Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh My... Hottt

I don't usually post pictures of men that I think are hot but I have been trying to find some new music and I just saw the lead singer from Citizen Cope and my god I think he is beautiful! I don't know what it is but I think he's so gorgeous! lol ...

i am not sure what it is .. because I have sort of a different taste in men, especially when it comes to the grungy looking longer hair scruffy guys.... haha i fall for them obviously.

I don't necessarily like his voice all that much ---EXCEPT for Bullet & a Target --that is the best song check it out here, but he's nice to look at :)

And of course, they are playing in New York & Brooklyn and ALL 6 shows are sold out.... just my luck!

Yup... that's about all I have to say about this!

What kind of looks do you go for in men?

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Summer... Countdown Begins!

Let the countdown begin.....

3 more months!

January is over and now the count down to spring begins. I figure uuuuuusually around the end of March (my birthday!!) is when it starts to get relatively warm so I am saying about 3 more months of this shit cold weather and then its fair game!


There are SO many things that I want to do when it gets warm out again... starting with going to the beach EVERY weekend, or as much as humanly possible.

I need to make up hard core for my really shitty summer that I had last year so I need to have a fucking awesome summer this year.

I plan on going to the beach, going hiking, going away for the weekends to Boston or New Hampshire or down the shore. I plan on going on vacation to the Jersey shore for a couple of days with my family. I plan on looking UH-MAZING in a bathing suit... which means I really need to get on the band wagon and get some ABS!! lol.. I plan on buying some sexier bikinis and much nicer clothes to go out in because I will be going out in the city much more.

I wish I could do all these things now but the freakin weather really puts a damper on doing everything... It is possible to do things outside, but who the hell wants to do things outside if its like 10 degrees?!?! Definitely not me.

Like.. is it wrong to want my body to look like this?!

I mean I probably won't be able to get like that but I could come somewhat close. I am not fat or anything like that but I am not mad skinny... but I'm working on it! I should probably start going to the gym more... !

Are you excited for summer?

I just feel like so much more stuff gets accomplished when its warm out and I am always out doing things. The best part will be leaving work at 6 and it STILL being light outside so when I get home I can go out walking or run on the track and the day is still good and not completely wasted.

I think that right there is the worst thing ever because you are coming back from work and just sitting around because its cold and you feel useless and like life is being wasted away. That would particularly be why I don't want to live in New York anymore and why I wish I lived somewhere warmer, but then again, the summer, spring and fall basically make up for it because it is absolutely beautiful here during those seasons. Winter just sucks.

I can't wait to wear summer dresses again with no sweaters and I can't wait to wear sandals. I am a sandal freak so winter is tough for me!

Okay so that was my rant about how much I deeply miss summer... so i'll leave you with that.

Happy Sunday & 1st day of February tomorrow.


this is just awesome.


Guest Blogger - Alexandria

Hey everyone!

I am so excited to be a guest poster! I came home from a short ski trip the other day and saw that the nb was on the hunt and I jumped right in to see if she wanted little ole me to write a tid bit for her! Of course she said yes, and I was flattered!

I posted a while back about my new year’s resolution. I have some great goals to say the least that include difficult yet attainable things. I was listening to the radio though the other day and heard about this thing called My One Word. It is basically this experiment that a group is doing to get people to live for one word instead of having a ton of goals. This one word is found by deciding who you want to be by the end of the year, defining the characteristics of that person and finding a word that encompasses all of that. This word doesn’t have to be a synonym but it should be a word that will eventually lead you to your goal. The idea is to keep us focused on one word all year long instead of multiple things everyday. By focusing on one thing we can easily measure our change.

It didn’t take me a very long time to decide what my word was going to be. Not that I am obsessed with Taylor Swift or anything, but her new CD title really motivates me. Fearless. Not only do I want to be Fearless in 2010, I want to Fear Less. It’s not that I want to go crazy and do things that could kill me but instead I don’t want to be scared to be bold, different or myself. I don’t want to be scared to shoot for the moon. I don’t want to focus on all the negatives of a situation—I want to Fear the hard stuff less. I want to be fearless. I want to push myself and commit to the impossible and make things possible. So for me this year, I aim to be fearless. I challenge everyone to think of a word that encompasses their life goals for this year… what could you lose?

*Alexandria. by


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lazy Hang Over Day

today was really a recovery day for me... recovery from the city and late night of drinking last night and then from a week long intensive first week.

i have been trying to figure out how to blog since I can't do it at work anymore really so I have to do it at night, so you will have to forgive me a little since I am not going to be updating AS much as I was before... which is a good and bad thing. I will try to do my best in keeping up with everything because I really do love my blog and everyone on the blogger network so trust me, you will not be forgotten!

it is extremely cold outside, and it is not letting up, which is making it hard to do anything remotely close to leaving the house!

i am gonna attempt to do something productive.. the most productivity I did today was catch up on everyones blogs and write posts!!

how was your saturday? cold and lazy like mine? lol


Tea Time

A Cup of Jo had this on her blog this week and I thought it was a just such an awesome idea that I wanted to share it with you!

How cute is that?!

Please check out the tea submarine from Swiss Miss


BH Files - A Promise Broken

“A Promise Broken”

by Yessika at

On a boring Saturday night the beginning of the end would begin, I did not know this.

I had decided to invite my best friend over for a night of movies and hanging out. At around 8 p.m. we found ourselves talking about guys and relationships. I had never had a proper boyfriend except for a few dates and crushes, I had nothing, I was only 16 this fact made me feel like a loser. Many of my other friends had already dated and in fact currently had boyfriends. My friend all of the sudden had a brilliant idea, she had a friend that she knew I had potential with. I agreed to give him a call, out of boredom and of course out of curiosity.

I suddenly found myself talking to this absolute stranger. I immediately liked him, not only from our conversation but from what my friend had already told me about him. There was only one downside, a HUGE downside; he was from another city in Texas and not a close one either. He lived 12 hours away by bus. I was not concerned about this since I figured it would not go anywhere, if anything I would just talk to this person and perhaps have a friend. That night my friend ended up leaving, when I returned from dropping her off I called him again, our conversation lasted 5 a.m.

We talked for months; I was smitten I loved everything about him. He was everything I had wanted in a boyfriend. Living in El Paso it was very difficult to find “my type” of guy around here. See I like rockers, punk, Goths, ect. I like a guy with an alternative edge and to top it all off, I love “white” guys. See, in El Paso there is nothing but Mexicans, and I am not being racist or anything, I am myself a Mexican but I simply connect better with “white” guys. Well Scott was everything, tall with piercing blue/green eyes, covered in tattoos and piercing.

He finally decided to come meet me for my birthday and after my high school graduation. August 11, 2005 to be exact would be the day I finally met him face to face. I spent the whole week counting down the days, minutes, hours, and then he was here! I drove to the hotel to meet him and when I saw him standing there from the balcony I thought I was dreaming. We spent a whole 5 days together. Night and day, we watched movies, talked, got to know each other, and drove around time in a daze. When he left on that Greyhound bus I knew I had fallen and fallen hard.

We continued for 4 years. The same was every 3 to 6 months he would come and spend a week with me. We talked on the phone non-stop in between. He wrote me letters, sent me videos, for my birthday or Christmas I could always expect a package at my door. I loved him like I have never loved anyone in my life. I gave him everything that I could. He was everything, and that is where I failed miserably.

From the start of our relationship I saw signs that he was a liar. I was very in love, so I ignored all the small signs. Now I know that he was a pretty bad liar, perhaps bad enough for it to be considered a mental disorder. So he once lied about his own suicide. He faked it, when I tried to break it off.

Everything ended very abruptly when I got a call from a woman a year ago. January 09’ she called me and asked me who I was. She then continued to tell me she was Scott’s fiancée. Not only that but she had recently given birth to a baby girl. He had been with her for 2 years. I had no idea about this at all. I mean at one point I might have suspected of him cheating, but never like this. Never a complete double life, which he had build over the life he had promised we would have. I never will know how he did it. How he managed to still come see me, buy me stuff, call me, and send me money when he had a pregnant fiancé at home. Everything fell apart. I never heard from him again. The end of our relationship was through HER, not him.

It has been a year and all the promises he made me still remain in my heart. I will forever love him, I know that. I do believe that I am over him and since then I have dated other guys. I always held hope that I may hear his voice again, just a call, some kind of closure. I have so many un-answered questions. What happened?

The last time I spoke to him, he asked me to marry him; he said he had the ring ready and that he would come down here immediately, that I just had to say the word. I said no. We were already so damaged. I wonder now what he would have done had I said yes.

*if you have a broken heart story you would like to share, please email it to me*


Two Hands of a Prayer, Ben Harper

it's better not live, but that's all i could find.


(A better verison is here... i just couldn't get it on my page)

"Two Hands Of A Prayer"

First time that I saw her she had white doves in her eyes
She spoke to me but I could not reply, not reply
She was a stranger I had known for years
She brought to me so many smiles and tears, smiles and tears

The two hands of a prayer
Together like the two hands of a prayer
Together like the two hands of a prayer
Together like the two hands of a prayer

Time it slowly drips into the past, into the past
And finds a home where all echoes rest, where echoes rest ("With a cold rest")
She softly kissed my mind, my mind, and whispered what will we do with time, do
with time

The two hands of a prayer
Together like the two hands of a prayer
Together like the two hands of a prayer
Together like the two hands of a prayer

Am I the man I choose to be, choose to be,
Or just the man I used to be, used to be
Am I the man I want to be, I want to be
this question, it keeps haunting me, haunting me

The two hands of a prayer
Together like the two hands of a prayer
Together like the two hands of a prayer
Together like the two hands of a prayer


Guest Blogger - Come Out & Play by Tabitha

Come Out & Play

I love talking about passion and how it can truly change people and make them happier in life. So when Novelista Barista offered a chance to guest in her blog, I emailed her right away! I think every opportunity to inspire even just one soul is good enough for me.

I’m pretty sure we all carry childhood dreams with us until now. But thanks to the demands of this world, we tend to fold that list of dreams and put them aside thinking, “Not today” or “I don’t have the time”. Every time we say this, a day, a week, a month and another year passes by with you just WISHING you were able to do it.

When I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to be a radio DJ. I’d get my little cassette recorder and make my own radio programs with my little brother and cousins as my “callers” to win Spice Girls tickets. I’ve thought about it for years and years, never having the courage to try it. I always gave myself a reason NOT to do it. After graduating from college, I realized I didn’t have any reason left. So I took a deep breath, auditioned and got the gig! I only did it for 5 months, but it was awesome.

That’s a check on my childhood wish list!

There are still so many things that I want to do, and I’m currently working on them little by little. I hope you get to re-open that wish list of yours too and start taking leaps. Because, really, we only have one life to live and it would be terrible if we lived this life full of ‘what ifs’. Don’t give yourself reasons ‘not to’ anymore, embrace your passions and let the child in you play!

By: Tabitha of


Friday, January 29, 2010

Guest Blogger - The Blahs by Renee

It's January so I know were all feeling blah this month. The cold weather, the Christmas credit card bills, and if your me your jeans are a tad to tight. January is also the month of resolutions and changes. Whether its to lose weight, manage your money, or get your life on track chances are by February 1 your resolutions are a distant memory and your still chugging on. So your back to feeling uninspired and aimless maybe? I was feeling the same way and I thought wouldn't it be great to make weekly resolutions/goals nothing huge but doable things that mattered. I told a friend of mine this a few months ago and being the good friend she is she surprised me with a special book called "Every Monday Matters" for Christmas(

For those of you that like to make big, long term, and grandiose goals this is not the book for you. But for those who like to make a difference no matter how small, I highly recommend it. I've been doing it since I've got it and it has inspired me to go out of my way to other small changes in my life. The gist of it is every Monday has an assigned task. Nothing crazy, some examples are donating blood, adopting a pet, etc. Creative but doable goals. Just mixing up my routine makes a big difference!

We all want to feel inspired and important, but the reality is that most of us go through every day with our heads down and just try to make it through the day. By changing one small thing you can pave the way for lots of small changes which will equal big changes. So hold yourself accountable, lift your head, and make the change. You won't be sorry =)

I hope you enjoyed this "inspirational" guest blog post(my first) and please think good thoughts for Jenn and her new job(congrats!).


Guest Blogger - Lauren

by lauren @

Music defines us. You can agree or disagree with that statement, but you probably listen to it at least once a day. It could be on your ipod, the radio, or on your computer. What I didn't realize until recently (due to an amazing class I'm taking called "What's on Your Playlist?") that we are all musically-inclined.

I used to think that musically-inclined meant talented with music, whether you could play an instrument or sing or both. I can't do either and I always wished I could so I could possess some kind of musical talent.

But I realized by being a music listener and being involved in making your own playlists and discovering your likes and dislikes, you are musically talented too!

So here's to all those who can't play an instrument, can't sing as well as they wish they could, and listen to music constantly. You're a musician too in your own way. Embrace it. Share new music with your friends. Make new playlists.


We watched these videos in my Journalism Ethics class and discussed the ideas shown in those videos. It really made me think about beauty and what our world programs into us from an early age. We are taught from the media and our peers to think that our hair is only pretty if it is pin straight or perfectly done, we are only accepted if we are a size 2, and that as far as makeup goes.... the more the better. I especially liked the "Amy" video... which I know is true for myself as well as many girls out there. We dress up for boys and worry about every little thing about our appearance because surely if our boyfriends see us in our glasses or sweaty at the gym, they won't like us anymore. Is this the kind of world we want to live in? Ask these same boys we worry about and aside from the jerks out there, most will reply that we are beautiful no matter what and they like us for who we are and think we are gorgeous with or without makeup.

Why is this idea so hard for girls and women to accept? The beauty industry has long trained us to deem ourselves unworthy unless we live up to the unrealistic perfect standards that God-knows who set up in the first place. I also know how girls can be, always judging others based on what they look like. I know I'm definitely guilty of this. I find myself thinking... "what the hell is she wearing?" or "wow that person is goofy looking" or whatever. We all do it whether we want to admit it or not. I'd like to sit here and tell you I am perfectly nice all the time, but it's a lie. No matter how much we change, everyone will always judge everyone else. It's time to make a conscience effort about it though. When you see someone dressed different, relish in it... don't make fun of it.

As over-used as it is, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. What one person thinks is beautiful, someone else may not. But this doesn't mean the person is ugly. Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way... the thing you hate about yourself may just be something someone else admires about you. So I challenge all you girls out there to shun the media, to turn away as a new "fat blaster medicine" or "beauty enhancing creme" comes on the market, and take a good look at yourself in the mirror. If you can stare and point out things you hate about yourself... STOP. Start counting the things you love. And as for judging, make an effort to decrease it. How boring would the world be if everyone was a stick-thin, 6 foot, blonde model? However, I'm not saying to run to your room and throw away all your lotions, potions, and makeup... just understand that it is not what defines you. Most girls love getting ready and looking pretty, just make sure you are doing it for yourself and that you are still beautiful in sweatpants and makeup-less. :)


Thursday, January 28, 2010

a love for the bug

{photo credits}

I need some of this...

This week kicked my ass!!!
Thanks again for everyone for guest posting!
My job is good... a lota work and really hard but everyone there is young and cool its a soo different from my other job. Lots of potential to grow and expand and thats awesome!!
I hope everyone had a great week and is going to have a better weekend! Cant wait to go to the city tomorrow night for my girls birthday and then SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This cold weather needs to go awayyyyyyyyyy NOW!

Ps.... sign up for my new job celebration giveaway!!!


Guest Blogger - Kendra

All Things inspiring:
Welcome all, I am Kendra from across the way at While our friend over here, The Novelista Barista is busy busy busy with her new job, she has asked for some guest bloggers. Well here I am willing to help. She asked to stay on the subject of inspirational. Well, this is what I got for you lovelies.

Many things can Inspire a person. Whether it be a picture, person, quote, or larger than life experience. Personally my Cousin, Jen is my true inspiration. She changed everything for me. A few years ago, I was not in the best spot in life that a person wishes they would fall into. I confided in my cousin, knowing she is older and wiser. I trusted her with all I had left and told her EVERYTHING that was going on. All it took was that one phone call and she knew I was in need of her help. She pushed me in a way no one else has. I have tried and confided in other people but they didn't get me like she did. She would tell me I am who I push myself to be. If I wanted to succeed, really want to succeed, I could. The only person in control of me, was me. The only person in control of their own lives..themselves. People, places, and things can help INSPIRE you to push yourself more. She made me realize this. Before I thought I needed support form the outside world, and when I wasn't getting it I was going to fail. She made me realize that I am the only one in control. I didn't the help form a good friend, sibling, relative, or parents. Seeing as I didn't have this, I needed to be strong for myself. Now knowing this I still fall down. Everybody has those days. All I have to do is send a quick email to my cousin and let her know what is going on. She opens my eyes, makes me REALLY realize the situation, and everything is okay. Everybody should have somebody they can turn to. Someone that will give them the extra little push they need, everyone needs that one thing that inspires them to be better than what they thought was the best they could be, whether it be a friend, relative, or a fellow blogger. Someone out there is willing to listen and help you out the best they can.

Two quotes that I have always loved are:

"Live and make the present hour pleasant and cheerful. Keep your mind out of the past, and keep it out of the future." - John A. Schindler

-I have had a rough past, yes, but I do not let that get to me. I have dreams, everyone has dreams. Let your dreams become reality. Nothing will get in the way of you pursuing everything you have ever wanted besides yourself. So stop making excuses, and make dreams come true.

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln

- LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST.! I know this may be over said but it's true. When you are sitting on your death bed, do you want to regret your life, or do you want to sit there and smile knowing you lived your life as much as you could. There is no point in holding back. Set your goals high, when you reach them, and you will if you want to bad enough, you will feel a feeling of accomplishment that will INSPIRE you to push yourself even harder. So don't hold back get going, live your life.! (and blog about it along the way ;) )


Interactive Thursday


What's your favorite food?


Lobster.... BY FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yours?!


Guest Blogger - Sara @ Pink Banana

5 Little Things That Have Made me Happy this Week.

1) Getting a Text from Kevin, just a random text. I love it when he just sends me a text out of the blue. Least when I am not expecting it.
2) Going on the Wii and getting a Wii Fitness age of 33 and under. Having a decent work out on Your Shape and not feeling tired afterwards.
3) Finding Out that I am only needed to do one shift in my other job this week.
4) My favourite soccer team winning.
5) A new drama on channel 4 starring "Sex and the City's" , "Mr Big". I had seen this advertised and thought it looked good, sadly I missed the first episode on monday night!!!!!

Posted By Sara at Pink Banana


New Job Celebration Giveaway!

In celebration of my new job, one of my Etsy shop friends, Megan Lim Jewelry, has offered to give away the Love Knot Ring to my lovely readers! Thanks Megan you're the best!

To Enter:

1. Leave a comment below
2. Check out Megan Lim and tell me your favorite piece in another chance
3. Tweet or blog for another chance

Good Luck!

Ends February 4th!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Giveaway Winner & Such..

And the winner of my Vintage Teacup Giveaway is....

Megan from The Perfect Compilation Tape!

Thanks for entering Megan :) Please send me your mailing information to jennifera328 {at}

And thanks to my guest bloggers for helping me out this week, I really appreciate it!! This week is going to kick my ass for real.. Day 3 and I am so tired but good tired. Like I actually accomplished stuff and am excited to continue. I actually got to work early on Tuesday (that almost would never ever happen ever at my old job)


Guest Blogger - Kirsty

Welcome to my guest post! Here are some things about me. I love wide landscapes, and small landscapes, looking closely at flowers, films based on books, and books based on REAL LIFE! I’m most myself when expressed in words, and I’m most scared by blank pages, and silences when only sparks of creativity will do.

My name is Kirsty, and I’m a blogaholic. (Please refer to article 57b, the first piece of evidence: My addiction began with a foray into Facebook five years ago – doesn’t everyone experiment at University? – and before I knew it, there was MySpace and Bebo, and everything spiralled out of control. Thank goodness Stephen Fry condoned Twitter, because I was tweeting with the dawn chorus. Now don’t judge, don’t judge – all that stuff is in my past. Because I found the word – and the word was Blogger.

NB, our gracious host, sounded the call for guest bloggers (it comes through a giant pink conch shell, and can only be heard by bloggers, bats and Mariah Carey), and here I am to answer it! The brief was as follows: INSPIRE ME.

Frankly, I hear the word inspiration and I think of two things. The first is skimpily-shorted men pounding down West Sands (“Chariots of Fire” was actually filmed in my University town) to the sound of Vangelis, sand spraying and sweat flying, with looks of agony etched on their faces. (I’m not a runner.) The second is inspiration as writers know it – the fodder of our creativity, and the thing that we’re useless without. Inspiration is the ink in our pens – and it’s usually bled straight from our jugular. I’ve written mostly about two things since I first picked up a pen – unrequited love and heartache, and my home country, South Africa, which serves as the most selfish and stubborn of all my long-distance lovers.

A few years ago I wrote a fortnightly column as part of my gig as an editor of the student rag. Finding inspiration for 300 words with no specified topic had me wrenching my own teeth out, just to have something to talk about. But here lies the true beauty of the blog. No, not self-performed dentistry without anaesthesia (actually I made that bit up) – but the joy and wonder to be found in the most ordinary of places – and even more than that, the inspiration to be found in worldwide fellowship.

Sound cheesy? Well, it is, sorry, there’s not much that can be done about that. You might as well give in to it, and start listening to “Something inside so strong”, or “Lean on me”, or other inspiring ditties, because it’s only going to get worse from here. Here it is: what’s inspired me to keep writing about my daily life in the hope that my little trials touch other people, is how much I’ve been touched by the regular, day-to-day ordinariness of the wonderful people I’ve met online. I’ve just joined a book group with Diana and some other lovely gals! J has just begun therapy, and I’m excited to hear about her progress. Paula and I are wading being Scottish single gals together. And yay yay yay NB has a new job! Congrats NB – and it’s been a pleasure hanging out here while you GO GET ‘EM!

Oh, and my hand-on-heart most inspirational moment of my whole life? Walking across the stage at my graduation. Because in the end, the best person to inspire me… is me :)



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