Thursday, September 2, 2010

Coffee Labs, Tarrytown, NY


Coffee Labs is my favorite, favorite coffee shop in Tarrytown, NY. I worked there about 4 years ago and I learned the most about coffee out of all coffee shops that I worked at. They roast their own coffee there and their focus is on a eco-friendly and dog-friendly coffee shop.

Coffee Labs also has live music and they hang local art for sale in their shop, a new artist every month. Even the staff is happy when you walk in and there are lots of regulars. Since they are right on Main Street, they get such a great crowd coming in all the time and they are open later hours then most places there.

I never liked regular, unflavored coffee before I worked there. I could only drink it with a lot of sugar and milk. They taught me to love coffee without that because the coffee they roast and brew has its own taste that is not bitter like other non-independent coffee stores.

If you are ever in Tarrytown, New York, go visit their shop. It is worth the drive!

Coffee Labs
7 North Main Street
Tarrytown, NY


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MyLittlePhotographs said...

Looks cute and cozy, especially on a winter evening when its chilly and all you want is something warm. I use to do that all the time in Ottawa, winters were brutal so it was nice to go out and have hot chocolate.


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