Friday, June 10, 2011

Flashback Fridays - Dog gone Wild

(This is Luna)

Back in 2004 when facebook was just starting to come around and I was in my sophomore year of college, I started finding kids who went to Pace (my college) on there. I would just randomly friend anyone that went to Pace, whether it was the NYC campus or the one I was at.

A lot of people did talk back and then we would become AIM friends (because AIM was cool back then -- you know when everyone left it on their computers all day and all night long?) So I met this kid Tom and we became friends and talked a lot through AIM. He lived on campus and I lived with V in an apartment. We had actually never met yet and it had been a little while in the semester before we did. V was my right hand woman and we did absolutely everything together since we both lived off campus.

I told V about this kid Tom that I wanted to meet and that there was this rock show at the campus we used to live at. It was at night and since we knew we werent going to stay at the show and we were going to go out later, we figured we would bring Luna (see picture above) with us because she also came everywhere we went unless we were going to the bars.

So we pack in the car and drive to the campus and wait for him to come outside. V and I get out to meet him and its cool, hes decent looking, and were just hanging out. V opens the door to get a cigarette and before she could shut the door, Luna runs out of the door with no leash.

At that point, someone had JUST opened the door to the venue where the rock show was going on and Luna just darted directly for the door and went in. The lights were all off in there because there was a rock show going on, and all V and I could hear was everyone starting to scream that there was a bear in there!

This all literally happened in a matter of seconds, so V, myself and Tom started to run towards the door when Luna darts back out of the door. I tackled her and grabbed her collar and we got her back in the car.

People were coming out to see what happened but V and I were SO embarrassed and this poor kid that we had just met, was too. We decided that it was an excellent time to leave and I told Tom that we could definitely hang out again but probably somewhere less public or no dog.... He thought that was a good idea.

Moral of this story: Don't bring the dog with you to meet someone you've never met before; wait till at least the 2nd time.


PorkStar said...

LMFAO they started to scream there was a bear there hahahaha, awesome.

Good thing you took a back up and a dog with you to meet a stranger. Im a dude and i would not have met another one of my kind if I dont have a back up or a dog.

Then again, why would I meet a dude? lol

I think the bringing the dog along was a good idea, just make sure its on a leash.

Novelista Barista said...

LOL well it wasnt really as a backup.... it was more just because thats what we did .. haha leash would have been ideal!


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