Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

I am looking into this school.  Cuny Grad Journalism 

-classes are during the day
-not sure if i will be any good
-dont know if i will even make it or make any money
-a lot of time and effort

-love to write
-not expensive
-3 semesters for 12k, and youre done with ur masters
-would do urban, which is writing about new york government, people, cities, etc. etc.  which would be awesome
-if i were to succeed, i could write for some awesome places.

Like anything else in the world, there are many risks to this. I would have to quit my job in order to do this full time and the guarantee of a job afterward, is not very good. So would it be worth it? Probably not.

This, along with a masters in teaching, nursing, MBA..... are the choices i have been faced with for the past couple of years and it is getting worse now that i feel like the pressure is on to find what i want to do because i am going no where in sales.

anyone have any advice? i am in need.



Michael said...

NB-I wish I could help you. I'm a failure across the board, but what I do know is that life is TOO SHORT to spend it doing something you don't love. It's hard to find what that is, but it's worth the effort-don't get trapped doing something you hate to pay the bills.

Michael said...

Although-I'm impressed with the faculty at CUNY. Jeff Jarvis especially-he is a blogger and is on a lot of podcasts I like-he's smart and very funny.

Namine said...

I wish I was a good enough writer to do Journalism! Why not see if you can shadow someone for a day in that field, so if you like it.

Mindy said...

I am going (I think, it's complicated) to grad school in the fall for communications -- on a broader sense, with an emphasis on mass media. I'm still up in the air about it (LONG story on my own blog) and start classes in one month... Keeping wondering if it's worth it.

But this much, I can tell you. Focusing on journalism right now? Not wise. I work in journalism. I am a reporter for a newspaper and know this industry is crumbling. I would never, ever recommend someone major in it for undergrad or even bother attending grad school.

Also, I was told throughout my journalism undergrad that if you want to be a journalist, don't attend grad school for it. When trying to get a job, employers want to see extensive experience over extensive education.

Michael said...

Mindy's got an excellent point. Employers want to know what you have done, not how good you are at standardized tests.

Simply Valorie said...

I'm still in college and kind of going through the same thing, but the advice that has worked for me over any other has been this: Do what makes you happy. Pick smiling over being rich, and loving your life over to doing what others tell you to.


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