Friday, June 17, 2011

hmm... interesting


i got some text messages at 5am on tuesday from my ex M, saying he got arrested, crashed his car and might lose his job. i didnt hesistate to respond to ask if he was okay or hurt and where he was.

i called him and we talked and i went down after work to see him where he was. i cant get into too much detail but ill give you the basics. it was interesting. nice but also i felt like a friend at the same time... which was fine.

i know he hurt me bad, but i felt like i needed to be there for him. he hit rock bottom and was desperate and i know his friends suck and wouldnt be there for him like i would. i would have done that for anyone, regardless of what the past was like.

now i dont really know what would happen from here.. he texts me and we talk about whats going to happen now with him and stuff, and i am really trying to stay neutral, because i dont want to get involved.. as much as i probably would have, but i dont really want to get involved.

ugh such confusing stuff.. i wish it never happened to him so that he wouldnt have contacted me, but then again i am glad that i didnt have to find out through anyone else and that he did.

i am a confusing person.



Brahmin in Boston said...

Well, you did what a real friend would do. You are involved in this anyway now! Just take care that you shouldn't be emotionally involved.

I think he will realize that you are not interested when he knows that you were the rational friend for him :)

Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I agree, you did what a real friend would have done. I would have done the same thing, too. Let him talk if he needs to, and all, but don't let him too close again. I think you won't, but just saying. Don't get involved, but don't ignore him now. And NO, you are not a confusing person!

Novelista Barista said...

thank u for your advice. it is such a strange situation to be in.. wanting to be there for him but wanting him to disappear, but wanting him back in my life but knowing its really a bad idea... too many confusing thoughts.


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