Monday, January 20, 2014

Prenatal Yoga

Ever since becoming pregnant, I haven't had time to exercise or any energy to do it either, or motivation for that matter.

My husband bought us groupons to The Yoga Room in Pelham, NY and I am so very excited to do our classes there. He has even offered to go with me because he knows that I won't go alone. 

We started yesterday and basically we just took a normal yoga class and the yoga instructor had prenatal training so she told me when to modify different poses. It was awesome. I was able to do a lot of the poses and it was nice to actually be doing something athletic instead of working and sitting around. 

I wish it was way nicer out so that I could actually go outside, but winter just sucks to do things outside and exercising; especially while pregnant! Motivation and energy just goes out the window with the darkness at 4:30pm. 

If you are pregnant and haven't tried yoga, you should absolutely do it. It is good for you, good to exercise, and good to get your blood flowing. 

Definitely try it, but make sure you let them know you are pregnant so they can tell you which poses NOT to do. 

Keep in mind: stretching from side to side is NOT a good thing for preggo people. So that pose will definitely be modified. 



Candace said...

Because of my back pain lately I haven considered doing more yoga. I have some of it in my regular stretching/exercises, but they are the easiest and most obvious poses. If I took a class it would probably be better cause they could show me. I'm way too intimidated though. I'm glad this worked for you and that you were able to do with the regular class with the instructor just telling you where to modify. Now if you don't continue once you have the baby you can still remember how everyone else did it.

Novelista Barista said...

Exactly! I would never know what to modify and what not to, so it was nice to have someone there to tell me otherwise. Also, she was modifying for people who have back injuries or back pain too.


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