Sunday, April 5, 2009

What did YOU do this weekend?

I have been recovering from my hangover all day and at the same time trying to update the layout of my blog. BAD COMBO!
I wish I knew that when I changed the layout style it would change all of my widgets that I had attached to my previous layout.. UGH what a pain in the ass. Then of course I find the 'right one' and I can't put my picture I want in the header. So incredibly annoying. If anyone has any pointers or any great places where I could find a better layout, please let me know. This is just a random thoughts posting now that I am getting into this ... there is too much I am thinking about to keep it to one though.

So this weekend we went to a bar called Galway Hookers in NYC for my belated birthday.

We reserved an area, paid $45/pp for 3 hour open bar. HOT. As soon as that bartender walked over to me, I got 2 Irish beers, and it continued along that way until the end of the night... plus the shots and other drinks people bought for me. I am hurting today. Not that bad, so I am proud of my alcoholic consumption not kicking my ass. So we had a good time for the most part, except when J get mad at L for "flirting" with my co-workers friend. Okay. Bad combo right there... any sort of my friends getting mad at something that involves a co-worker, is NO BUENO. This was basically at the end of the night and my co-worker and pals had to leave to make the train plus one of them got sick SO they ran out real quick so I dont know what exactly happened but they left, the girls had a meeting with L and told her he was just jealous and drunk, both true. We get out of the "girls meeting" in the bathroom and they hug and whatev. Then it was time to leave, so all the drunkees go home.

I didn't go to the shelter today to walk the dogs. I always feel bad about it when I don't go. I haven't been in 3 weeks either because of our trip. But I couldn't bring myself to go after drinking so much and getting home so late. Next week. I will start again. I haven't been to the gym since before we left either. Ugh! Such a waste, I need to get onto losing weight ASAP. The BF and I are planning to use my next furlough week ( yes, another unpaid week... totaling 4 weeks vaca for me this year) Peru i think is in the top running. Italy is up there too.
Our choices..


So I have court tomorrow in the city with the US government for the BF's accident with the mail truck. Should be fun times....

I am very much loving the twenty something bloggers network. If you have a chance, join it and meet all the cool people that are on the network.

Ciao 4 now.


MacGirl said...

Hmmm what did I do this weekend? I avoided going to a birthday party because hey he is no close friend of mine, and I sat at home and I read more of Breaking Dawn. It started to get really really good and I am a little bit bored with it now. So in a nutshell I was just being a lazy bum this weekend.

Adventures of the Not-So-Newlywed said...

Good Luck in Court today... that's always fun!!!!

The Novelista Barista said...

Nice! twilight books are awesome.. i loveddd them.

Court sucked!!! being intimidated sucks! but thanks :)

Chase said...

Happy Belated Birthday :)

Sounds like a killer weekend! I love your blog layout, and the barista theme throughout. I recently wrote on the best coffee shop I've found in my town here in Taiwan (my new "spot").

What a killer Vacation. Take your pick! They all sound great. :)

The Novelista Barista said...

Thanks!! Where is the coffee shop? I am always looking for new, cool coffee shops to go to.. although where I live they are lacking! Hopefully ill get to Seattle to see some good ones one day.


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