Friday, January 10, 2014

Post Winter Break Teacher Blues

It's definitely been one of those crazy weeks where you come back from winter break of being off for two weeks and need to get readjusted to real life again.

I have been in definite need of this Friday alllllllll week long! Although now being pregnant Friday's have a different meaning for me. It's not going out and getting smashed or seeing my friends. Now its about going out to dinner and seeing a movie or making dinner and watching tv with the husband. Such a crazy difference. To more correctly state my life prior to marriage, I would usually be bartending tonight and making good money but this would be my 6am wake up and 5am go to sleep night where I am working almost 20 hours in a day.  I do not wish to go back to that life!

Happy Friday..... Counting down the long hours!!!!

Ps... my belly has gotten much bigger this week, actually really it seems to have grown humongous over night. Is this what happens at 5 months? Your stomach grows over night?!

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