Tuesday, February 4, 2014

NYC Public Schools... Survival of the Fittest in the Snow!

I work for NYC public schools and they literally do not close their schools, EVER. If you live in New York or the Northeast, you know how much snow we have had in the past couple of months and this week has been almost ridiculous.

Every single school district around us was closed... expect New York City.  Major De Blasio thought it was a good idea that we still have school. He's so wonderful!! See this article.

The thing with this is, fine, we have to go to school and fine we have to drive in, but seriously, these kids take public transportation to school, is it really worth their lives to get to school to only have a few people there and then to do nothing at school?!


Tomorrow we shall see what happens tomorrow but my real question is.....

Is it more important to go to school? Or to be safe in extreme blizzard conditions?

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