Tuesday, June 7, 2011



This picture describes how I feel in many different ways.

I am definitely stuck and overwhelmed. Almost like I should be going somewhere and I am actually going no where and it is taking way too damn long.

Between battling with the unemployment department, working too bad much, trying to take 2 online classes (which let me tell you is a horrible horrible idea in the summer and i will never do it again and am probably dropping 1 if i can avoid any sort of fee), and wanting to be outside at all times, and my friends just sucking ass, and living too far away from the guy im seeing......ugh!!!!!!!!

I am stupid for thinking I could do online classes when all i want to do is hang out and be outside. I was inside the house all fucking winter, I dont want to be online in my house in the summer! Dumb idea. But then, that also screws me for Costa Rica because the course is online and I just am not sure when I am going to take it and then online classes I wanted to take in Costa Rica which I cannot do now because I honestly suck at doing classes online. I love to blog, but the last thing I want to do is do school work online. I can't learn anything. The only thing I learn is how easily distracted I am.

Ughhhh, I am so frustrated.

How do you handle your frustration?! I need some ideas.


Melanie's Randomness said...

I'm in the overwhelmed boat too. It just starts piling up and I'm like Ahhh wtf???!!! I'm trying to knock out priorities first and then try to deal the other issues if I don't fall asleep. lol.

Novelista Barista said...

I knowwww i dont understand.. i was sooooo unbusy all winter and now its like non stop!!!!!!! Blah!

miss vintage vixen. said...

Jen! It's been forever! First off-- I love that picture you used, it's really pretty. Secondly, I'm so happy to see you're still blogging-- I've started blogging again and I've been so upset to realize that all my old friends and favorite blogs have quit. But it's so uplifting and great that you're still blogging-- I've missed your blog, and learning of everybody!

About your post, I'm terribly sorry you're so frustrated. It sucks but (I don't want to give you the "been there, it gets better" speech) I think the fastest way to get through this is to simply try to let all the new negative thoughts diffuse and try to regain peace-- distract yourself with some of your favorite things, go out, be happy with people you love and that you actually feel like hanging out with, do something great for yourself, maybe get a haircut, buy yourself an expensive-looking cupcake, get Cocoa Puffs (oh wait sorry this is comforting for me)... maybe this doesn't seem like much encouragement, but you can try to look at things in a positive-er tone!

I'm sorry I'm not of much help, but to be quite honest I'm just too excited to see you're still updating :3 I'm hoping you have a better day tomorrow and have a fantastic week!

Katherina said...

Try taking your laptop outside.
Either that... or just give yourself a break. Stop the online classes, stop blogging... and travel.
When you're back, you'll feel like a whole new person - enthusiastic and energetic.

Read my books; lose ten pounds! said...

I am just coming out of that spot. Its a growing experience, I hated it, but Im glad it happened.

spanky* said...

awe baby,

i read this the other day on my RSS feed on my phone. Why doesn't it let you comment from that? it's annoying!! haha

i know what you mean boo, i really wish that Cali wasn't SOOO far from NY. i miss you so much. I wish that i could help take your mind off of some of it (& that you could help me too. haha)

come back & see me anytime you want! hahahah (it'll be more fun next time....)

I LUVS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Girl of Make Believe said...

Frustration sucks...I'm in a similar boat at the moment though and I won't let it sink. Hopefully you don't either sunshine :)
I tend to vent with friends, do some shopping or get a massage.
Chin up doll.

Jennifer M. said...

Take your laptop outside! See if your own wireless network stretches that far or try sitting at one of those outside tables at Starbucks.

You could also reward yourself for doing your work by giving yourself something fun when you finish - like a night off to go to a park or something outside that you've been wanting to do.


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