Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December... And a Dating Update

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It is finally here. It has been a year since my whole life changed and I got more serious about school and saving money and working with kids instead of in sales. It's also almost been a year since the whole relationship I had of mine went down the drain and it has been a constant headache for mostly the whole year after, which is now finally over, again.

As we go into the holiday season, I wish I was in Florida with my niece. But I cannot go there until January due to school and work.

Here is what I have been learning in the past couple of months........

-School is also almost done, which I am sure everyone else is very excited about as well, except we finish December 22nd... like who the hell is really thinking about what is on their final on December 22nd? The only thing I am thinking that day is, who the hell do I need gifts for and where in the hell am I going to get them that doesn't have a line out the door where I might die trying to buy it?

-I have been promoting my restaurant that I work at hardcore, and would appreciate it very much if you could go and "like" it by clicking this link on to Facebook: Olives Restaurant

-I have had crazy shit happen with men and "relationships" in the past couple of months since I have been MIA, and its too much stupid shit to write about or even wanting to talk about it, but I can sum it up in some sentences:

-My ex will always be the person that he is and he will never change no matter how good I am to him.
-Portuguese men are my new favorite people
-21 year olds are so fucking dumb
-If I am asking you for help as a desperate measure and you tell me you can be there in an 1 1/2 hours, pretty sure you will not be graced by my presence again
-If you're 45 and stalking me at my bar and having flowers delivered to me and shoving money at me and still I am not attracted to you, give up!!!!
-Albanians are crazy as fuck but so damn hot
-Nice men will always finish last... just like nice girls.

-iPhone touch screens are very difficult, even worse when driving or drinking.

-I made sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving but I burned them and had to redo the marshmallows... lol

That is pretttttty much the gist of life living in my new apartment.

Bring it on holiday season!


PorkStar said...

Miss you bunches friend... 45 year old dude, sounds like a creepy stalker. I bet he's bald and with a trimmed mustache. Ex, won't change for sure, assholes never do. And about nice men, why do you think I'm in the rut I am in as well... :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes when you really need an answer, you need to go find it yourself, thanks for the answer I needed. Funny thing though, all that happen before your sweet potatoes which was 2 weeks ago, was when we were done talking, I guess I don't feel so bad anymore. Finally, I'm going to get over being sick to my stomach, just got to storm this, the worst part.


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