Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Additions to the Apt

Before I went out and decided that our wall needed some new pictures, we had a huge Jamaican flag hanging behind our TV since the wall was so big...we had nothing else that would fit.

So I went our to CSN Stores and bought me some nice pictures for the wall! I have officially retired the Jamaican flag. lol.


Love them!!! Such nice quality of photos. Go and check out their wall photos when you have  a chance.

And they go so nicely above my new flat screen!

Although the pictures are a tiny bit small.... that wall was such a pain in the ass to find something big enough for it so.. that is how it will stay!



LibbyLayla1984 said...

Love the decorating of the appt. I can't wait until my place is ready so I can do the same lol Thanks soo much for following my Tumblr acct. Made my weekend

Kelsey said...

this is the third blog I've read today about CSN stores. They've been doing giveaways too all over the place, including my blog.

Michael said...

That beach picture is gorgeous.


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