Monday, September 20, 2010

Ah Italian Feasts and Football.....

M and I went to the Italian Feast in NYC this weekend. It was a lot of fun. He won me a stuffed piggy! haha
This week things have been pretty good... He is making the effort to hang out and be with me and all sorts of stuff.
I really dont know what happened last week or why he changed or where all that came from. A couple other different people I know are in relationships and almost something along the same lines of what happened with me and M happened to them too..... So I am wondering.. is it the beginning of football that makes men crazy?

Who the hell knows.... I am taking this day by day.

FYI.... I started taking graduate classes for education again. I even took out a loan. I am getting this done. I will become a teacher ASAP!

We went out and watched football this weekend in Hoboken, so that was different, we had a good time. Giants game? Not so wonderful though.

How was everyone's weekend?



Claire Kiefer said...

Peyton sure did slam his little bro! Poor Eli! Can you imagine being their parents at that game?? haha.

Glad things are going better!

Michael said...

S'not football, my friend. It's being a guy.

Seriously, it may not be anything that changed except demands at work and stuff like that.

Namine said...

glad things are better. Good luck with school!!

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