Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Camping Across the US


Have you ever driven across the US? If so, have you ever driven an RV across the country? And if you haven't driven across the country, is that something you want to do?

Well it's definitely something I want to do and always have wanted to do. And I feel like it should be done in an RV. If you have an RV or rent one and have a bunch of people to do it with, it would be the time of your life!

Thinking about it, renting an RV and driving it across might even be cheaper then stopping at different hotels and staying in them. Especially if you are doing this with more than 4 people.... are car/suv can be a little small for this excursion.

So besides the normal stay in a hotel way to go, make it fun and get an RV. You can experience the US first hand. I feel like my dad saying that because that was always his dream to drive across the US in an RV with the fam... maybe one day we'll actually do it.


This is one of your options. Honestly looking at all these beautiful pictures when I was trying to find this tent picture, it makes me realize what I have been missing. Camping outside (during the summer!) is beautiful.  I haven't been camping since I was in high school, and we were in no way classy campers. Just the normal stuff a high schooler would have to go camping  -- booze, cigarettes, a tent and some flashlights.

RV Parks.
You want to meet people while you're traveling? This is the best place to do this. Everyone else is doing basically the same thing you are doing and they have everything set up there, so you won't be alone.

RV Camping.
If you're looking for a camping ground but have an RV, this is the site to look at. You can find them all over the US and then it also gives you different things to do in those areas as well.

A great website I found for planning your road trip is Road Trip USA, the Top 5 things you know about driving across country, and Drive Cross Country.  There are a bunch of books you can get as well, like certain landmarks you should definitely see when you go.


so if you have hit the road, leave a comment and tell your story!! I would love to hear.

If you haven't hit the road, check out those sites and consider this to be something on your bucket list to do.


Jennifer M. said...

That actually sounds really fun! I don't even like driving particularly, but you make it sound like a blast. I think taking an RV, slowing down, seeing the sights... that's what would make it enjoyable - not just rushing to be somewhere.

Oh and, for the record, camping when you're older is pretty much the same as when you're younger, except for one thing... we've got hips now! That makes sleeping on the ground very painful!! I'd definitely recommend taking a blow-up air mattress if you are going to try to sleep in a tent. It makes a world of difference!

Novelista Barista said...

lollllllll totally true. air mattresses!!! :)

location villa denia said...

hey...your post is awesome..i really like it and pictures are very beautifully captured!!! and thanks for sharing the information....

Jeny Timmel said...

Thanks so much for writing this! I'm moving out to Wyoming to work in Yellowstone this May. I've decided to drive out (mostly because I want to bring at least 7 suitcases full of books) and I've been searching for some info on the drive out. Your whole blog is just gorgeous! If you ever end up in the land of mountain men, let me know!!


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