Friday, June 10, 2011

Flashback Fridays


I have been thinking this through and I decided that I have a lot of weird stories from college and my past that I wanted to share with everyone (lucky you!) I really wanted to name this Throwbacks, but it didn't fit as well as Flashback did, so be it.

I am going to keep a ongoing character list so you will can figure out who everyone is by looking at it instead of me re-explaining who I am talking about each time in each story. I will try to accommodate the stories with pictures as best as possible, just actually have to scan the pictures in! lol.

Character List:

V -  V is my best friend, I met her in college in my freshman year and she just had a baby and is married. I lived with her in college in two different apartments and we had some crazy ass times together. She was also referred to as my ex best friend, because my ex T, that I used to live with, forced me to not be friends with her anymore. We recently reconnected last year and it has been awesome.

C-  C is my roommate that I live with now. I met her my first day of orientation at college and we have been friends ever since 2002. We dormed together in freshman year of college and then she didnt live with me again from there until 2 years ago when I broke up with T and needed somewhere to live. It has been definitely interesting times lol

T-  T is my ex that I used to live with. We were together for almost 3 years and lived together for most of it. I explained the whole story here. Needless to say, we broke up in 2009 and moved out and havent spoken since.

Jay-  J is my ex before T. He cheated on me ALL of the time, expect I could never catch him or prove it without having gone through his cell phone. I was dumb and young and he took me on vacations and we did a lot of stuff so I didnt want to break up with him, so I essentially cheated on him back and finally our relationship ended when he moved to Mississippi. He did end up coming back after the summer of being there and I will explain in one of my flashbacks why we havent spoken since he came back... this was in like.... 2006.

Mike- Mike is my ex from high school. The love of my life. Always has been and always will be. We had a good relationship. We fought a lot and had a lot of issues but I loved this kid so so much. We broke up when I went to college (we dated from freshman year till i went to college in my junior year) This was back in 2000 when we started dating. We have recently again become friends and he is dating this girl that stalked me and wanted to be me and was obsessed with him. She got her wish.

Kristen- V and I's third roommate halfway through sophomore year in college. She started stealing weed and hair products from myself and V, so we decided to move out of our 2 bedroom, really nice dorm with a balcony to this apartment. We haven't spoken to her since.  (2003)

Amy- Used to be friends with her in middle school and high school and we were best friends. We always hung out and did things together. In freshman year of high school, she became friends with another girl Julie, and Julie for some reason didnt like me, so she turned Amy against me and then all of my friends, left me with no friends as a freshman in high school and then tried to get me expelled from school, tried to get seniors to beat me up... and so on.. you'll see when i write her story.

There will be more.... I will add them as I go along.

**If anyone has any flashback stories you want to share, please email me! I will post them for you!**

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