Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Who Am I?

Hi! For those of you who don't really know too much about me, I figured I could recap a couple things since I am sure there are new readers here and I haven't written too much about myself.

There isn't too much to me. I am a very simple person. My first love is traveling. Everything I do and look forward to has to do with going somewhere or getting on a plane to a 3rd world country. If I could go back in life to college (even though I loved college) I would have traveled abroad.

My names Jennifer. I live in New York right now, slightly outside of the city. I will be 26 in March, I'm an Aries. I have a bunch of tattoos and my next one will be "Pura Vida" on my right side! My blue eyes are my claim to fame ;)

My second love is coffee shops. I love them. I have worked at 4 of them already. I had to stop because it wasn't paying enough to live where I live and work only at a coffee shop. So sad. But I love them and I hope to one day own one.

I love animals. I volunteered at the dog shelter by me for a couple years and loved it. I wanted to be a vet but i shouldn't be trusted with a scalpel, so i went for teaching... ha ha.

I am in grad school to be a teacher for kids in grades 1-6. I can't wait. When I was in college I wanted to go to Costa Rica and teach English but I had rents and bills and was never able to leave. It's taken me this long to realize what I wanted to do with life.... for now.

I love music. Reggae has been my love for years. It all started when my best friend and I lived next to this guy Francis who was from Zambia and always sat outside drinking Budweiser and listening to Bob Marley and Steel Pulse. It changed my life.

I hate the winter, love the summer, and loveeeee the beach. You could find me at any beach anywhere.

I love to read and blog. I never have time to read but I always try to make time and am trying to expand my reading selection.

My loves of my life...

And my loves..

So that is pretty much me.
I hope that sort of sums up me for you in case you were wondering a bit of who I am or what my deal was!



Jennifer said...

I just found your blog, you remind me alot of myself, my name is Jennifer too, and traveling is my dream. This summer I plan to take myself somewhere in Europe, probably Ireland and I am very excited. I bet it would be awesome working in a coffee shop and meeting so many interesting people and all of the great conversation you would have. I have always love coffee shops, great places to sit with a book and meet new people.

Novelista Barista said...

Totally agree!! I would love to go to Ireland sooooo bad. And you do meet very interesting people at coffee shps! Thanks for finding my blog! I hope u continue reading!

Marie said...

Hello Jennifer! I love coffee and have also thought about owning a shop some day. Nice blog:)

Anonymous said...


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zealousy said...

Hi Jen. I just discovered your blog from another blog and i instantly fell in love. You have gained a follower. :-)


Ron in Florida (Ronald10021) said...

I just recently found your blog and tweets and have become a big fan. I'm hoping to catch up on past posts.


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