Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A "Hypothetical" Situation...?


I have a mind f*ck for you to think about. And I want to know your opinion and what you think about it.I think I am pretty much dead on with my guesses but maybe I am not seeing the bigger picture..... This is the way way way shortened version.....

A couples relationship is on the rocks. He wasn't sure what he wanted and he wanted some time. She fought him over it but had to give him time. She believed him when he said that he wasn't sure what it was like to be single and just wanted time alone.

Weeks go by and they hang out sometimes and he acts like they are together when they are together, but then she finds pictures of him with a girl he used to sleep with all over the internet. She confronts him and he says they are just friends. Then she information about him and girl #2, whom she knows, hanging out and "cuddling". She confronts him again because she knows girl #2, whom he cuddled with, has a boyfriend.

He tells her that girl #2 and her boyfriend are on the rocks too. And they did cuddle and hang out. They hang out often. Because they are 'friends'. He decides he wants until the end of the month to figure out what he wants. She is still waiting because he is leading her on and mentally abusing her every way he can by being nice and then mean and nice and then mean, with the mixed signals.

She has been meeting new people and trying to get over the misery, since it is becoming clear that he isn't actually trying to figure himself out at all. He flips out on her because she is friending new men and that he clearly hasn't been doing that, that she will be fine without him, and he is releasing her from his life.

Girl #2 and her boyfriend had just officially ended their relationship the week before. The next day after being "released" from his life, she talks to a mutual friend of theirs, and finds out that Girl #2 will be going with him and his friends on vacation in a couple months and that the plans had just been finalized this week.

What I believe happened to the girl is this......... he had been talking to this girl before they broke up. She was having issues with her boyfriend, he decided to have issues to so that they could hang out officially and see what would happen. Things started to work well for them, but he kept the ex around just in case. Once Girl #2 planned her trip with them, and her and her boyfriend were officially done, that's when he had to release her from his life so that he could blame it on her, and then make off like the good guy and also get Girl #2.



Brahmin in Boston said...

You're dead on. I agree.

There is a genuine confusion sometimes when you think about commitment but this is DEFINITELY not one of this time. He wanted someone as a back-up in case Girl #2 patched up with her boyfriend.

I have seen this kind of problems and been in one of them too. Saying this might seem so cliche but really he is not worth any headache. He treated her as an inanimate object and it is good riddance for her. Now all she needs is time alone and good girlfriends. She will make it through.

Anonymous said...

Classic really...I think many of us can relate to this and say it never ends well :(

Ditch the b*tch - in this case bastard!

Kris said...

You are spot on. Unfortunately. Men and women can't be just friends. They need to stop using that excuse thinking it will fool us!

Lin said...

omgosh I am so pissed. Actually this happen to me before. Grr! Hes a straight Jerk off! You should listen to this song:

Its like the perfect song. I say, leave him alone forever! Number change and ignore him 100%. The question is would you still take him back or do you what him back?

My advice: Leave her your leftovers cause im sure he will come back to what is comfortable when things hit the fan. Its like a cycle for him. I am sure.

Aritza, Goddess .. said...

Urgh.. So that's what happened!? God, I hate guys who lead you on, just in case things don't go the way they planned. I'm sorry to hear.. If you're able to, push them away from your life for good. Especially delete him (& her) from Facebook, it's the devil.

Miss Mercedes said...

Absolutely!!! Which is why a woman should never "wait" on a man. He can feel free to take his time trying to figure out what he wants, but in the meantime, no woman should be waiting. He wants time? Give it to him. But while he's taking his sweet time, she should be dating someone who already has themselves all figured out. :-)

Much Love,


Novelista Barista said...

thanks for all ur comments and the song!!! yes u are all correct... he is definitely an asshole.

bradee said...

ive been in that exact situation as "the girl"... ur prob spot on as to what happened... thats what happened to me. but, on the flip side, i allowed myself to stay in the situation which was weak (albeit human) on my part. thank god it came to an end for me, & the girl, bcuz the cycle just keeps repeating! xo


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