Saturday, March 14, 2009

Countdown to Take-off

Only 4 more days until we leave for Costa Rica!
I am doing the pre-trip crazy crap stuff now -- renewing liscense, paying all the bills, getting my hair did, switching cars, cleaning, buying new clothes, buying another memoryfor my camera...and then making sure everything at work is kosher before I leave ahhhhh. The planning! The planning!
Right now I am sitting at the hair salon waiting for my color. I am starving! Meetings all day and then happy hour with soup as my lunch doesn't give me much to go on today esp since the whole dinner part didn't happen due to drinking and falling asleep on the couch thing.
I am going to the mall to get some stuff for the trip -- you always need something new and cute for a vacation! I got a new dress last week so I am looking for some sandals and shirts or capris and skirts, plus a bathing suit for the bf. See what else I can find at H&M and Express.
I wanted to go to the outlets I just don't think I have enough time. Althought I could use a couple Bebe shirts....

More lata
I hate JV mall btw

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