Friday, August 19, 2011

And a Happy Weekend to you...


Although the weekend this week is not my favorite because I am working every night at the bar, i hope everyone else gets to enjoy their weekend.

sorry i have been MIA, the summer and life has taken over and i havent had time to write about anything, and i havent been home much.

between my ex now not really ex but more so the present but not dating (whatever the hell that means), work and my other work, and starting to look for apartments for october, lifes been busy. All i want to do is go back to the beach and just lay out haha

looks like come end of october i will be getting a 1 bedroom apartment.. unless i can find someone to live with, but i really am not going to just settle for someone. and i COULD live at home... but my choices are the cat room or the basement...... and its far from my job(s), friends and school. ehhhhhh.

have a good weekend xo


Kristine said...

I feel ya on working the weekend. It's not fun during the winter, spring, fall and especially summer. Weekends should be illegal to work, that's all I'm saying.

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Your own 1 bedroom apartment sounds good to me!


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