Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cellphones = The Devil

I have a love/hate relationship with cell phones.
I love my cell phone.
I have M's cell phone.
He is on it ALL OF THE TIME.

We dont get that much time together and his cell phone is always going off. I have made it very clear that I dislike it a lot and even had to ban him from his phone when we go out to dinner.

When we are out hanging out with his friends and every single one of them is on their phones, its like... why are we even hanging out? We might as well just be at home texting each other.

I don't get it sometimes. I understand the need to be involved with everyone and feeling important, but I don't get the point of why the need to be on the phone all of the time.

I don't check his phone and I have no idea who he is texting all of the time. I trust him but its like... when we're here with all of his friends and he is STILL on his phone... like who the hell are you texting now?

Does anyone else have this problem? How do you handle it? Because my solution will be smashing it on the floor soon and that's not the logical answer!!!



Lauren said...

Oh man that would make me crazy! I hate when I am hanging out with my friends and they are texting the whole time and not listening to what's the point?

Good luck! :-/

Kristi Faith said...

Yes, I've had that issue before. I don't know that there is a lot to do about it, other than turn the tables. Or perhaps just mention, "You know, I feel kinda second rate when you're on your phone all the time!" Doesn't have to be offensive or yelled, just bring it to his attention. I've found that a lot of people never realize how much they really do this to their friends until it's put in their face.

Mel said...

I HATE cell phones - you could just try to ask for a complete ban on them during "social time" or during some set amount of time like the first hour you are out with friends or something.... I think it's just rude and disrespectful to text while you are with someone else (or a group of them) - it's really not different from if you start whispering secrets like kindergarten and leave someone else out. It just drives me nuts and I totally agree with Lauren - what is the point of hanging out if you'd rather talk to someone else? I try to tone down that attitude when I'm with other people who do it because I know they don't think of it like that, but I think you get to tell a significant other that you do find it upsetting/rude/icky...

Miss Mercedes said...

Why isn't smashing it on the floor a logical answer? I like it! might break a heel on your favorite pair of shoes if you do that. it over?


Much Love,

Nicole said...

Ugh thats sooo annoying! I just ask my BF who he is texting! This reminds me of a True Life episode!

I have a friend who will sit at dinner and be on her phone so I just tell her I am going to leave! Because like you said what's the point of hanging out!?!?

So I say just ask him who it is he is texting or just text him with something like is this the best way to talk!? lol Anyway GOOD LUCK =D

Kristyn said...

You're definitely not the only one so don't worry about being alone on this subject! I absolutely hate when I'm with my boyfriend or friends, and they're texting other people, it's annoying. My friends and I went out to dinner one night and put all our cell phones in the middle of the table so we would just have a good time with the people we were with; that seemed to work the best.

Advice? ask your boyfriend to leave his phone home for the night, or turned on silent. It really shouldn't be that important if he's with the people who are most important to him :]

Good luck!

MyLittlePhotographs said...

I know exactly what you mean, I love mine and hate it ohhh so much

pinkapplecore said...

I use to have a friend who was always on her phone, texting random people. It gets annoying when everyone other word you say is followed by a ringtone.

Hope you can figure out a solution.

Novelista Barista said...

ehhh thanks everyone... i dunno what the answer is.
i like the txting them while theyre texting idea...that one is key lol

Namine said...

We created a no cellphone rule when eating. That way we can have a conversation and if we are eating out it makes the time out so much nicer.

Bekah Mae said...

Isn't it frustrating? Sometimes I just turn mine off completely.

A said...

i worked with someone who is always, always, always on her phone. i wondered who could she possibly be communicating with and what does she have to talk about!!

my husband sometimes makes me crazy with his phone because he plays chess on it, but now he's pretty good about not being on his phone when we are hanging out.


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