Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stage 2. Liar Liar


how much can i really take from this kid?

he is such a fucking liar that i honestly don't know what that comes out of his mouth is true. between this girl, that girl, where he was, who he was with, what he's doing, who this person was, who this person is now, (it would make more sense with names, but its honestly too much bullshit to even be worth to get into)....
it's just like, how could i have been that stupid?

now you tell me you slept at the girls house that ive been freaking out about? you say you're ignoring this other girls texts because i have a problem with her but you end up being tagged in her pictures 2 days later? this other girl is at the same party as you and i only find out because of tagged pictures on facebook?


Fuck you.

I must look like I'm an asshole huh.... i sure have been acting like one, letting him get away with all this shit and then still allowing him in my life .

Well you know what, I know its hard to let him go and I have been prolonging this but over the past couple of days, I have realized how much bullshit he tells me and how insincere he is and how he isn't going to change and nothing is going to change and EVEN if it did? I don't want to be with someone like that.... if we were to actually get back together, he's just going to STOP talking to these girls?!


I cared SO much. Tried SO hard. Tried to do everything right, was probably the best girlfriend he'll ever have. And this is what I get? Ha.  There gets to a point where you can't get upset anymore and that crying isn't an option anymore.

Stage 2:  
The stage of not giving a fuck anymore. No more getting upset. Facebook, bbm, emails, updates, friend requests, pictures..... I DON'T FUCKING CARE!!!!!!! I am past the point of caring. He has pushed me away, and I don't know if there is any coming back.

Be single.



Anonymous said...

You definitely don't look like an asshole. If anything you look like a girl who cares about people and genuinely liked this guy. It isn't always clear that douchebags are douchebats, and everyone gets fooled by guys (and I guess) girls like that at some point. Don't blame yourself at all and erase that lame loser from your life. As soon as you remove him from facebook (among other things) you will be much happier. I'm coming from a place of experience. Hope you feel better soon although angry is definitely better than sad generally.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for all the typos in my message and the misplace parentheses.

Rebel Mel said...

Epitome of my last relationship. I feel ya. It just gets to the point where you just stop caring. Then you realize you're over it. Don't put up with bullshit. Seriously. Too many shit heads pull shit like that, and no one deserves that.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I read this and this is something I could have written word for word almost a year ago. Ugh. I want to live in a world where this shit doesn't happen.

greenest mermaid said...

What a fucking dick....

I'm sure you know this about yourself...but you're worth so much more than how he's treated you. YOU get to decide how you're treated. And if that person ain't doing it right, then buh-bye! NEXT!

Having gone through my own intense break-ups, I know it must seem like there's nothing good that will come your way. Like you can't even begin to imaging being in love and being loved again. But I want to advise you to go out there, and just date. No attachments. You can still be single, but making out with some hottie and not giving him your number is kind of thrilling :)

Start slow and TAKE CONTROL of who you date and how long. I don't care if that seems like it's insensitive or like being "slutty" or something stupid like that...guys pull that shit all the time and they're not called sluts (and in fact, "player" is virtually an award).

But YOU get to decide how you're treated. Period.

Krystal. said...

HE IS AN ASSHOLE. You are NOT the asshole! He is just a piece of shit! You definitely don't need someone like that in your life! FUCK HIM. MOVE ON. I know it's easier said than done! But it needs to be done.

Don't waste your valuable time on some dick that doesn't appreciate you.

Nicole said...

DAMMIT! Let's go kick his ass! Seriously!!


Vix said...

I'm doubting you want to be the kind of person who checks FB constantly just in case your boyfriend has been up to something. I really think some guys (and girls!) like bringing this side of us out though, makes them feel that their getting constant attention or they love the drama, who knows? I think you'll really start to dislike yourself if you carry on like this, and that's not good!

PorkStar said...

Like I told you once, you've been pretty patient with this dude and he's been taking advantage of your this as well as your kindness. He thinks he can get away with it and obviously doesn't realize how much hurt he causes. He doesn't care, so why should you? You stayed longer than you should have but at the same time, you proved that you wanted to make things better, make them right and he simply didn't care. The asshole is him, not you.

Mo Pie, Please said...

Screw him. You don't need a liar in your life, you don't deserve to be hurt. You're not the asshole, he is. Move on!! I don't even know you but I know you're a good person that doesn't deserve to be treated this way. Mr. Right will find you, I promise!

Melanie's Randomness said...

What a fucking jerk. Wow I'm sorry. I can't believe that. What a stinking liar. Forget that asshole. He's the jerk not you. I really wish I could slap him in the face because that's just messed up. I'm sorry Jen.


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