Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pregnancy Problems: Hey Pregnant Lady, No Drinking for 9 Months!

Not that I was really a huge drinker or anything but I enjoy beer a lot. I love all the fall flavors and I like to go out and have a beer, or social drinking style, etc. But now that all I can drink is red wine, it sucks.

And being 28, and none of my friends being pregnant or my husband not being pregnant (which is REALLY not fair!), it sucks to go out with everyone and be the non-drinker. I am always designated driver and even if I have a red wine, it sucks! I hate red wine!!! What an evil punishment.

I don't mind that much not being able to drink, but I do mind when my husband goes out and drinks and comes home wasted. I am not a fan. I honestly wouldn't be a fan pregnant or not. But I almost feel like its inconsiderate and like I am being left out.

I know I shouldn't take it that way as if being left out, but my crazy emotions which make me cry over stupid shit, take over and make me upset and take everything very personal.

I really am not sure how to make these emotions stop or how to feel like I am not being left out and I am sure I am being ridiculous most of the time, but it still just sucks and I am warning you fellow pregnant people, these things happen. I would honestly never feel left out or lonely in this situation, but now that I have super emo crazy things going on in my body, that changes the whole ball park, making me incredibly depressed.


They never mentioned things into details on how you will really feel when you hear about pregnancy!

If you have similar stories, please feel free to share!

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