Monday, January 27, 2014

Baby Bump Details: No Morning Sickness?!

Don't hate me automatically for reading the title! I have had the crazy luck of having NO morning sickness at all. I don't know how or why or anything like that but not once did I ever experience it; yet.

I feel like by now it would have happened to me or I would have gotten it or should have, and I should be in the clear now at 5 months.

And honestly, up until I was JUST about 20 weeks, did my stomach really start to show. But then it came out of no where and just appeared. I am not one of those people that will be taking lots of pictures and counting the weeks. I am more about... see me before and then see me after and those 9 months no one knows what I look like.. we're all good!

I know you want to curse me out and I totally understand that! I really hope my good luck now won't change into bad luck around the time of the delivery and cause me to have the worst experience ever.

I haven't had any weird food cravings really, but I do eat a lot of pickles and jolly ranchers for whatever reason. A lot of salty foods are pretty much what I crave, but I will eat mostly anything.

I have not taken to eating like shit and only eating donuts and such. I eat a lot of fruit, chicken, salad, and vegetables. I find myself craving salads and chicken more then like McDonald's but there are times when I JUST WANT A WENDY'S CHEESEBURGER. (I have never liked them before... why I like them now randomly who knows!)

So, that's my bit of information that I will share with you today on my pregnancy. I feel extremely lucky, and can't believe it.

If you have any experiences for a first time mommy you would like to share, I would be so happy to post your experience under baby bump details!!! Please leave me a comment with your email or email at the mail me button to the right!

Happy Monday.......!

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