Tuesday, December 28, 2010

And Christmas is Over.

I can't believe its over already! I hope Santa was good to everyone :)
I had a great Christmas. Great times with my family and M's family. It always happens so fast. Then we got snowed in,,, so that kind of dragged it on a little bit!

(this isnt here...unfortunately real snow doesnt look like this lol)

The winner of the Christmas giveaway is...... Chronicles of Neely!   Thanks for playing girl!

Now we are getting closer to real life again since New Years is coming and then Jan 2 its go time. But I still have no job, so I am working on finding one...sort of. I am not too excited to get another job, it has been nice being off.

I got the Itouch from M for Christmas and its actually pretty amazing! I can't believe I didnt have it before hand. There are so many different applications that I can use and download! Anyone have any great ones that I should download right now? Please pass me the names,,,, I need to get away from the bakery game lmaooo


courtney. said...

My boyfriend and I are addicted to Angry Birds on my iphone. I also love instagram for photos, and Words With Friends.

Nicole said...

I am with courtney! I love Angry Birds & Words with friends! Oh & Bejeweled blitz! Ah I love my iPhone it's pretty ridiculous :) glad all is well with you and M <3


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