Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hand Written Letters


i got a handwritten letter the other day from my ex. it was probably one of the most meaningful things I have gotten in a very long time. I asked him to write to me when he was away for the month, to see what he would come up with when i realized that no one had written me a letter like that since I was in high school or so and dating my high school boyfriend.

it is on a very different level to receive hand written things now because of the communication that we have nowadays, especially with texting and facebook and all that crap.

have you received a hand written letter recently?


MerelyMarie said...

Hand written letters are so intimate!!! I haven't gotten one in awhile; but I absolutely LOVE them.

nessabirdie said...

That was so sweet and thoughtful! Doesn't that make you feel good?!


Rachael said...

I get a lot of handwritten letters and notes from my gran-in-law, she always sends me little newspaper clippings and drawings she's done. Always means a lot because shes' put in the effort of writing and sending them all x

Lauren said...

I am working on writing letters. My husband is deployed and I think they will really make him smile if I write the letters along with some e-mails. He left me a note that I found after dropping him off that is hanging on my fridge. Handwritten notes are definitely special!

Novelista Barista said...

yes definitly they will make him smile! do it!


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