Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bitter is the New Black

Jen Lancaster is awesome.

Read this book.  She is awesome. She has a bunch of other books to that you should check out.

Bitter is the New Black is about how she was unemployed and what happened during that time. She had been a big shot sales professional making a lot of money and living lavishly until she got laid off and then the adventures that took place after that... especially with the lack of money coming in.

It is a great book and she is hysterical.

The way she got a book written was that someone was reading her blog,. www.jennsylvania.com, and they said she should write one and then it all took off from there.

love it!

read it!!


Neely said...

Her books are the best! I loved that one :)

erin - heart in ireland said...

I love her! I got to meet her last week at a book reading in DC for her newest book - (her first novel) If You Were Here. And make sure you read the rest of her stuff it is even funnier!!

Jen Kucsak said...

Love this book and yes, the rest of her stuff is even better! Lovin' the blog too girly =)

Novelista Barista said...

thats awesome!!! i would loveee to meet her!!!!!!!

Emily said...

Aaaagh! I freaking love her, and all of her books. So funny, so unique. Her books get progressively more hysterical.


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