Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jack Johnson on Tour!

In Between Dreams

Jack Johnson.

He is ON TOUR!!!! Holy crap. He hasn't been on tour in like.... more than 5 years! And now he's coming to the east coast!!

For those of you that love him, here is the link on Ticketmaster

I don't know which one to go to...

Friday 7/9 in Hartford, CT


Wednesday 7/14 at Madison Square Garden in NYC

Tough call! They're $45 in NYC. Not bad... it IS too bad that he is not playing at Central Park.
I am ALSO excited because I am going to see Dave Matthews Band in May! Holler for live concerts!

What live bands are you going to see this year?



for the love of pictures said...

My co-worker's daughter has already requested tickets from her mom for her birthday present. She loves Jack Johnson :)

Adele said...

oh my goodness i love his music! have so much fun. feeling a tinge of jealousy here (: xo

Tabitha said...

I just saw Kings of Convenience and am planning to fly to Singapore to watch Broken Social Scene! :) Ohhhh Ive been dreaming of Jack Johnson to come to the Philippines!

Lauren said...

Actually I saw him a few years ago on tour! He's amazing live. :)

Andhari said...

Wow I love Jack Johnson. Good for you!

I'll watch Pitbull next month hahaha no shame.

shelly said...

i bought my Jack tickets at 10:01 saturday morning :) it's not until august tho...i don't know if i can stand to wait that much longer!!!!

Christy said...

I'm going to see Bon Jovi in May! I'm SO excited!!!

Ari said...

I LOVE Jack Johnson. Siiiigh I wanna go. No one to go with. *pouts*

Kendra said...

Girl, you just gave a me a slight heart attack.! I love me son Jack Johnson.! I think you should go to Hartford because I will most likely be going there (: haha and I am also going to see DMB in may.! In addition I am going to the country music festival at Comcast in MA.

Michelle said...

I am stoked that Jack Johnson is coming to my area this summer. I bought my tickets on Saturday morning for his July show. This will be the 2nd time I've seen him live...the last time was about 7 years ago (and I was pregnant with my son!).

I, too, am going to see DMB. In July just a few days after the Jack concert. I haven't missed a Dave show in many, many years.

O.A.R. is also coming to town. So are Kings of Leon. But, Jack and Dave are the only two shows we've bought tickets for. Cannot wait!


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