Thursday, July 22, 2010

are you on facebook?

CNN just came out with an article today on Who in the World Isn't on Facebook?

Interesting article... it really is a good question... because right now, my grandparents, cousins, aunts, sisters, brothers, friends, co workers, businesses, long lost high school friends... EVERYONE is on facebook.

Basically, facebook , like Google, has taken over the social world. If only I had utilized facebook when i was in college!!! It was too new at that point that people were still using AIM.

But yes, I agree with this article.

Lets take a vote, are YOU on facebook? Or are you revolting against the social media revolution.



Kendra said...

I go through stages. I delete mine quite often, then reactivate it a month later. I am not a huge Facebook person for sure.!

Namine said...

sadly I'm on FB. But I use it just to update my mom and keep in touch with a few friends who are out of town that I don't want to know about my blog. So it's functional

accidentally, kle said...

I'm very much on FB and love it for the way it facilitates things and keeps people in touch who might otherwise be lost!


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