Monday, July 26, 2010

new header design needed!


i am looking for someone to design my header.... really simple and elegant.  and in trade for a write up, a blog link, anything in relevance.  does anyone know anyone? does anyone design anything that would want to barter?

if you do, please leave me a comment with your email address so i can contact you or you can email me. i think i need a change and my design skills on the computer are lacking!




Anonymous said...

Hey there,
I'm not a professional when it comes to design or anything, but I have done several headers for friends as well as countless one's for my own blog and I would be happy to throw a few together for you to choose from in exchange for a write up.

My blog:
a friends blog header I made:
[don't worry, they're not all elaborate like that last one]

Email me at if you're interested and we can discuss some different idea's.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Anonymous said...

[by the way, if you visit my site please excuse the mess, I'm in the middle of adding pages and messing with my sidebar designs so it looks like a construction zone]

Kris said...

If you are still looking for someone you can email me...

I can pretty much do anything you are looking for. I did my own and all of my side bar stuff too. Happy to do mock ups first. Whatevs!

Kris said...

I should mention I have a design background... yeesh leave the most important part out right???


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