Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snowy Saturday = Baby Clothes Shopping

When you're pregnant and you go bathing suit shopping for the first time being a bigger version of yourself... it doesn't go so well!

My poor husband sending me bigger and bigger sizes for my massive newly free boobs, and finding out that we're in double digits in TJ Maxx; quite depressing.

Why isn't there a "Massive Boobed Pregnant People Bathing Suit Section"?

Clearly, bathing suit shopping was NOT my favorite thing today... sooooo I bought a 4th of July outfit for this baby girl to make me feel better about why my boobs are so massive and I can't find cute bathing suits to wear.... so she can look cute when she comes out.

Yes..... that's what I need to keep telling myself!

Ahhh preggo problems.

Enjoy the ridiculous amounts of snow this week!

Now all I need to do is buy this....


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