Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Marriage + Valentine's Day = Present?

This will be mine and my husband's first Valentine's Day ever, and first being married... lots of firsts going on here. So my question is, what am I going to get him? We are leaving on vacation this weekend so I wasn't sure if we should be getting presents for each other or not.

There are so many different ideas and Valentine's being such a Hallmark holiday, it seems so petty to go above and beyond especially right after Christmas.

What is an acceptable to get a man for Valentine's Day?

I am thinking Groupon might be a good way for me to go. We have recently been doing a lot of couples massages and things like that. He is very into working out so I was thinking, spinal decompression on groupon.  at White Plains Spinal Decompression.

Is that too.... un-romantic?!

I think he will absolutely love it, so that might be the way I am going to go. I suggest Groupon and massages as a great gift for Friday.

Any other suggestions? I am so not the romantic gift giver. That is definitely not the role I have taken in life!

Happy Valentine's Day Husbands Gift Shopping!

What are you getting for your husband ?!


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