and it’s with someone I love, it hurts. I see you’ve become a fan of the band Justice, and all I remember is us in a room with thousands of other fans, dancing our hearts out in a haze of marijuana and sweat. I see that you’ve taken her all the places where I used to be your automatic date: parties, weddings, baseball games and god knows where else. And while I’m perfectly happy doing my own thing, I cant help but feel a sadness, for you, for us, for the friendship we used to share.

I wish I could click a red “x” on my heart the way I can on the god damn Facebook page that taunts me, showing me what could have been. Instead, I send you a paltry message, offering my sincere congratulations on a life that I’ll never, ever be a part of.

And you? Well, you don’t even bother to write back.

"The universe is made of stories, not atoms" --- Muriel Rukeyser

Check out my stories at:

Just a Titch

**Please share your stories with us, email lyrics, songs, poems, stories etc to**


And the Winner is.....

And the winner of the Twilight Giveaway is......

#11 For the Love of Pictures! (Boredom's Bounty)

Congrats Lady!! Email me your address!!


Monday, October 19, 2009

What I got from work Today

nice huh


ps signed my lease today :) moving in on Halloween! PLUS one month free rent! HOT!



Sunday, October 18, 2009

Catskill Mountains

It didn't rain yesterday so I was able to go up the mountains to the Catskills!!

My grandparents used to have a house up there and there is a waterfall that I like to go to up there but I can never get anyone to go. So TB and I made the trip up there and found it and it was awesome, cold, but awesome.

It was definitely cold up there!! We went exploring through the woods and found some cars that fell off cliffs and stuff. It was pretty awesome... I was very nosey so I wanted to get a closer look at the cars so we climbed down this steep mountain/hill thing and it was pretty difficult to get up and down. Im hurtin today from all this exercise!

I saw my grandparent's old house they had up there too...

I wish it hadn't been so cold but its better than rain!!

It is so pretty in the fall....

see it kinda looks like an Indian head? Sorta? Well thats Indian Head Mountain.

I also went to the Lukemia Walk this weekend, which was nice, although I missed the walk got there too late, but I saw my friends there so that was nice moral support for them! Then I watched the Yankee Game with some friends and that was good times as well. Esp since they won and kicked ass in the 13th inning.

Went out to dinner Friday for my dad's birthday and watched the Yankee Game with the fam that night too. It was a good weekend, lots of family & friends and hiking and Yankee Games and drinking. Although I did not go to the dog shelter today so that sucked but it was pouring rain and mad cold, so it was semi-justified.

How were your weekends lovies!?



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