Friday, December 10, 2010

happy weekend!

finally friday! thats our tree with simba :) aw so cute! i am so happy this week is over. the next couple days are going to be insane. I have a teaching test i have to take tomorrow, roommates birthday tonight, holiday party at my house Sunday, study for my final on Tuesday and DO my presentation that is due on Wednesday. AH.

i really appreciate everyones advice about the M situation. as i still really dont know what to do, im glad to get other peoples opinions on the matter. i am going to ride it out and see how it goes. i dont want to not be with him right now and i am not married and i had no right to be snooping. i knew what i was getting myself into when i met him but its whatever. i have way too many other things to stress over besides this right now.

so here i am. i hope everything goes okay. the job interview was good. i have a follow up next week. ahhhhhhh.

its supposed to snow on Sunday, of course because its our party. On a brighter note, I sold my first picture this week from Etsy!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

i hope everyone has a nice weekend!

1 comment:

Namine said...

love the tree!!! good luck with your exams


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