Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

i hope everyone had a lovely mother's day. it is always nice to spend time with the family and get to see everyone you don't normally see. i wish i had more time in my life to see everyone that i want to see. i am always so busy and can never make time for myself or any family people either because they live farther away.

i actually wish there were MORE holidays so that i had to spend more time with them.

i don't know if i will be a good mom. i dont think i could right now. there are so many things that you have to think of for yourself and then for another person and then if you're married, you have to think of it for them too!! that's a lot of people you have to think for! plus i need to find someone who i want to be with so they can help me out because i am not about to try to do it for myself. Granted i know my mom would do most of the taking care of but i am not at that point of my life yet to want to do anything along those lines!

the reason i go off on the tangent about kids is because my cousins who is closest to my age just got married last year and they are gonna start trying to have a family this year and it just got me thinking about mothers and how much your life revolves around your kids, etc.

so, to all of you mother's out there. congrats on being so wonderful and doing all that you do for your kids :)


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leigh ashley said...

what a fabulous photo!! so sweet!


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