Friday, February 4, 2011

Another Week Down.


i had a breakdown today and i text M and said way too much stuff that i shouldnt have and let down my stronger guard that i had before. his stupid status on bbm (which i would very much like to delete off my phone if i wasnt a complete asshole)

i wish i hadnt because after talking to Micher, who's helped me tremendously through this whole mess thank god other wise i woulda jumped off a bridge by now, i realized that i sounded like a desperate tool. And here I am trying to sound like a tougher person who can handle this. And then I do this.


Everything is so frustrating. I don't understand why nothing just works out in my favor.

The great thing about today besides that whole fiasco was that I observed a special education class and LOVED it. Really really liked it... I was surprised, i thought i wasnt going to like the crazy kids lol... and I really did!!!!! It kept me occupied and interested the whole entire time.

I did get offered a job at a daycare right down the road to work in the infant-toddler room... but it does pay really bad. So I am going to see if there is anyway if I work there part time if I can still get unemployment. Soooo.... that would be awesome if that were possible because then I would be busy and still be making enough money to pay my rent.

Nothing is ever easy for me. Ever.


Marie said...

Love the messages on these written note cards!!!
Here's to things looking up & getting better for you, girlie:)

zealousy said...

Hi Jennifer. We all have those moments. The fun thing about it it (once you get past the hurt) is that you learn from it and it kinda makes us strong. All things will work out in the end. :-)


Jennifer M. said...

If life were easy, it'd be boring.

Jennifer M. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Retromus-ik said...

I sometimes feel like that too, that nothing ever works out. Things don't work out on our time or exactly the way we want them to happen, but eventually things do fall into place. Stay strong, love.

Novelista Barista said...

thanks everyone.. i hope something falls into place

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