Monday, January 24, 2011

People on the Move

As you all know, I have been looking for a job consistently. I have been looking through many, many different sites, like indeed, monster, mediabistro, careerbuilder,  anywhere that posts lol..... everywhere!

But it is very difficult because I am not on entry level anymore and that is mostly where entry level positions are offered. Especially for people who have been in the business or industry for 15+ years and are looking for jobs or companies that go with their trade.

I found a great site for people on the move and on this site, not only can you see in-depth details on executives, directors and their professional interactions, but they also offer the latest business news on them as well. So it is like you inside information on the people you are applying to jobs with and then more information on the company as well.

It is a great site for networking and looking for those higher up positions that you can't find just on a normal job site. Especially when looking for detailed information about your company that you are looking for, this is the place to look. They have all the information about even parent companies to your company as well, which is very helpful for you so you can add another company to your application list.

Looking for a job is a painful, stressful, and long process. If you're like us, people on the move, then definitely check out some more in depth websites when you're searching because these sites are made for people like you.


Heather Pranitis said...

What type of position are you looking for? Have you thought about trying a placement agency? I use several at my office. I'd love to help...

Shop Girl* said...

Ahhh... I know exactly what you're feeling. After I finished university two years ago, I spent four months completely unemployed--not even Tim Horton's would hire me. I seriously applied EVERYWHERE, and finally landed a part-time job in a grocery store. It was hell, but it was money... and I just kept at it. I started volunteering, doing anything I could to try and start my career. It took a while, but I was finally hired as a supply teacher, and things are finally looking like a full-time job could be on the horizon.

I guess what I'm trying to say is--don't give up. I know it's so hard, and that the frustration can be almost unbearable, but you'll find something. And it will be perfect for you. :)

Melanie's Randomness said...

I'm so there!! I'm desperately needing to get out of my current job so I'm going right to there!

Melanie's Randomness


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