Thursday, August 5, 2010

Beach Boys!


Tonight's the last outdoor concert of the summer :(
But the Beach Boys are playing! too bad its not the original but it should be fun nonetheless.
They always have a great showing on Thursday nights... it's always sooooo packed.

Hopefully it doesn't rain!

Have you been to any outdoor concerts this summer?


Emma said...

i love outdoor concerts!! i hate the crowds...but i think we're venturing to the She & Him concert in a few weeks. I'm excited!

Erny said...

Yes! We have this SingFest going on over here for the last 3 days. Performances by Katy Perry, Kanye West, Smashing Pumpkins, 30 Seconds from Mars, Lupe Fiasco and more! Awesome!

Shas said...

Outdoor concert, that sounds fun. Am sure it must have been great :)

A said...

summer concerts are one of my FAVORITE parts of summer! we've been to a ton of them this summer (since we live right by prospect park and they do celebrate brooklyn there...) we saw norah jones, she & him, and lots of others... and we even went out to governors island for 2 shows (which was an awesome time - i definitely recommend it to anyone!

when i realized summer concerts were over, i was soooo sad. i feel like the end of summer concerts = the end of summer!


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