Friday, April 3, 2009

Costa Rica Part 2

And I continue....

7.If you get pulled over..
The cops will say you are going to get a ticket. Make sure when you pull out your drivers licsense you don't have all your money showing. When they tell you how much it will be, say you are leaving tomorrow and if there is anyway that you can pay for it. They will most likely tell you its like $60 or $100 and you'll have to give them cash. Hopefully this wil be your end solution bc its much easier to do that.

8. Volcano bus tours --
Although the tour guide was nice and we did get to see a volcano erupt from real far away and about 10 seconds, I wouldn't recommend spending $120 / per person on this tour. The one we did was the tour to Volcan Arenal

and the tour guide picked you up at 8:45 in the morning and you go to lunch, go to the hot springs, go to dinner and then at like 8 you go to the volcano and see it erupt. It was pretty cloudy when we went though so you could barely see it.
I would not recommend going with a tour guide. Get a map and take your car for a ride. You will save more than $150!

9. Go to Volcan Poas.

It was an awesome experience, especially if you have never seen a volcano before.
Plus its close to San Jose and only costs $10pp to park inside the park.

10. Bring mostly cash.
The banks and ATMs in Costa Rica are crazy. Most of the time they were out of money. When you found one that wasn't out of money, the most you could take out would be $100 or $100 worth of colones a--and that is for the entire day. So..... bring cash!

11. Costa Rica has the same plug sockets as the USA so you don't need to buy a converter.

12. On the Pacific Coast in Jaco, do not leave your stuff on the beach and go for a walk or a long swim. It may be gone by the time you come back. So make sure you either bring it with you or stay with it.

13. Go on a Canopy Tour

They are amazing and awesome and should not be missed! We went to one in Jaco, and it was good enough! You can find them all over the place. Ziplining through the rain forest --you cant really get much better!

14. See the sunset over the Pacific Ocean
It would be better to go to the Peninsula Nicoya so that there won't be any land in the way of your sunset, but this was the closet we could get and it looked pretty damn nice!

15. Look at the schools in the different towns, they are so different.

16. Best bar on the Caribbean Coast in Puerto Viejo: The Tex Mex

Pura Vida.

(bob marley house in manzillo)


Kern said...

Good guide! I went to Costa Rica last year and everything you've listed is pretty accurate. I loved it there though, would go back for sure.

The Novelista Barista said...

I loved it there too...I wish I was there longer!!!

Chase said...

fantastic write up!

Do you book hotels and flights too? This was like a one-stop shop!

The Novelista Barista said...

LOL i should right?!!! If travel agents weren't losing their jobs I would totally take that up!

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

#12 is soooo funny. You can't do that in Puerto Rico either. Actually you can't leave ANYTHING unattended or is just not gonna be there :)


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