Tuesday, June 30, 2009


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I must repost this quote from Welcome to my world because it is exactly how I am feeling today..

Never regret. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience.


Monday, June 29, 2009

what were they THINKING!?


Who the hell thought this was a GOOD idea?

This is Broadway, Times Square, in New York City.

Look at that trash. How disgusting!
Read the article.

I have to admit, the idea is there. The fact that they were closing down the street to have foot traffic, etc. is a good idea IF IF IF the right method was taken!
They should have closed it in an area where there were nice restaurants who could expand their seating outside and that would look more classy then BEACH CHAIRS AND FOLDING SEATS! I mean come on.
This is BROADWAY we are talking about, NOT some shit hole street in the middle of no where. This is TIME SQUARE! Hello? People if you want to lie a beach chair, GO TO CENTRAL PARK!
A co-worker of mine told me they saw someone putting on sun screen yesterday while sitting in the middle of the road.

OK-- this is all right and fair and whatever, but IT IS NOT A BEACH!
Trust me, i live in New York and I understand New Yorkers, but THIS I do not understand ... because THAT is not New Yorkers --that is tourists. New Yorkers stay far far away from that area, especially on the weekend because that is when all of the out-of-towners come in and take over.

This is just a disaster waiting to happen.

I mean this quote says it right here.... "Asphalt, construction cones and $10 beach chairs do not a world-class plaza make," Tompkins says. --- EEK So un-classy.


i will buy you one day.

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OK -- i gave in...


I did... i gave in. I figured I had to learn at one point in time, so here we go.

Now Follow me! ..


Marriage, Engagements Everywhere..

Have you noticed that EVERYONE is getting engaged and married this year? What the hell is going on?

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I mean, people who have only been together for like 6 months and things like that...
Yes, I love marriage and I love weddings and engagements, but I mean, this is out of control!

And me?

Here I am...in crisis mode, and everyone else is freakin happy go lucky marriage, love, babies, HAPPINESS.

UGH! I am being a hater right now, I know it.
It's okay.
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Friday, June 26, 2009

Oh WOW It's the SUN!


I totally wish my job had summer Friday's because that would just be awesome. Of course its nice and sunny out now but we all know by 5pm its gonna be raining and torrential down pouring as well all leave!

I hope everyone has a nice weekend... and i hope it stays sunny for once.. MAYBE one day i will get to the pool and get to the Catskills... I just want to see this waterfall....

Ciao everyone..


Thursday, June 25, 2009



Which one is it?!!

CNN        or          TMZ 


Interactive Thursdays!


If you had to cut out one MAIN social network that you use everyday from your life completely right now, what would it be?

(i was thinking about giving you options but just the thought of actually having to choose between facebook and blogger or something made me cringe!)

My Answer:

OH GOD..... I don't even KNOW. I basically use Facebook, Blogger, now gchat and all sorts of email and 20SB everything single day.
I mean... if i absolutely HAD to cut something out of my life that I use EVERY day and can barely live without, it would probably have to be..... Facebook. AHHH i cant even imagine that right now..

But Facebook --is an evil entity in itself and it corrupts peoples minds! And i love every minute of it BUT. I know this consumes WAY too much of my time and it would probably be better if I didn't spend so much of my time on it.. and I might actually get some work done.. LOL.

Ideas?! Comments? Thoughts? Opinions?!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Holy Boredom

Today is blah. Nothing much going on. I figured out how to use gmail chat, so that is pretty cool --apparently Gmail is cooler than I thought!

I took an aerobics class last night and it kicked my ass! I can barely walk today. It's good though because it is GOOD pain ahah...that good "workout like i actually did something" pain.

I don't have much of anything to say today, because it is raining, I haven't done crap today at work (bad!) oh wait, now it's sunny. And I have been looking for a new desktop picture for my computer. My friend sent me a great picture, love it!

I proposed a 20 something bloggers meet up in New York on the 20SB website so I am HOPING that that can actually happen!
I think it would be really cool. Plus I am sad I am missing the one in Chicago!

Oh how I wish it would be sunny out and that there were palm trees here....

Oh Costa Rica... how I miss you!

thanks :)


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh Gracias Amigos!

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I wanted to take a moment and send special THANK YOU'S to everyone for being so caring and awesome. My life's different now that I blog.. it is a LITTLE bit easier for me to speak my mind (not to some, but to others!) and I have gotten my creativity back! Which is SO exciting AND I started writing poems again! I will post one soon!

Holy Crap! I have gained my emotions back!.... Besides the panic attacks or anxiety I have randomly (not so fun!) but I HAVE EMOTIONS! For so long, I have been numb. I haven't cried, I haven't really felt happy, I haven't felt pain, I have felt nothing -- I just walked along the road as if nothing mattered.
And now... I am a wreck. But in a good and a bad way. Good because I know I can feel things again and now that I can feel, I can write, and now that I write, I can express myself more than I have before. Bad because it is painful and it sucks to be overwhelmed with all this emotion!

This really makes me sound like I am in train wreck mode, but rest assured I am not! I am in the midst of quarter life crisis (which I TOTALLY believe in at this moment!) and am trying to sort my way through the mess.

So hopefully this will be something I can figure out and make the right choice. I still cannot get into much detail since I have yet to actually address the issue at large, but I will soon.

In the meantime, I won an awesome award!
Just a Small Town Girl awarded me the Keepsake Blog Award! Thank you lady!! PLEASE check out her blog and show her mucho amounts of love.

This award comes with the direction to post a funny or sweet keepsake that tells something about you. Soo......

my cat... haha i cant think of anything else, but everyone, this is Princess... and I am an animal lover but I can't have a dog due to apartments.. SO cat it was. ;)

And I am passing this wonderful award over to...

Spanky Luvs It*
The Rest of My Life So Far

Okay, Ciao!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Hot Celeb Couples

I just started a discussion on the Living Vicariously sn and I wanted to post about it here.. I should have waited until Thursday for interactive thurs.... but i could not, because these pictures are HOT and I wanted to share them with you.

Since I absolutely LOVE Victoria Beckham and hot hubby David Beckham, I found some nice pictures and yeah---they are awesome. And he plays soccer, and is just hot.

So check out the discussion on HERE --let me know if that works by the way because I am not sure.

And also, post on here...

Who is your favorite hot celebrity couple?


Cant, Won't, Shouldn't Listers

Insomniac Lolita had this blog entry and it was cute, so I am sharing it with you

all the novelista barista that you really want to know :)

I can't...
  • cook for shit.
  • Lie very well
  • parallel park to the left AT ALL.
  • stop changing my facebook profile picture!
I can...
  • make you laugh when you are upset.
  • be a great friend --regardless of how much you suck ;)
  • write and sing PRETTY well... except you'll never hear or see
  • See myself getting something published VERY SOON... wishful thinking, I know.
I won't...
  • Hurt you intentionally
  • ever EVER sing karaoke unless i am WASTED
  • stop blogging, ever.
  • Hate you, no matter what happens.
I will...
  • Get a new job
  • Open my goddamn mouth and say how I feel.
  • Get a dog, three of them ,,, especially a husky, pitbull and boxer, and black lab.. okay 4
  • learn how to design websites and make a lot of money
I shouldn't...
  • facebook every minute of the day!
  • talk about stuff and not do it.... although I usually end up doing it... even if it takes a while.
  • hate on people so much
  • be so hard on myself
I should...
  • Love myself more
  • Try the signature cocktail in every new restaurant / bar/ club I visit
  • Fix my abnormal sleeping pattern
  • Explore and experiment more styles for my music


i LOVE Mondays.

I hate Mondays.

They are absolutely the worst day ever.

I need a new job RIGHT NOW... YESTERDAY for that matter. I hate this place with a passion. Everything about it here makes me want to scream. And everyone. And the fact that the two people who keep me sane will be off ALL week, really makes me want to cry!!

And now it's raining, yet AGAIN FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME THIS MONTH! I haven't even been here this entire month and it hasn't been sunny more than 3 or 4 times! Damnit weather, DAMNIT.

And my personal life is all up in a freakin mess. I have NO idea what to do about it anymore. I am a wreck. I can't get too much into detail yet... but if i ever OPEN my mouth and talk to someone, then I can let it all out. But until then, I have to wallow in my own misery until I can make a DECISION. How do you make changes in your life if you are afraid? UGH... What if I make would be making a huge mistake?!

On a brighter note,

I won another award! So very cool!!
Thank you SO much to My Way for my awesome award! Very cool, I love it!! Thanks SO MUCH!

"The award is "My Way" award, it's the award for free spirit, free people that are not scared to be themselves, creative bloggers and artist, nature lovers..people that loves ti live MY WAY"

My BFF made her own social network and I thought it was important enough to mention and that you should take a look at and show her some love :)

Visit living vicariously...

Will it ever stop raining...?

and more rain...

And one more..

I am supposed to be getting my new blog design by Monday! I am REALLY excited about that, I can't wait! I hope I love it and its awesome and that it's very simple because I am not so great at this layout thing yet!

I want pancakes.
........Now i am just bitching... haha

Okay... now here comes the sun for like 10 minutes...... enjoy your day!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Awards Awards!

Happy Friday Pictures, Images and Photos

although its not very happy at all.

BUT! On a brighter note, I DO want to thank my lovely bloggy friends for all of my awards! You guys are so great, and just when I need it the most :) I really appreciate all of the feed back and awesomeness everyone has shown me. It truly has helped me through some days.


A big THANK YOU to Shania for my Kreativ Blogger Award :) PLEASE check out her page and leave her lovely comments!

I am passing this along to...

Live It, love It
Green Ink
Carlotta My Way


A big THANK YOU to Float On for my Cool Friends Award thingy :) Check out her blog as well and leave her lots of love!
Here are the rules:

"This award is bestowed on to blogs that are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eightbloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

I am passing this to only a couple people because I have to leave work! ...

Apartment 10
Naturally Nina

Thanks everyone :)
Have a fabulous weekend!!


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