Thursday, March 12, 2009

Alcohol, shopping and makeup = a woman's cocaine

So I'm on the train to Shecky's Girls Night out.
Should be exciting, I will post pictures later but between the alcohol, the free products, makeup, shopping, and being with my gurrrrls.. We're gonna have a good time!!!
Hopefully I can find a decent new bag. It is impossible for me to find a bag that I like. I got a great deal on a Michael Korrs bag from Macys and I looooovvve it. Its white and a tote bag and mad chic but it gets so dirty and the leather cleaner I have doesn't do anything to it. Sooo that's a bummer that my cute white bag will be not white by the summer time!
I never really liked Michael Korrs bags before but I now am in love with them. The next one I want to get is a blue tote but its not on sale yet.
I am hoping to find a summery/springy bag at this show that isn't crazy expensive and overly big. We'll see how it goes.
Ciao 4 now

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